Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chaotic Meta Requirement Reversed!

I've already written two separate posts on this subject. Might as well give this blue post it's own blog post as well.
The current design has been reconsidered, so we're planning to revert gems that now require more blue than red gems back to their original requirements. Such a change can't be accomplished via a hotfix though, so we'll have to wait to revert these in a future patch.
I'm glad that they are making the chance but couldn't they have decided this before I spent 700g regemming for raid.

New Cata Gemming Strategy:

For the most part, our Cata gemming strategy will be the same as it was in WotLK with a few possible caveats.

Meta Socket: [Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond]

Red Socket: [Brilliant Inferno Ruby]

Yellow Socket: [Reckless Ember Topaz] with Int Socket bonus. [Brilliant Inferno Ruby] with secondary stat socket bonus. The thing to remember here is that secondary stats are worth no where near as much as Int at least in early Cata raiding. An additional 20 Int is likely better then 30 of any secondary stat. In fact, I'm not a 100% sure that a Reckless gem is the right choice when the socket bonus is Int, but I'll need to see some more math before I make that change.

Blue Socket: At least 2 [Purified Demonseye], but maybe [Brilliant Inferno Ruby]
if the socket bonus particularly bad and you don't need the hit.


Anonymous said...

I think you have overlooked the use of a prismatic gem to cover one of the blue sockets. The current use of a Nightmare Tear is very handy, and I would expect we will see a cata version of it.

Graylo said...


First, why would you want to put anything but a red gem in your prismatic sockets? The only possible reason is if you don't have two blue sockets. Otherwise you would be giving up stats because you skip a socket bonus or are not gemming optimally. Looking at the gear available in T11, it doesn't look like we will be lacking blue sockets.

Regarding the Nightmare Tear, I don't know if there is a Cata verson or not. That said in terms of DPS it is no different then a Purified gem. Though it is slightly better because it also provides stam.

Siverna said...

I'm so happy for this reverse. Sad thing is I too did buy a few gems yesterday >.< Blizz Blizz.....

Anonymous said...

YAY! So happy to hear that, although I spent a ton of gold too on re-gemming :/ Oh well..I'm happy now. Luv your site btw, I use it a ton.

Duranas said...

Just reminding, prismatic gems count as R/Y/B and match any socket. Prismatic sockets have no bonuses so we can just stick in the best gem.

Shyner said...

@ Graylo's @ Anon

I think he was asking why you haven't considered a Nightmare Tear equivalent over the 20int/20 spirit gem. At 85, the Nightmare Tear will probably be +20 of every stat, meaning you would get 20 of everything and not just 20 int and 20 spirit. I think that would almost be better considering it will also offer stamina. Prismatic slots should always have red gems though

Anonymous said...

Told ya they'd reverse it two posts ago. ;)

My sources don't lie.

Anonymous said...

Why are you even wasting time on level 85 gem discussions when it will probably change a few more times before we obtain that level? And why in the world would you re-gem now when Cata is quickly approaching and green items will be better than our current purples? And. why the heck are you still raiding for items that will be obsolete? Get over it!

Anonymous said...

if that is the attitude you are going to have why even play the game. you are just going to keep replacing your gear with every new content addition.


Graylo said...


In general, I try not to respond to trolls, but some times they get the best of me.

"Why are you even wasting time on level 85 gem discussions when it will probably change a few more times before we obtain that level? "

Lets see. Cataclysm comes out in just over a week in a half. I and a lot of hard core raiders should be level 85 in a week. Therefore I'll probably be raiding within 2.5 weeks. It's probably not going to change in that time especially since they said they were reverting it back to the old meta requirement. That said, you may conceder being prepared a waste of time, but I don't. I want to hit the ground running.

"And why in the world would you re-gem now when Cata is quickly approaching and green items will be better than our current purples?"Couple of reasons.

1) Gold is no object to me. I have almost 400k gold. Spending a few hundred to regem is nothing to me, and gold will be even easier to get in Cata.

2) I'm on trial with a new guild. I want to impress them. It may seem silly to regem for only a couple of weeks of raiding, but when the costs are so low and the potential benefits are so high, it doesn't make sense not to. I didn't say everyone should regem. I just said I did.

"And. why the heck are you still raiding for items that will be obsolete?"Who said I'm raiding for items? If you haven't checked my armory you will see that I am very near BIS. I don't need gear and haven't needed it for months. In case you don't know there are other reasons for raiding. For example:

1) Maintaining a schedule. Bad things can happen if a guild lays idol for several weeks.

2) Maintain a sense of community and team work.

3) Finish up achievements for people that may have missed them during the normal progression run. We have several people that are missing achievements for their ICC metas.

4) Evaluate the performance of trials. As I said before, I'm on trial with the guild. They could want to take a look at my abilities.

"Get over it!"

Clearly you are a wiser and more enlightened person then I am. Thank you for spreading your wisdom in my comments section. Clearly I was delusional.

Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe I was a tad bit in a bad mood the other night when I wrote. I wasn't trolling, as I look to your site often for suggestions and ways to be a better raider. I'm still kinda peeved that they lowered thorns 60%. I like PVPing and thorns was a dynamite tool to keep melee from tearing us apart in 2 seconds flat. 30% would have made more sense. Now we're back to being insignificant in PVP.

So, I appologize for my mood. And, what Moonkin isn't delusional? :)

Nagem said...

I thought you maxed out your gold on your toon and you are worrying about 700g? lol

Kaleesh said...

Great news! You saved me darn near 800g right here.

Also, my blogroll says you updated 45 minutes ago... But I don't see any new posts. Not sure what that's about!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Any update on when they're planning to fix this? Am having a horrible time trying to gem for first raids . . .
And nice blog btw :-)

Sapho from Boulderfist EU