Tuesday, August 1, 2006

4.0 Raid Gear guide Archive

I've updated the list to correct some errors, add the random stat gear options and the new Alchemy trinket coming in 4.0.6. I also updated the weights to factor in the change to Total Eclipse. The last change I made was to add a reforging value. I will explain this more later.
The Usual Disclaimer Comments:

  1. This list is a tool, not a blueprint for how to gear. I’ve never intended my lists to be the definitive guide on how to gear a raiding moonkin. I don’t want to see any comments anywhere that say “item X is the best because it’s ranked number one on Graylo’s list.”

  2. The use of this list requires some thought. It is a general ranking intended to give you an idea on how items relate to each other. Please realize that these values are estimates based upon a fairly high gear level. Two items with a similar value, can be assumed to be relatively equal. Also, realize that your gear level may be different then the one I used. As a result you may value the stats differently. I highly suggest you look at this post to determine how you value stats. It's a little out of date, but the instructions at the bottem are mostly correct.

  3. It is up to you to manage your Hit cap. Do not take every number one item on the list.

  4. PvP and Healing gear are by definition not good PvE gear for moonkin. As a result I have excluded almost all items that are obviously PvP or healing related from the list. That said there are some exceptions. Healing trinkets that provides Int are included eventhough the proc is clearly healing because Int is such a good stat for moonkin. That said I don't suggest you take these items over a healer who needs it.

    None of this is to say you can't or shouldn't use these items in your own set depending on your situation. I exclude them because I like to keep the lists short, and they generally fall at the bottem of the list when comparing gear of a similar ilevel. If you wold like to figure out where they fall please feel free to do the math yourself using the weights I've provided below.

  5. These rankings are purely based upon DPS. Yes, Stamina does have value, but there is no way to directly translate it into DPS.

  6. Procs are particularly hard to quantify. Trinkets and other items that have procs or on use abilities are estimated in the list. However, it is likely that some of them are wrong given that we know very little about some of the procs. I will update them if I can, but I make no guarentees.

  7. Cloth: All cloth gear is excluded from this list. Equipping a single piece of cloth will cause you to lose 5% of your Int. In some very rare situations a cloth item might be better then the leather gear you currently have available to you. However, the gain would still be fairly small, and it's really not worth the effort.

  8. Resto Tier Gear: I have include the Resto Tier gear in the list since Spirit now converts to Spell Hit for Moonkin. However, it will not count towards you Set bonuses. Since Spell Hit is a highly valued stat many of the resto items are ranked higher then the Moonkin Tier. The other cause of this is that the set bonuses are not included in the valuation. Feel free to use a resto tier item, but realize you should use at most one.


  1. To rank these items I used the following weights Intellect - 1.000 Spellpower - 0.7784, Spirit/Hit Rating - 0.6439, Haste Rating - 0.5266, Crit Rating - 0.2794, Mastery Rating - 0.3676. These are the weights that WrathCalcs spit out for a gear set I created using 359 ilevel gear.

  2. I assume that all socket bonus will be met using Superior quality gems. This is how I socket each gem: Meta = [Burning Shadowspirit Diamond], Red/Prismatic = [Brilliant Inferno Ruby], Yellow = [Reckless Ember Topaz], Blue = [Purified Dremonseye]. Yes, ignoring socket bonus will improve some of the items. This is particularly true if the socket bonus isa secondary stat like Crit or Mastery. However, the shifts in value should be small and it's easier manage this way.

Ranking Legend:

I've added two columns to the rankings. Here are the Explinations of all of the columns.

  • Natural - Black - This is a simple volume times rate calculation and assumes you can use every stat.

  • Reforge - Blue - This column adjusts the Natural ranking by reforging Crit or Mastery into Haste or Hit. This column assumes you need the hit, but Haste is given the priority of being reforged to since it can't be capped realistically.

  • Natural No Hit - Red - Same as the Natural column but excludes any valuation from Hit Rating or Spirit.

  • Reforge No Hit - Green - This column adjusts the Natural No Hit ranking by reforging Crit or Hit into Haste or Mastery.


NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Gale Rouser Leggings of the Undertow (H) Al'Akir - Heroic716.4716.4550.3585.2
Stormrider's Leggings - MOONKIN (H) LotFV + 359 item712.9712.9560.3591.9
Gale Rouser Leggings of the Wavecrest (H) Al'Akir - Heroic678.6693.7512.5547.4
Leggings of the Consuming Flames (H) Maloriak - Heroic673.3687.6488.5527.4
Stormrider's Legwraps - RESTO (H) LotFV + 359 item656.7679.9491.2525.8
Gale Rouser Leggings of the Feverflare (H) Al'Akir - Heroic650.7676.9637.8637.8
Gale Rouser Leggings of the Fireflash (H) Al'Akir - Heroic629.7664.3616.8625.2
Gale Rouser Leggings of the Undertow Al'Akir - Normal637.3637.3490.5521
Stormrider's Leggings - MOONKIN 2,200 VP635635501.1528.6
Gale Rouser Leggings of the Wavecrest Al'Akir - Normal604.3617.5457.5488
Leggings of the Consuming Flames Maloriak - Normal599.9612.5433.8468.7
Stormrider's Legwraps - RESTO 2,200 VP585.9606.4439.1469.6
Gale Rouser Leggings of the Feverflare Al'Akir - Normal579.9602.8567567
Gale Rouser Leggings of the Fireflash Al'Akir - Normal561.5591.8548.6556
Blazewing's Furious Kilt BoE - Blazewing532542.9376.1408.5
Leggings of the Path (H) Siamat - H:LCotT527.9538.1372.1404.4
Leggings of Clutching Roots Rep Reward518.4534.2388.3417.7
Leggings of Late Blooms 2,200 JP500522.1487.2487.9
Leggings of the Path Siamat - LCotT448.1459.3333.4359.5

I recommend going with the Tier legs here, because they have spirit which you are going ot have a hard time getting once you start getting a full tier set and they factor in to the set bonus. Gale Rouser Leggings of the Undertow are slightly better in terms of pure stats, but don't complete the set bnous. The two with out spirit on them would be significantly better then the tier legs if you don't need the hit, but I don't think many people will be in that situation.


NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Stormrider's Helm - RESTO (H) Vendor - EotF898.7898.7733.3767.8
Healm of the Blind Seer (H) Atramedes - Heroic848.8868.1664724.1
Stormrider's Cover - MOONKIN (H) Vendor - EotF807.4844.6794.5803.5
Stormrider's Helm - RESTO Token - Normal Nefarian820.8820.8674704.5
Healm of the Blind Seer Atramedes - Normal778.1794.6611.9666.2
Camouflage Bio-Optic Killshades BoP Crafted784.1784.1784.1784.1
Stormrider's - MOONKIN Cover Token - Normal Nefarian740773.2727.2735.2
Cluster of Stars 2200 JP749749631.8658.3
Cowl of Rebellion (H) VanCleef - H:DM727.6736.5578.2626.6
Helm of Reorigination Quest Reward657.3664.6515557.1
Willowy Crown (H) Obsidius - H:BC637.7658.4624.8635

If I was going to pick up a resto tier item, this is the slot I would do it it. You're trading Crit for Spirit and picking up a little more Haste as well. The problem is that the head slot is the most difficult tier item to get. I'm not sure I would want to only have the resto item in this slot when we transition to Tier 12.


NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Passive Resistor Spaulders (H) ODS - Heroic523.1523.1406.6433
Stormrider's Mantle - RESTO (H) Token492.4503.2369.4409.4
Hide of Chromaggus (H) Zone Drop - BWD473.7490.5344.3386.4
Stormrider's Shoulderwraps - MOONKIN (H) Token466.8487.8466.8466.8
Passive Resistor Spaulders ODS - Normal464.4464.4362385.2
Stormrider's Mantle - RESTO Token - Cho'gall437.1446.5328.3363.6
Hide of Chromaggus Zone Drop - BWD420.4435305.2342.5
Stormrider's Shoulderwraps - MOONKIN Token - Cho'gall414.1432.6414.1414.1
Mantle of Bestilled Winds (H) Altairus - H:VP410.5411.9326.8345.9
Somber Shawl 1650 JP393.1402296.5328.1
Mantle of Soft Shadows (H) Anraphet - H:HoO387.1401284.1313.6
Mantle of Soft Shadows Anraphet - HoO345.4357.6253.4279.2
Mantle of Wild Feathers WC - Rep329.4329.4243.8263.3
Spaulders of Endless Plains DC - Rep329.4329.4243.8263.3

The Moonkin tier shoulders are ranked down the list because all the items above them have spirit. I am planning on sticking with the tier gear at this moment to complete the tier set bonuses.


NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Scorched Wormling Vest (H) Magmaw - Heroic659.4676.9506.8552.1
Stormrider's Vestmants - MOONKIN (H) CotFV Token582.6604.9569.8585.3
Stormrider's Robes - RESTO (H) CotFV Token583.5604.8570.6586.9
Scorched Wormling Vest Magmaw - Normal586.1601.8452.2491.7
Robes of Forgetfulness 2,200 JP560.8560.8417.8450.2
Stormrider's Vestmants - MOONKIN 2,200 VP519.9539.4507520.8
Stormrider's Robes - RESTO 2,200 VP520.8539.3507.9522.3
Cursed Skardyn Vest (H) Umbriss - H:GB520.8534.8403.6437.3
Vest of the Curious Visitor Glubtok - H:DM484.7515.3471.8479.2
Chestguard of Nature's Fury Crafted486.9507.1486.9502.1
Cursee Skardyn Vest Umbriss - GB448.1459.3333.4370.8

The moonkin Tier piece is the clear choice. The resto Tier piece doesn't have spirit on it, as a result I think a lot of resto druids will be going off set here. Letting them have the Scorched Wormling Vest is probably what is best for your group.


NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Stormrider's Handwraps - RESTO (H) GotFV Token525.5525.5396425.5
Hydrolance Gloves (H) TAC - Heroic480.5493.2370.4406.2
Stormrider's Gloves - MOONKIN (H) GotFV Token452.2481.4452.2459.3
Stormrider's Handwraps - RESTO 1650 VP466.7466.7351.5377.6
Hydrolance Gloves TAC - Normal425.3436.6329.3360.4
Stormrider's Gloves - MOONKIN 1650 VP401.5427.4401.5407.7
Deep Delving Gloves (H) Slabhide - H:SC412.9412.9303.5325.5
Blessed hands of Elune 1650 JP380.8393.6271.3302.9
Aessina-Blessed Gloves GoH Rep Reward368.7383.1362.3363.8
Gloves of the Uplifted Cup (H) Silverlaine - H:SFK331.3346.1318.4327.3
Gloves of Baleflame Quest333.1340.4241.6271.1

I would go with the moonkin Tier once again.


NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Manacles of the Sleeping Beast (H) ODS - Heroic359.6368.7267.6297.6
Manacles of the Sleeping Beast ODS - Normal318.5326.4236.7263
Armbands of Change (H) Cora - H:BC258.6272.8258.6262
Oasis Bracers Zone Drop - H:SFK249.9255.3181203.1
Bracers of Caustic Purification BoE World Drop229.7242229.7232.7

Armbands of Change are clearly the best before raiding, and there is really only one epic option.


NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Gale Rouser Belt of the Undertow (H) Conclave of Wind - Heroic517.2517.2401.3427.8
Gale Rouser Belt of the Wavecrest (H) Conclave of Wind - Heroic488.6500372.7410.6
Gale Rouser Belt of the Feverflare (H) Conclave of Wind - Heroic467.5487.4467.5467.5
Belt of the Nightmare (H) Nefarian - Heroic465.1484.9342.2378
Gale Rouser Belt of the Fireflash (H) Conclave of Wind - Heroic451.6477.9451.6458
Gale Rouser Belt of the Undertow Conclave of Wind - Normal459.8459.8356.8380.3
Belt of the Untamed WC Rep Reward457.2457.2342368.1
Withered Dream Belt DC Rep Reward457.2457.2342368.1
Lightning Lash BoE Crafted445.1445.1347.3369.3
Gale Rouser Belt of the Wavecrest Conclave of Wind - Normal434.4444.5331.4365.1
Gale Rouser Belt of the Feverflare Conclave of Wind - Normal415.6433.3415.6415.6
Belt of the Nightmare Nefarian - Normal411.8429.4303334.1
Gale Rouser Belt of the Fireflash Conclave of Wind - Normal401.5424.8401.5407.1
Thatch Eave Vines 1650 JP410.6410.6314336
Underworld Cord (H) Ptah - H:HoO393.1402296.5328.1
Underworld Cord Ptah - HoO367.5376281.9309.8

I hope most of you have your Dragonmaw Clan or Wildhammer Clan Rep maxed out already and have the Epic belt. From there the best place to improve your belt slot is by going with on of the random stat belts off of Conclave of the wind.


NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Nightmare Rider's Boots (H) Sinestra539.5552.3421455.2
Treads of Hideous Transformation (H) Cho'gall - Heroic479.6496.4343.8383.8
Fading Violet Sandals 1650 VP453.7453.7357.8379.5
Treads of Hideous Transformation Cho'gall - Normal426.3440.9304.6339.9
Decapod Slippers (H) Ghur'sha - H:TotT363.4379.2290313.7
Tarvus's Poison-Scarred Boots BoE - Tarvus the Vile363.4379.2290313.7
Treads of Revelation Quest338.6354.1338.6338.6
Vision-Tainted Treads Quest338.6354.1338.6338.6
Awakening Footfalls (H) Anhuur - H:HoO337349.9337346.5
Awakening Footfalls Anhuur - HoO285.1298.2285.1293.5

The two heroic options are clearly what most people will want, but I bet most of us will be wearing the Fading Violet Sandals for while. They are purchaseable with Valor Points, which we should have a lot of once we buy the available tier gear.


NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Shroud of Endless Grief (H) Sinestra375.8392.7375.8375.8
Drape of the Twins (H) V&T - Heroic382.4382.4290.3311.3
Drape of the Twins V&T - Normal338.6338.6256.9275.3
Ritssyn's Ruminous Drape BoE - World313.6327.4313.6313.6
Heavenly Breeze 1250 VP318.5326.4236.7263
Shadow of Dread (H) Nefarian - Heroic307.5321.6307.5316.6
Haunt of Flies 1250 VP292.4310.6292.4296.8
Solar Wind Cloak (H) Rajh - H:HoO299.1299.1227243.2
Shadow of Dread Nefarian - Normal272.2284.5272.2280.1
Azureborne Cloak (H) Drahga - H:GB272.6282.3195.4220.7
Springvale's Cloak (H) Springvale - H:SFK271.4282.3199.3222.5
Periwinkle Cloak (H) Naz'jar - H:TotT268.2280.3268.2268.2
Cloak of Ancient Wisdom TER Rep Reward258.3274.3258.3262.2
Shadow of Perfect Bliss (H) Asaad - H:VP258.5271.1203.8221.7
Solar Wind Cloak Rajh - HoO266266201.7216.4
Cloak of the Dryads GoH Rep Reward250.2256.5185.8206.8
Azureborne Cloak Drahga - GB242.2250.6173.3195.4

While our choices were limited in the leather slots, they are huge in our non leather slots because we have all the Spirit items to choose from as well as the non spirit items. If you have excess gold Ritssym's Ruminous Drape isn't bad for a world drop. Haunt of the Flies is also a nice Valor Point cloak.


NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Wyrmbreaker's Amulet (H) Halfus Wyrmbreaker - H:BoT347361.1255285
Valiona's Medallion (H) V&T - Heroic342.9358.6342.9342.9
Wyrmbreaker's Amulet Halfus Wyrmbreaker - BoT307.3319.6225.5251.8
Valiona's Medallion V&T - Normal303.6317.4303.6303.6
Quicksilver Amulet (H) Karsh - H:BC296.9296.9219.6237.3
Celadon Pendant 1250 JP281.3288.3209.2232.3
String of Beaded Baubbles 1250 JP281.3288.3209.2232.3
Lightning Flash Pendant WC - Rep Reward272.2284.5272.2280.1
Yellow Smoke Pendant DC Repreward272.2284.5272.2280.1
Amulet of Tender Breath (H) Altairus - H:VP271.4282.3199.3222.5
Eye of Many Deaths BoE Crafted268.6280.5268.6268.6
Pipefish Cord (H) Neptulon - H:TotT267.2278267.2267.2
Tauntka's Necklace (H) Barim - H:LCotT258.3274.3258.3262.2
Pendant of Elemental Balance ER Rep Reward250.2256.5185.8206.8
Pendant of the Keep (H) Silverlaine - H:SFK240.5251.3240.5247.5
Charm of the Muse BoE - HoO241.3251.2176.9198
Tauntka's Necklace Barim - LCotT229.6244.2229.6233.1

Since you have been leveling up DC/WC rep for the belt you should also pick up the the Epic neck they provide as well. It's not ideally itemized but it's better then the blue necks available after it's reforged.


NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Darkmoon Card: Volcano DMF Quest487.8508.2487.8508.2
Theralion's Mirror (H) V&T - Heroic502.3502.3502.3502.3
Heart of Ignacious (H) TAC - Heroic481.1481.1481.1481.1
Figurine - Jeweled Serpent BoP Crafted470.3470.3470.3470.3
Stump of Time Rep Reward456.6456.6249.9317.3
Vibrant Alchemist Stone BoP Crafted453.2453.2453.2453.2
Heart of Ignacious TAC - Normal444.5444.5444.5444.5
Theralion's Mirror V&T - Normal444.2444.2444.2444.2
Witching Hourglass (H) Obsidius - H:BC435.1435.1435.1435.1
Bell of Enrageing Resonance (H) Atramedes - Heroic396.5432.3396.5396.5
Gale of Shadows (H) Erudax - H:GB388.3388.3388.3388.3
Soul Casket 1650 VP367.9388.2367.9388.2
Bell of Enrageing Resonance Atramedes - Normal350.5382.1350.5350.5
Sea Star Nepturlon - H:TotT368.8368.8185.3245.3
Fall of Mortality (H) Cho'gall - Heroic363363363363
Anhuur's Hymnal (H) Anhuur - H:HoO361361177.5237.5
Tyrande's Favorate Doll Archaeology353.7353.7353.7353.7
Tendrils of Burrowing Dark (H) Ozruk - H:SC326.6344.8326.6344.8
Gale of Shadows Erudax - GB342.9342.9342.9342.9
Sarrowsong (H) Siamat - H:LCotT304.8323304.8323
Core of Ripeness 1650 VP321321321321
Darkmoon Card: Tsunami DMF Quest321321321321
Fall of Mortality Cho'gall - Normal321321321321
Anhuur's Hymmnal Anhuur - HoO319.5319.5157.3209.9
Sorrowsong Siamat - LCotT269.4285.3269.4285.3
Figurine - Dream Owl BoP Crafted285285285285
Tear of Blood Azil - H:SC285285285285

Take these trinket valuations very lightly. In many cases I don't know what the internal cooldown is on the proc, and had to make an educated guess. I think I was fairly conservative in my estimates but who knows. I do want to make one quick note. Trinkets with a lot of Crit or Mastery may seem unattractive at first. However, several of them have very nice procs, Plus don't for get that you can forge that Crit or Mastery to Haste or Spirit. They can give you quite a bit of flexibility if needed.


NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Planetary Band of the Undertow (H) Conclave of Wind - Heroic381.4381.4289.3310.3
Planetary Band of the Flameblaze (H) Conclave of Wind - Heroic358.6367.7266.6296.6
Planetary Band of the Wavecrest (H) Conclave of Wind - Heroic358.6367.7266.6296.6
Security Measure Alpha (H) ODS - Heroic347361.1255285
Planetary Band of the Wildfire (H) Conclave of Wind - Heroic346360.1254284
Segnet of the Fifth Circle (H) Cho'gall - Heroic342.9358.6342.9342.9
Planetary Band of the Feverflare (H) Conclave of Wind - Heroic341.9357.6341.9341.9
Planetary Band of the Fireflash (H) Conclave of Wind - Heroic329.3350329.3334.3
Planetary Band of the Undertow Conclave of Wind - Normal337.5337.5256.3274.7
Twined Band of Flowers 1250 VP318.5326.4236.7263
Planetary Band of the Flameblaze Conclave of Wind - Normal317.5325.4236.3262.7
Planetary Band of the Wavecrest Conclave of Wind - Normal317.5325.4236.3262.7
Security Measure Alpha ODS - Normal307.3319.6225.5251.8
Planetary Band of the Wildfire Conclave of Wind - Normal306.3318.7225.2251.5
Ring of the Boy Emperor Archaeology303.6317.4303.6303.6
Segnet of the Fifth Circle Cho'gall - Normal303.6317.4303.6303.6
Signet of High Arcanist Savor BoE - World304.5317.4226.6251.9
Planetary Band of the Feverflare Conclave of Wind - Normal302.7316.5302.7302.7
Band of Secret Names 1250 VP292.4310.6292.4296.8
Planetary Band of the Fireflash Conclave of Wind - Normal291.6309.8291.6296
Lavishly Jeweled Ring (H) Ripsnarl - H:DM289.5296.5214.2238.4
Band of Lamentation DC Rep Reward281.3288.3209.2232.3
Band of Singing Glass WC Rep Reward281.3288.3209.2232.3
Kibble (H) Beauty - H:BC281.3287.5204229.3
Anthia's Ring (H) Ghur'sha - H:TotT275.2282.8212.1232.7
Veneficial Band (H) Augh H:LCotT275.2282.8212.1232.7
Band of Rays (H) Rajh - H:HoO271.4282.3199.3222.5
Ring of Frozen Rain (H) Asaad - H:VP271.4282.3199.3222.5
Band of Life Energy (H) Ammunae - H:HoO272.6282.3195.4220.7
Diamant's Ring of Temperance Therazane Rep258.3274.3258.3262.2
Rose Quartz Band (H) Slabhide - H:SC258.3274.3258.3262.2
Ring of Warring Elements BoE Crafted252.3262.2239.5246
Ammunae's Blessing Ramkahen Rep250.2256.5185.8206.8
Immaculate Br'etc Signet BoE - World243.5254.4224.2226.8
Spirit Creeper Ring (H) Husam - H:LCotT240.5251.3240.5247.5
Band of Rays Rajh - HoO241.3251.2176.9198
Veneficial Band Lockmaw - LCotT244.4251188.3206.2
Band of Life Energy BoE - HoO242.2250.6173.3195.4
Abandoned Dark Iron Ring BoE - GB229.6244.2229.6233.1
Spirit Creeper Ring BoE - LCotT213.7223.6213.7220.1
Dred Dragonhear Ring Quest213.4222.8213.4219.9

This list is huge. The reason is there are a lot of rings out there and there is a ring with random stats. At the 359 ilevel you can find a lot of rings from nontraditional sources like Archeology, Valor Points, and World drops, plus the ones you can get from raiding. There are fewer options at the heroic level, but there looks to be a lot because of the random stat rings.

The only question I have about this slot is if you can use two of the Planetary Band rings at the same time. The tool tip says they are unique equip, but I don't know if that is for the entire class of ring or if you could use two of them with different stats.

Off Hand:

NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Book of Binding Will (H) Halfus - Heroic382.4382.4290.3311.3
Scepter of Ice (H) TAC - Heroic359.6368.7267.6297.6
Book of Binding Will Halfus - Normal338.6338.6256.9275.3
Scepter of Ice TAC - Normal318.5326.4236.7263
Heartbound Tome World Drop318.2325.3231.9259.8
Apple-Bent Bough 950 JP299.1299.1227243.2
Hermit's Lamp 950 JP299.1299.1227243.2
Divine Companion Crafted296.9296.9219.6237.3
Dungeoneering guide Crafted282288.7207.3231.6
Prophet's Scepter Azil - SC275.2282.8212.1232.7
Beauty's Favorite Bone Beauty - H:BRC272.6282.3195.4220.7
Bioluminescent Lamp Neptulon - H:TotT272.6282.3195.4220.7
Bone-Inlaid Sarcophagus Key BoE - World242.2250.6173.3195.4
Air Raid Beacon Quest238.4249.5238.4238.4
Book of Origination Zone - HoO238.4249.5238.4238.4
Skyflight Beacon Quest238.4249.5238.4238.4

I always thought it was a little unfair that Shaman and Paladins could enchant their shilds and other casters couldn't enchant their off hands. That is no longer true, and significantly shifts the weapon debate in favor of the MH/OH combo. The Apple-Bent Bough was a clear choice for me before epics since it was purchase able with Justice Points.

