Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gray Matter Survives Another Year

Gray Matter is officially 2 years old today. WOOT!!

It has been a pretty big year for the blog. This time last year I had a small but loyal following. We were all trying to figure out what the new expansion would mean for us, and I was writing a lot of posts each month (a lot for me anyway). Little did I know that this expansion would be a huge boost for my blog.

This past year has been a bit surreal. Moonkin have gone from being the butt of many jokes to being an accepted and viable class in high-end raiding. With that my readership has grown significantly. On top of that two blue posters have made comments about my blog and said that it has had some impact on decisions made. I can't think of a prouder moment I've had about the blog. (Though, as unlikely as it is, to get something named after me would be the awesome. Maybe it could be called "[Graylo's Idol of Eternal Spell Check].")

An Invitation:

So, where is the blog going from here?

It's probably going to be a lot of the same. I'm not planning on doing anything really differently, but I will put one thing out there.

I've gotten several offers to write for, edit, or help with the blog in some general way. All of the offers are awesome, but I'm not really sure how I feel about bringing in someone in an official way. Gray Matter has been my baby and my voice. So, I am a little protective of it, and I don't know what it would be like to share it with someone else. As scary as that is I could probably use a little help if I want to grow the blog. So, here is what I'm proposing:

If you would like to write for the blog please feel free to e-mail me an article. If I like it and think it fits in well with the blog, I'll post it as a guest post. Articles that focus on topics I am unlikely to cover like Moonkin PvP are more likely to get posted then topics I regularly post on. Also, you’re more likely to be published if you can demonstrate your command of the subject matter with Arena ratings and/or achievements. Obviously, if you submit something to me you are giving me permission to post the article.

Does reading my blog leave you itching for a red pen so you can fix all of the spelling and punctuation mistakes? Well, here is your opportunity. Please feel free to copy my posts into an email and point out all of the mistakes. If someone does it consistently, I may give them rights to fix the issues themselves.

Finally, if you do submit a post and I do not use it, please know I appreciate the time and effort it took you to do that. I hope you look at it as an opportunity to start your own blog.

Thank you to all of my readers and everyone who has promoted my blog over the past two years. It is cliché to say it, but my blog wouldn't be where it is today without you guys.

(Edited by Flamedor)


Gevlon said...

Congratulations! Two years is a LOT in blogging. Keep up!

Jonny said...

yay...well done! thx for your effort and keep up the good work!

Kayeri said...

Grats, Gray! A blog like this takes a lot of work and dedication, both in playing WoW and in the time and research that goes into what you post. Even though I am a Resto far more often than a Boomkin, I know I appreciate all of the effort you put into it.

Andres said...

All your readers appreciate your time and dedication to this blog!
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

[Graylo's Idol of Eternal Spell Check]...

I think an in-game item like this should be in the next WoW patch. I know my WoW experience would be much different without a mentor like person to follow. I think I might still have been in my old Guild playing around in ten man Naxx and as lost as some of them…I would suggest
[Graylo's Mended Staff of Guidance]
[Graylo's Trinket of Understanding]
[Graylo’s Urn of Lost Souls] An offhand filled with the souls of your followers
[Graylo’s Shining Crown of Insight]
[The Enlightened Eye of Graylo] a gem

Ha, I could come up with stuff all day, maybe Blizz should put me on their development team…keep it up and thank you

Inxhaine said...

Gratz! I have been following your blog for quite a while, and enjoys reading it. It is truly one of the best Moonkin blogs!

Xaktsaroth said...

Congratz Graylo. I only found youre blog at the start of Wotlk but it has been an enjoyment to read it during this time. Keep the good work up !

[Graylo's Idol/trinket of Eternal Spell Power] would be fun to see, spell power in the meaning of the power of the written word. especially if youre blog indeed has affected blizz view of moonkins.

Anonymous said...

Gratz! I'm reading your blog for quite some times now and I really enjoys reading it. It is really the best Moonkin blogs for sure !!!
All your advices are followed by my Boomkin and gets a real benefits ! Thanks so much and Happy anniversary !
Kuiloe the Boomkin
(Europe - Arathor)

Ugzilla said...

I enjoy the blog Graylo, gratz on hitting the 2 year mark!

Macbook said...

Grats Gray! :)

I am about to hit the one year mark soon as well, I only found out because I got hit with the domain renewal bill! Hah!

Keep it up --


Anonymous said...

Grats on 2 years...has it really been that long? Maybe the idol should have a partner offhand for editing :p. Grats again and much love,


Lowchin said...


Seriously your the shit man. I rely on you for all the info that was vital to start playing the spec. All I play is a druid and without your blog the learning curve would have been huge for me. You deserve any accolades that come your way. Gratz on the anniversary. Keep up the good work.
How about
Graylos Trinket of Feathery Fervor

Deme said...

Hey! Two years? GRATZ!!!!
I have quit playing WoW but I still read you, you know, scratching that little itch of doubt still inside me, soooo, congratulations again!!!

Ciscoo said...

Since I converted my Druid to Moonkin with WOTLK, I started reading your blog. Your blogs have been very helpful and straight to the point, keep up the great work.