Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1% OMG!!!!!!

We had a pretty good week despite some issues early. On Tuesday we started with Hydross and had a lot more trouble then we should have. I wasn't in the raid but apparently it took them 3 hours to down him. Luckily they bounced back that same night and two shotted Lurker. On Wednesday we did Tidewalker without a lot of trouble. I think it was a 3 or 4 shot. We didn't have enough tanks to try Fathom-Lord so we headed over to get some attempts in on Leo. Thursday I wasn't in the raid but they downed Fathom-Lord and then tried Leo getting him down to 37%. Monday, we only focused on Leo and got him down to 1%.

Here is a little background. WA is not one of those guilds that has a core 25-30 people that show up to every raid. For us it is more like 35-40 people that show up to 75% of the raids. As a result even though we tried this fight 3 different nights we still had people learning the fight for the first time on the third night. With this in mind, even though a 1% wipe sucks, I am happy with the effort. The main issue we seem to be having so far is how DPS deals with the whirlwind and how they deal with the threat dumps. The tanks could have done a little better with picking him up after the threat dumbs but that is understandably hard after he starts running around because they are have dots on him or start dpsing to soon. We just need to be able to stay alive a little longer and we will have him down.

Loot: I was only present for the Tidewalker downing and I can't remember what the drops were. Needless to say none of them were for me. Fathom-Lord dropped 2 pieces of the WPD token which makes me happy even though I wasn't there. Even if I was there I probably wouldn't have gotten them since both went to tanks. At least it means less competition for the next time it drops.

Patch 2.3: The day has finally arrived. Nothing really huge for me as a moonkin, but still has some nice things. It doesn't really change much for me since I don't have enough badges to get any of the gear I want. I have 23 which is enough for the relic but I'm not sure if I want it. I may just save up to get the belt, boots or bracers. Anyway, I will do a more in depth post after I see the official patch notes.

Toon Update:
Graylo - Did some Heroic over the weekend and finally got the [Blackened Urn] to summon Nightbane. I will also get a great gem the next time I kill him. Other than that, not much happened.
Graypal - I got him up to just over 59, and he is now in Outland. As I said I would I took him to Outland at 58. It was a little strange but wasn't hard to do the quests. I am so used to Graylo being able to destroy mobs even ones that are a level or two higher then him with no problem. Graypal has made me go back and force myself to be careful. Plus, a level 58 mob in Outland is not the same as a level 58 mob in Azeroth. So it was a little strange to have to worry about patroling mobs again. Anyway, I went from 58 to 59 questing in HFC. I kind of wanted to get him to 60 before the patch as a matter of pride for having leveled two toons before the leveling nerf, but I guess this is close enough. I went 99% of the way. I think I am also planning on getting a lot of rested xp and grinding to level 60. I have found a couple of quests in my guide that I can't accept until I'm sixty and I really don't want to to them out of order. With rested xp and the leveling nerf I should only have to kill150 or so mobs.

Anyway, that is it for now. If you read my blog please post a comment. I just like to know if anyone sees it.

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