Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another Good Tuesday

We did 4 SSC bosses in one night again and I was able to attend this time. Things went well overall. We downed Lurker on the first attempt, and all the other bosses went down in two attempts. We had hoped to get Leo down also, but given our raid times that is a bit of a challenge. We would have to be really focus and move from boss to boss very quickly, and we would have to one shot almost all of the bosses. Some of the fights were a little sloppy but we worked through them.

The great news of the night for me was I got my T5 legs,
[Nordrassil Wrath-Kilt]. I also completed the Nightbane summoning quest recently and had the 6 damage and 6 Stam gem to put in them. Using these legs right now will lower my damage a little but, but I gain a lot of Mp5. Plus, the extra crit instead of hit will be nice once I can get the one or two of the drops that will hit cap me. Most importantly this brings me one piece closer to the amazing 4 piece set bonus that increases Starfire damage by 10 when MF or IS is on the mob. I did get the two piece set bonus with item but it reduces the cost of Regrowth when you shift out of Moonkin form. Since I don't use regrowth or heal often this bonus sucks.

I have also been picking up a lot of Feral and Resto gear lately. Here are some of the things I have gotten.
[Boots of Effortless Striking] - Lurker in SSC
[Helm of Natural Regeneration] - Dragonhawk in ZA (Damn thing has dropped 3 times)
[Girdle of Treachery] - Chess in Kara
[Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch] - Moroes in Kara
[Shining Chain of the Afterworld] - Netherspite in Kara

I really need to put together a list of all my Feral and Resto gear. So that I know what the holes are and I need to figure out which are the best pieces.

Feedback Followup: In my last post I didn't finish explaining the 5 specific abilities that need attention. So here it is from most important to least important.
  • Melee for Mana: I will admit there are select times that his ability has been useful. The only times I can remember using it are for Tidewalker and Fathom-Lord. However, for the most raid situations it is useless. Most bosses have AoE or Cleave attacks that make meleeing risky plus it dramatically reduces your DPS. I would love to see this mechanic replaced by something like Improved Leader of the Pack where the moonkin and his party members either receive mana or save mana on their next spell when they crit. I think this would help with our mana issues and increase our raid utility.
  • Indoor CC: Not having this really limits our desirability when running instances. Lets face it. There are a lot of bad players out there that rely heavily on CC to get them through instances. You don't know how many times I have tried to get into a pug only to be told that they need a mage for CC. I agree that no healer should have a strong viable CC, but if you made it an upgrade deep in the balance tree I don't think it would be an issue.
  • Improved Fairie Fire: Don't get me wrong, I really like this talent and think it is highly underrated by most moonkin. However, its not really a moonkin talent and loses its value in the higher levels of raiding. Though I would hate for moonkin to lose any of their raid viability, I would suggest moving this to the feral tree or changing it in some way to buff Caster DPS also.
  • Subtlety: I would love to have more points in this talent. I don't have large issues with threat but any kind of reduction is a good reduction. Its problem though is its place in the talent tree. It max it out moonkin are basically forced to spend 18 points in the resto tree. Also, moonkin are forced to waste points in talents that are of little benefit to us or the raid as it is. In my opinion there are two ways to fix it. Either move the talent to the second tier of the resto tree or split it in to two talents and put the damage treat reduction in tier 2 of the Balance tree. Either of these solutions would reduce the number of wasted talent points and give us much needed threat reduction.
  • Force of Nature: I like my trents, but these guys are idiots. If you miss place the summon then they don't attack the mob and run back to you. They can also attack targets other than the one you intended. Having some sort of pet bar would be nice.
  • This wasn't in my Blizzard post, but I also think that Druids need an out of combat rez. Druids in the Tree of Life form should be able to cast Healing Touch. And for gods sake, fix the kitty ranged bug.

Well that's it. There isn't anything else to report toon wise that hasn't already been said.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog (via Yet Another Warlock Nerf), and just wanted to say I like it. It's good to read about a moonkin from a level beyond what I've done raiding wise.

Cdin said...

Cool. Thanks for checking my blog out.

SportChick said...

Hi there! I found your blog recently and have been enjoying the read. I've got a level 70 rogue (main) and resto druid - I leveled 'em both to 70 within a couple of weeks of one another. Keep up the good work!


Mobus said...

Hah, this was fun reading this at 3.2, as most of the suggestions you made in this post actually became part of the game, i.e. pet bar for Trees, Mana on Crit, threat reduction getting split between the trees, etc. Nice call there graylo!