Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The New Raiding Guide Is Up!

I've updated my Raiding guide to reflect the changes made in Mists of Pandaria. There is a link above your you can use this link. I haven't updated the gear guide yet, but hope to make it available soon. Please keep a couple of things in mind while you use it.
  1. My primary focus in the game is as a PvE Raider and my guide has the same focus. What I say in the guide may not apply if your primary focus is PvP, leveling or Challenge Modes.
  2. There are exceptions to everything. I try to make as few assumptions as possible in this guide, but I'm sure it is full of them anyway. While you can adapt your play to your situation, I cannot adapt this guide for every possible situation or exception.
  3. Finally, this guide is based upon the theorycrafting communities best efforts from Beta using the tools we've had available. However, things can change when you have millions of new eyes looking at the new data with the release of a new expansion. Don't be surprised if the conventional wisdom changes over the next two months to reflect new information. I will try and keep this guide updated with new information but I suggest that you also keep an eye on Elitist Jerks and other fan sites for new information.
Finally, I am completely open to corrections or suggestions if you have them. Please feel free give them in the comments below or send them directly to my e-mail. That said, please give as much detail as you can in your comments. Just saying "Your rotation is wrong" doesn't help anyone.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gray,

beside INT/SP for leveling from 85 to 90, is reaching the hitcap the most important thing too or only for heroic dungeons and raids and for leveling is it crit?

Graylo said...

Hit capping can be helpful while leveling, but you don't need as much. How much you need depends on your level and the level of the target.

I won't actively try and hit cap while leveling but I won't completely avoid it either. Check your character UI while in game. If it says there is a chance to miss a mob a level a head of you then you don't have enough.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!