Monday, March 2, 2009

The Banners

When I made the post two weeks ago asking for a new banner, I was a little nervous. I get a decent number of hits each day but you never know how people will react. I was worried that my readership might be a little more casual then I thought and not care about my banner. Luckily for me it turned out awesome.

The one I choose came from Tsunamee on the US-Firetree Server and you can see it above. I like the silhouette of the moonkin in the Moon and the color of the letters is great. At first I would have liked a change in the font, but when I saw the little moonkin head attached to the "G" in gray I was sold.

The other submissions were great also, and I really wish I had something to give you guys.

From William C. - I really liked the clean look of this one, and the brain in the moonkin is a nice play on the name.

From Cusper - Very nice and it was the first I received. A huge weight was lifted off my ego.

From Aphexdash - The only one to use a Horde image. Which is fine I don't discriminate.

From Christian G. - I really like the Horns on the letters.

Finally, Sarbakan says that he discovered my blog on a couple of days ago and didn't have time to come up with a banner but he did send me this picture that he uses as his signature.

Thank you again to everyone that made submissions. These were better then I hoped for and the choice was tough. Since Phae is closing her doors I have to take up some of her screenshot competitions.


Anonymous said...

The new banner is wonderful. Keep up the good work with your blog...the moonkin community appreciates it.

Cusper said...

I agree. I like the new one as well, even though you did not choose mine... Just kidding, Anyway, what font is that? I want it!

Sarbakan said...


Congratulations to the winner! The Moonkin featuring in the banner looks quite athletic and slim. What a wonderful creature of Elune!

Tsunamee said...

Great submissions all around! Hard choice. Cusper, the font is called Cretino. I was actually just trying to find one that was "similar" to his old one - wasn't until I'd already used that one, then looked again at the old banner that I realized... oh, that's the exact same font. DOH. oh well


Tsunamee - Firetree/US

Josh Weatherly said...

I like the one from Cusper - Very nice