Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Help Graylo Get A Legendary!!!

I've exploited this blog for personal gain before. It has played some part in me getting accepted to 7 different guilds. I got into the Cataclysm beta because someone knew me from the blog. My family views my gaming with a tiny bit more respect because I also write about it. I've even made a tiny bit of cash in the process, and none of this includes all the wonderful people I've gotten to talk to all because I write this blog.

Yes, I have benefited greatly from writing the blog (probably more then my readers have from reading it), but the introduction of Cross-Realm raiding begs a new question. Can I take my blog exploitation to a new low?

Can exploit my readers to help me get a Legendary Staff?

All tongue-in-cheek aside, I don't have high expectations for this, but it's worth a try. Also, I am in no way expecting anyone to go out of their way to create a raid for me. However, if are making runs for Mounts, Achievements, or Alts, and have an opening I would love to come a long if I can pick up the legendary quest items. Here are the more formal details:

Project: Help Graylo Get A Legendary!!!

Current Status: I am currently collecting [Seething Cinders] for the Time Grows Short quest. I need 490 cinders to complete the quest along with all 250 Essences after that and the Rag kill.

What I Offer: I am a Heroic DS geared moonkin (armory link) that has killed every boss in Firelands on heroic mode. I will come prepared to do my absolute best with flasks, food, and potions. Plus, I will pass on all loot and mounts that drop in the raid. Finally, depending on the consistency of the group, I would be willing to continue to run FL to help other people get there staff or mount after I've finished mine.

My Scheduling: I am available on a consistent basis Friday through Monday after 9pm CST. I may also be available before 9pm on Saturdays and Sundays, but I can't comment to those times on a consistent basis.

What I'm Looking For: Ideally I would like to run heroics with a consistent group at the same general time each week. However, I would be willing to run normals or with an inconsistent group. Also, this goes without saying, but I am US-Horde so the group would need to be US-Horde as well.

Contact Information: While I am happy to discuss the possibilities in general terms in the comments below, I would recommend that nobody put their RealID email address there. My blog email address of graymatterwow (at) gmail (dot) com is the best way to discuss the more private details, but you could also send an in-game mail to Graylow (with the W) on the US-Stonemaul server.


Ihazabucket said...

Woah you got a ways to go! I took a month off but I have about 3 weeks until I get mine so happy hunting! Hope someone can help you out and get a Legendary!!

Graylo said...


Yea, it's about 9 weeks assuming full clears on heroic 10man. That is what having 4 different guilds during Firelands progression will do to you.

It seems like a crual joke that in my first 3 years of raiding in primarily two guilds when no caster legendary was available. Then when one is available my guild volatility shoots through the roof.

Xaktsaroth said...

If you transfer over to EU-alliance I could had given you help with the cinders :)

Mightywing said...

I feel your pain Graylo. My 10 man guild only got one legendary and stopped Firelands as soon as that first one was completed.

Leaving me just starting out collecting essences with little hope of finishing my quest line.

Eshua said...

wow i just pmed you without reading Horde. Sorry i'm dumb.

Anonymous said...

I hope you finish your staff Graylo, you deserve one. I had to painstakingly pug Firelands for quite some time to finish my alt Warlocks staff but it was certainly worth it. On a different note, I already help two friends with Firelands so I'm not posting to say I could help (unfortunately!) just hoping you'll get one eventually as you've provided the Moonkin community with a lot of insight.

- Dignam, US-Ysera

Anonymous said...

One of the largest site for cross realm raiding. Lots of mount runs, achievement runs, RBGs and wait for it...
Legendary runs!

Find the raid that fits you and your needs.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oops my last comment made me sound more like an ad bot than anything lol.

But just wanted to point you somewhere that would help you and others get their staffs.

How Do i Totem? said...

Lol if your readers are fans enough you can always use realid to form a custom raid cross realm. I would help but my toons are alliance. I'm leveling a horde toon at the moment and could probably help once I hit 85 and do a week or two of lfr, feel free to send an in-game mail to plavalguna on us-uther alliance if you decide to try this.

Boomtree LHoof said...

I have heard of a fair number of people forming cross-realm 25m raids to finish the legendary quickly, including members of my guild helping out in one last weekend.
I am in the same boat, never got the chance to really make progress on it, and I just got the "delegation" quest this past week finally.
I'll keep an eye on your blog(as usual) to see if you decide or if you did find a group. If you do explore the option of forming a cross-realm group, i would definitely be willing to help out.

Drizztheal said...

I am currently working on 2 boomkins for their staffs. My main is at almost the exact point you are in cinders. My alt suprisingly is further along collecting essences. I'd be happy to help you with my alt who can collect essences until you can collect, than I'll bring my main to collect cinders.
I'm also a Firelord, with 6/8 HM in DS. Currently 400 ilvl
Here's my armory link

Contact me at, I'm not too concerned about who gets this email address, so I don't mind posting.

Graylo said...


First of all, thanks for all of the support. I am quite overwhelmed.

When I made the post i wasn't sure what kind of responce I would get, and hoped that I would get at least one good opportunity. Turns out I got several.

This past week I ran with a former guild of mine that had some space, and it looks like I might be able to run with them for a couple more weeks. After that who knows.

I hope that I am on a path to getting a legendary as quickly as possible, but I realize that my current plan may break down. With that I will keep all of the offers and in mind if I need a new option. Thanks again for all of the support and I will keep you guys updated on my progress.