Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rough couple of days.

Thursday and Monday were fairly rough raiding days. As I said in my last post, we had some trouble with Fathom-Lord on Wednesday after we did Hydross. It didn't upset me much then because it was still a little new for some people and the fight does take some coordination. Our attempts on Thursday and Monday did upset me however.

On Thursday we spent 3 hours wiping on him where our best attempt got all 3 adds down but didn't have much dps left for Fathom-Lord. Sad part is that was the only attempt where we got all the adds down. On Monday we did get him down but we wiped for a couple of hours before had. I don't like to call people out (not that anyone reads this blog), but it seems like the main issue was with our healers. A majority of our wipes were caused by losing one of our tanks early or losing a lot of people when switching from the Hunter add to the priest add. The healers would clump together and all get hit by the tornado. Then they would not be able to heal because they were up in the air. Then in transition they wouldn't know who to heal. Plus, some of the healers would stand in range of the Fathom-Lord Spitfire totem and get killed.

Finally after a little yelling from the guild leadership people figured out that this fight requires a little mobility and a little attention to your situation. All of our issues made me wonder if our first kill was a bit of fluke and that we really didn't know the fight yet. Hopefully our troubles this week have helped some of the lessons sink in and that we don't have a whole lot of trouble next week.

Needless to say we didn't get any attempts in on Al'ar or Leo this week.

[Leggings of the Vanquished Hero] x 2
[Frayed Tether of the Drowned]
[Pattern: Boots of the Long Road]

Toon Update:
Graylo - A couple of cool things have happened since my last post. First, he discovered how to make the [Flask of Fortification]. Obviously, I have no plans for making this for my self since I don't have any tanks but it means that I have only one flask left to discover. Second, Graylo joined a 5v5 team. I think I am much more suited for 5v5 then I am for the other arena combinations. I find that I am not the main target right of the bat and I can put out a lot of DPS before they discover that I am killing them. Not to mention that the number of points you get is a lot better for 5v5. Maybe I will be able to get up to 3000 points before season 3 starts and I will able to get a couple of pieces of Merciless gear at the cheaper prices.
Graypal - I spent a lot of time on Graypal this weekend and he still has a ton of rested XP. I started only 2 bars from 55. When I dinged I saw that I had a whole level of rested xp which wasn't that surprising. However when I dinged 56 I still had over half a level of rested xp. In the end I got him about half way through 56 and I still have 7 or 8 bars of rested XP. I also did quite a bit to level his Enchanting and Tailoring. I got both up to 275. I've also decided that as soon as I hit 58 I am empting my quest log and heading to HFP. It might be a little ruff to start but I just don't think I can wait. There really isn't a reason to not go to Outland anymore. The gear from Pre-BC quests sucks, with the reduction to the Heroic requirements I don't need to save the Quest rep, and the XP is so much better in outland. Plus, with all the rested XP that Graypal builds up I will still probably hit 70 fairly early with a lot of quests left to earn gold.


Horns said...

You might want to add Wowhead item tooltips so we don't have to leave your site ;)
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Cdin said...

Thanks for the tip. As you can probably tell from my format I am not very Blog savvy so I am have a little trouble getting it to work.