Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tier 10 Set Stats

Apparently there was a new PTR patch pushed out yesterday, and MMO-Champion had been hard at work squeezing all of the goodness out of it for us to read. The big thing that was added was quite a bit of loot from from the 5-man, the raids, and the Tier loot.

My first reaction:

Here are the links to the ilvl 251 and ilvl 264 gear.

Before you get really excited, I want to make one disclaimer. Data mined info is Data mined. It is not currently in game. It has not been confirmed by Blizzard. It is quite possible that these were released in error and will be changed in future PTR releases.

That said, I'm still giddy. I don't know how it compares to the other classes because I don't understand them well enough, but here are a few quick things you will notice.

  1. Not a single drop of Spirit anywhere on the Tier set.

  2. Gem Sockets: 5 Red, 2 Yellow, 1 Meta

  3. Socket Bonuses: All Spell Power

My Second Reaction:

After taking a step back and thinking about it, this makes sense for a couple of reasons.

  • At Blizzcon, it was announced that Spirit would become primarily a healer stat in 4.0, and would have little or no value to caster DPS. If history is any guide, the players that are able to pick up these sets will likely wear them will into Cataclysm. When I first started raiding Naxx last November, I still had most of my Tier 6 gear on, because the quest rewards were inferior, and the heroic loot were side grades for the most part. The lack of spirit here will make these items more useful in the expansion.

  • Blizzard has been saying for a long time that they are saving the best gear for last. They didn't want the earlier sets to be perfectly itemized, otherwise the final sets would just be unexciting numerical upgrades. To some extent, this shows that Blizzard knows what we like and is capable of producing it if the situation calls for it.

So, Blizzard is killing two birds with one stone here. Not only do they create some kick ass tier sets, but they are preparing the players for the next expansion.

In the midst of all this praise I do want to express one concern. Every piece of the tier sets has Crit Rating on it, two pieces have Hit Rating, and the other three have Haste Rating. Don't get me wrong, I love Crit Rating, but with the current Moonkin design I would like a better balance of Haste and Crit. This itemization will probably push us more in the direction of Haste gear for our non tier pieces.

Other Gear:

At this point it is hard to evaluate all of the other gear available. This is obviously an incomplete list. Please don't start asking when my New gear lists will be available. Cowtarus has volunteered to compile all of the information for me again, but it will take time and won't be final until the patch is released.

I do have two small observations that I don't like though. The upgradeable rep ring that a lot of people are excited about is a Hit ring. That is not necessarily bad, but I would rather it didn't have hit to allow for a little more flexibility. The other issue I have is with the quest rewards from the Quel'delar questline. Those weapons are very nice, but from a Moonkin standpoint they are lacking. The great caster DPS weapon is a sword that is un usable by druids, priests or shaman. There is a spell mace, but it has Mp5 on it. I think making the sword a dagger would have made a lot more sense.

Toon Update:

LoE killed Algalon 25 last night for a server second. Again, it's not as big of a deal as the guild that were able to kill him before ToC was released, but I'm still very happy. We have officially killed every boss in Ulduar, and Yogg+0 is the only hard mode we have not completed. I don't know if we will work on that one or not. I would like to get it down at some point, but completing ToGC is a much bigger goal at this point. Plus, If we can master Anub relatively soon, we will have time to go back and clean up some of those achievements in Ulduar.


tyra said...

RE: the low amount of haste, and high crit.

The reason might have been in response to Murmur's thread on moonkin haste. They acknowledged they were looking into it, and this might be how they are aiming to avoid the problem (atleast on teir gear).

Merlot said...

Great job on the sword. Hybrids are for HEALING, got it?

Andrew said... many casters can equip swords? Thats what I thought. I hope you were being sarcastic.

Side note: which classes can't use daggers? pallys? no one likes pallys anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Spirit give us +30% DPS? What will replace this loss?

Dale said...

Spirit gives 30% as spell power, but it's a waste of item budget compared to straight spell power/crit/haste.