Main Hand:

NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King (H) Nefarian - Heroic1994.42001.41923.61946.7
Incineratus (H) Magmaw - Heroic1981.51993.61981.51981.5
Twilight's Hammer (H) Cho'gall - Heroic1971.81987.81971.81975.7
Blade of the Witching Hour (H) V&T - Heroic1954.31965.21954.31961.3
Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King Nefarian - Normal1765.31771.31702.81722.8
Incineratus Magmaw - Normal1753.91764.41753.91753.9
Twilight's hammer Cho'gall - Normal1745.31759.21745.31748.7
Blade of the Witching Hour V&T - Normal1729.91739.31729.91736
Scepter of Power (H) Setesh - H:HoO1575.71575.71520.31532.8
Elementium Hammer Crafted: BS15621567.41506.61524.5
Torturer's Mercy Rom'ogg - H:BC15621567.41506.61524.5
Beak of Julak-Doom BoE - Julak-Doom1558.115641509.21525
Elementium Spellblade Crafted: BS1554.41562.814991516.9
Modgud's Blade (H) Umbriss - H:GB1554.41562.814991516.9
Shimmering Morningstar Tol Barad Rep Reward1554.41562.814991516.9
Biting Wind (H) Grand Vizier Ertan - H:VP1538.11552.31538.11541.6
Modgud's Blade Umbriss - GB1377.81385.21328.91344.7
Scepter of Power Setesh - HoO1376.81384.21327.91343.7
Gurgthock's Garish Gorebat Crucible of Carnage1371.31379.71331.41344

When it comes to weapons the only thing you should really care about is ilevel, because it predetermines how much Spell Power and Int an item has. For example, The Biting Wind is the worst ranked 345 weapon, but it's only 2% worse then the highest ranked blue weapon. In short, ilevel is king in this slot.

Two Handed Weapon:

NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Chelley's Staff of Dark Mending (H) BoE - BoT ??2364.92381.22198.72253
Chelley's Staff of Dark Mending BoE - BoT2093.621081946.81994.7
Staff of Ammunae Archaeology2073.42095.91926.61974.6
Staff of Sorcer-Thane Thaurissan Archaeology2046.72079.92046.72054.7
Cerith Spire Staff Ulthok - H:TotT1886.81886.81756.71786.1
Soul Releaser (H) Earthrager Ptah - H:HoO1886.81886.81756.71786.1
Staff of Isolation Lord Godfrey - H:SFK1854.71867.41724.61766.7
Insidious Staff Rep Reward18311853.118311831
Emberstone Staff (H) Foe Reaper - H:DM17811800.817811793.8
Staff of Siphoned Essences (H) Erudax - H:GB17811800.817811793.8
Soul Releaser Earthrager Ptah - HoO1669.81669.81555.11581.2
Very Manly Staff Crucible of Carnage16201638.316201620
Staff of Siphoned Essences Erudax - GB1576.61594.11576.61587.9

The nail in the two handed coffin is that there are really no good two handed options. There are a couple of 359 epic staffs, but I'm not sure if the heroic option even exists. If a staff is a clear upgrade then use it, but remember it has to be an overwhelming improvement to make up for the 40 Int enchant you lose on the off hand. In short, avoid staves.


NameLocationNaturalReforgeNatural No HitReforge No Hit
Relic of Eonar 700 VP213.5220.4167.1181.9
Relic of Norgannon 700 VP205215.2205207.5
Captured Lightning (H) Asaad - H:VP206.1206.1171.3179.1
Book of Dark Prophecies (H) Azil - H:SC193.2199.3152.6165.8
Book of the Well Sung Song (H) VanCleef - H:DM185.8194.9185.8188
Tattooed Eyeball BoE Crafted180.4190.6180.4182.9

This choice really comes down to spirit or no spirit. Once you make that choice which one you want is obvious. The only other comment I would make is that even though the Tattooed Eyeball is listed last it's not that much worse then the other options. Given that it is easy to obtain it is a very attractive option.

Once again, as you can see there are a lot of links and values in this post. It is quite possible that some of them are incorrect. If you find an incorrect link or a valuation just doesn't look right, please let me know so that I can correct it.

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