Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving.

It has been a slow week due to the holiday and all. So, there isn't much to report.

I had high hopes for Monday. All of SSC was cleared except for Leo and Vashj, and most of the guild thought that we could get Leo down and hopefully get a couple of attempts in on Vashj. Unforunately it was not ment to be. Our warlock tank, who has all the fire resist gear was sick and couldn't log in to work on Leo. I wasn't sure if we were going to do anything because we didn't have very high attendence online, due to the holiday being so close. However, we were able to get 25 online and we ended up heading to VR. We hadn't done VR in months so it took a little bit of work but we ended up downing him. We also decided to get a couple of attempts in on Astromancer, but didn't have enough time to work out the kinks.

I don't know what happend the rest of the week because I was out of town, but I doubt anything big. We as a guild did clear ZA but I was not involved. All in all a pretty slow week.

Toon Update:
Not much to say. Graylo is pretty much the same as he always has been. No new gear, no new recipies. Graypal is about halfway to 60. I am trying to grind him there but it is boring as hell. I thought my interest in him would pick up when I hit Outland but it really hasn't. He feels really fragile right now. I realize that I am running a level 59 toon through level 60-62 content, but that doesn't mean that it is fun. Hopefully, it will pick up after he gets geared up a little bit. I am also really itching to start that Warlock I talked about earlier.

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