The lack of spirit will free up more budget for our other more useful stats.

Daedalus said...

Yeah, that's some pretty delicious boomkin itemization. If only the resto spec got as lucky. Three pieces with crit and only two with haste. Bah! Here's hoping that's just because of data-mining errors.

Graylo said...


I doubt that. Even with the haste/GCD issue Haste rating is a very competetive stat above 400 when compared to Crit rating. Boosting the amount of Crit Rating we get will only make haste rating more valueable. It would have virtually no impact on the problem.


Merlot is a shadow priest. I'm sure he was being sarcastic. Plus, all caster DPS classes can use daggers.


As Dale said, the loss of spirit is made up for by having more Crit, haste or Hit. All three of those stats are better then Spirit when compared point for point.

Anonymous said...

There are currently alot of comments about hit, or to much of it on all the gear.

In Cata, we will need more hit. Maybe along with preparing us, they are alowing us to pick up a piece or two we will want to switch in at 82?

Kadaashi said...

Wow, glad to see that the 4pc eclipse cooldown is gone. At the moment.

You saw the resto and feral tier bonuses too, right? They're amazing.
That rejuvenation jumping is awesome (though I don't heal) and I'm loving the kitty bonuses.

Is the 2pc bonus of the Lasherweave Regalia reminding you of the 2pc Nightsong by any chance?

I'm just hoping my clearcasting will actually proc <.<; Which it does, but at last I'm dropping 2pc Nightsong because my eclipse never really procs anymore.

I don't want to run into the same problem again.


CC said...

Holy mother.

I'm almost upset; this means I will in fact have to try and pick up this hideous set for my featherkin, if only because the itemization is SO good.

Hurray for druids looking like radioactive undead trees. /sarcasm

Merlot said...

Yep, I was being sarcastic :)

Look at the caster options: a DPS sword or a healing mace. What separates these two weapons, apart from the stats? The first can only be equipped by 'pure' casters, the second can only be equipped by hybrid casters. The hybrid prejudice lives on...

Murmurs said...

Intrigue finally got to Twins in ToGC! KEKEKE.

I dunno why Beasts was giving us so much damn trouble, but, seriously, we could not for the life of us get those suckers down. After they went, Jokeraxxus and Chumps dropped like flies. :\

I'm proud of myself for being months behind.

PS. My word verification was hentai and now I'm scared.

Graylo said...


Beasts was hard for us also, and we followed it up with two quick kills on Jarraxus, and Faction Champs.

Beasts is a bit of a DPS check and requires a bit of coordination. If you don't kill them fast enough then your screwed. If you don't watch your positioning then your screwed. There is a lot of stuff to mess you up unlike Jarraxus or FC.

Anyway, Grats.

Anonymous said...

Phew, just saw this re: the mace. Praise Elune.

"Of note: Internally we have made a change that removes the mp5 from the main hand mace and changed that to haste to match the sword to make it more dps-worthy."

wow said...

Thanks for the links and keep up the good posts , I always appreciate someone who can look ahead , anyways thanks for the intell.

Eshar said...

back to the spirit 30% to SP question, although other stats have a higher buff to DPS they gave us the buff in 3.2 to make our dps competative. Although the new gear seems to compensate, will leather be itemized differently to make up for the loose of the spirit buff and if so will cloth be less viable? If cloth items are buffed the same and all the caters are enjoying the stat boost then will our dps lag again?

Eshar said...

getting back to spirit gives us 30% to spell power, boomies got the buff in 3.2 to make our dps competative. Although they may be compensating for the spirit loss by higher spell power stats my question is will spell leather have a higher SP rating then equivalent cloth to compensate or are we gonna lag in DPS again.

Dale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tulveli said...

"Of note: Internally we have made a change that removes the mp5 from the main hand mace and changed that to haste to match the sword to make it more dps-worthy."
- Posted by Bornakk here:

I guess we got our wish for the Quel'delar weapon? /cheer!

Anonymous said...

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