Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dragging Along

I just took a look back to see when I made that the 1% post. It was Nov 13th and we still haven't gotten Leo down. It is a little understandable given the holiday, but frustrating none the less. The worst part is that its not because we can't master the fight, because I know we can. The problem is lack of attempts. It seems like we are falling back into our old habits of focusing on old content. We consistantly go after the other four bosses before we attempt Leo. This wouldn't be so bad if we had everything else on easy mode, but we don't. Every week we end up spending 3 or 4 days on the bosses we have already downed and don't get to Leo or only get a few attempts on him. I am not sure how we will get to do Vashj since she requires killing all 5 bosses and we can't seem to do more than 2 a night.

My frustration with the guild is also heightened by fact that I was passed over for some loot this week. The [Cord of Screaming Terrors] dropped this week but it was given to a relativly new warlock without a roll. The reason I was given was "he has come to every raid for two weeks and has a shit belt." I do not deny that he deserved a shot at the belt, but think I and several other people should have been given a shot also. I may not have been to as many raids recently but I usually make at least 3 out of 4 raids a week, my belt was only a little better than his, and he was a fairly new member being in the guild less than a month. Again, I am not saying that I should have gotten it or he shouldn't have. I just wanted a roll.

Toon Update:
Graylo - I have been getting in a couple of heroics a week with Graylo and was able to pick up one of the new badge rewards. I got the [Armwraps of the Kaldorei Protector]. The are a definate improvement over my old bracers [Bracers of the White Stag]. I basically gave up 3 or 4 Mp5 for about 25 damage. Not a bad trade in my opinion.
Graypal - I finally got him to 60. He is about half way through it right now and his progress is a little bet better now. However, I really have to watch getting ambushed my extra mobs. Its hard to go back to the idea that I have aggro range is so big now especially when fighting mobs 2 or 3 levels above me. I also got his Enchanting up to 300 but I still have a little ways go to on his tailoring.
Grayfel - I have talked about this for a couple of posts and I finally did it for good or for bad. He is a gnome as I had planned and I have gotten him to lvl 10. So far my experiance has been good. I like having the pet help me with damage but I am really looking forward to getting the void reaver to tank for me. I also still plan on taking up Jewelcrafting but I didn't realize before that I would have to go all the way to Exodar to pick it up.

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