Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pre Naxx Moonkin Gear Guide: Part 3

In part one I went over the weapons and off hands. In part two I looked at Heads, Shoulders, Necks, and Backs. In part three I will be looking at Chests, Wrists, Hands, and Rings.

Gloves (search)
1. [Traditionally Dyed Handguards] - Heroic General Bjarngrim - Halls of Lightning - I list this particular glove because it is the best in Heroic Halls of Lightning, but in reality they are only slightly better then two other pairs of gloves that drop in the same instance. [Awakened Handguards] are a BoE drop that you can also find on the AH, and [Giant-Hair Woven Gloves] are a nice set of crit gloves that drop off of Volkhan. To make a long story short, If your looking for gloves, run Heroic HoL as much as you can.

2. [Gloves of Glistening Runes] - Heroic Keristrasza - The Nexus - These are very nice gloves that compare well to the gloves available from early raiding 10 man. They can be replaced fairly quickly but the upgrade is small. If your guild uses DKP, these gloves may allow you to save some while you wait for the "price" to come down.

3. [Lava Burn Gloves] - Normal Lavanthor - Violet Hold - Given the structure of VH these might be a little hard to farm, and the other gloves I've listed are all clearly better. However, If you can run VH a couple of times while leveling you may get lucky and pick these up with little effort. The won't last long, but they are a decent place to start.

Note: I want to make a quick note regarding the [Ebonweave Gloves] and the [Spellweave Gloves]. Both are decent gloves, but not really worth the effort in my opinion. These require at least 4 Eternals to craft, and can be replaced by most of the gloves found in early raiding, including the T7 gloves which can be easily farmed even with a pug.

Chest (search)
1. [Black Duskweave Robe] - BoE Crafted - Tailoring - This item is listed first completely due to the ease with which you can obtain it. With 80 SP and 70 Haste it is fairly close to heroic gear in terms of DPS. This is a decent item to start with. If you looking for something with Hit check out [Robes of Lightning]. Since it is a quest reward it should be fairly easy to get also.

2. [Water-Drenched Robe] - Heroic Ichoron - Violet Hold - It may be a little difficult to obtain due to it dropping off a random boss. However it is the best chest from heroics assuming your not hit capped.

3. [Insect Vestments] - Heroic Anub'arak - Azjol Nerub - This is the best leather chest I've seen pre raid, but feel free to ignore the socket bonus if you like.

4. [Ebonweave Robe] - BoE Crafted - Tailoring - This is the best chest pre raid, but once again I recommend against it. I know I sound like a broken record but here is why. This chest is only slightly better then the #2 item listed above and it requires quite a few expensive mats to craft. It's just not worth the expense.

Bracers (search)
1. [Black Duskweave Wristwraps] - BoE Crafted - Tailoring - Once again these are listed first because of the ease with which they can be obtained.

2. [Azure Cloth Bindings] - Heroic Cyanigosa - Violet Hold - I've done Heroic VH several times now. Some were guild runs and some were pure pugs from guilds with no reputation. I haven't had any trouble clearing this instance on heroic. So, trying to farm these shouldn't be to bad. They have a good amount of spell power and haste and are much better then almost other items pre naxx.

3. [Plague-Infected Bracers] - Heroic Mal'ganis - CoT: Stratholme - I currently wear these. They were better then my T6 bracers from Sunwell. I didn't find this instance to difficult on heroic either. I would prefer the Azure Cloth Bindings but these are a very close second.

Rings (search)
Note: There are a lot of very good rings out there of similar quality. So you will find some very nice rings that are not listed here.

1. [Band of Guile] - Heroic Mal'Ganis - CoT: Stratholme - This is a very good ring with a lot of spell power and haste. This is the best ring you will find in an instance. [Annhylde's Ring] is virtually identical to it and can be found in Heroic UK.

2. [Ring of Northern Tears] - BoE Crafted - Jewelcrafting - The mats on this might be a little expensive for some. The Eternal Water and Northsea Pearl can be farmed fairly easily but the titanium may be a little difficult if you don't have a minor. It does lack base stats, but over all this is a good DPS ring with decent spell power, crit, and a ton of hit, but I would ignore the socket bonus.

3. [Ring of the Traitor King] - Heroic Anub'arak - Azjol Nerub - If the haste on the epic rings scares you then this is a very good crit ring. It also has a twin. [Globule Signet] can be found in heroic VH.

4. [Ring of the Frenzied Wolvar] - Heroic Gortok Palehoof - Utgarde Pinnacle - This is another Heroic Haste ring that may be a little easier to get. It's twin is [Solitaire of Reflecting Beams] and can be found in Heroic VH.

5. [Signet of the Kirin Tor] - 8500 gold - Harold Winston - This is by far the best ring pre raid and is extremely easy to obtain IF you have 8500g. That is a big if. This ring is comparable to a lot of what you will find in Naxx10, and my guess is that by the time you get enough gold to buy it you will have been able to pick up a couple of rings from raiding. So, what you are really buying is the port to Dalaran.If an extra hearth is worth 8500g to you then go ahead and get it. Otherwise I would pass it buy.

Other notable rings: [Signet of Hopeful Light], [Titanium Spellshock Ring], [Signet of Ranulf], [Voodoo Signet]

That's it for part 3. Part 4 will cover Belts, Legs, Boots, and Trinkets.


Halon said...

And again, thank you very much!
Keep up the good work :-)

Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job mate :)

The items you list are some the best pre-raid times. On a side note, since you are mentioning emblem rewards, for e.g. the off hand, I think that 10 man tier 7 hands/chest are worth mentioning, of course they require an insane ammount of badges to get, unlike the items you have listed so far.

Keep it coming :) /hug

Cdin said...


True, the tier tokens would give you the best gear, but as you mention the cost is high and that is why I excluded them. To get just one of them you would have to run at least 15 heroics. Chances are if your running that many heroics then your already in Naxx 10 and have a shot at those tokens droping. Plus you could get the neck and the off hand for the cost of the gloves.

Purchasing tokens with emblems was really ment to be a way for people to complete there sets without havign the RNG mess them up every week. They are ment for people that are clearing naxx each week, and my guess is that we will see the other 3 tokens become available when patch 3.1 drops.

Donovan said...

What's your opinion on

Ymirjar Physician Robes

They can be fairly costly on the AH, but still seem on par with these.

Cdin said...

@ Donovan

That is really a resto chest, so I wouldn't pay money for it.

Claire said...

Good article.
Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of
It seems to give more mana and crit % than Ring of the Traitor King, and its easier to do a normal instance than a heroic.

Cdin said...


It's not bad, I would say it is a little behind the Ring of the Traitor King but the difference is small. If you can get a hold of that one more easily then go for it.