Friday, February 1, 2008

Still Adrift

I think my days at WA are done. I know that it has only been two weeks but I don't many see signs of it coming together. First off, some of the key people didn't come back from Musa. Second, the new GM isn't showing the type of dedication that I think is needed to rebuild the guild. Some of the other officers are doing a lot of work and trying really hard but the results just aren't there. Finally, recruitment isn't going all that well. I didn't expect to pick up 20 raid ready recruits but I expected their to be interest and atleast a lot of people that we could gear, but it is going much slower than I expected.
To be fair, I haven't been all that available lately also. I have had family in town, and my wife as been extra busy. So, I have been responsible for the kid more often then usual. However, I have been checking in to see how things are going and it doesn't appear well.

So that brings up the question of what do I do now. My first choice would be to join Legacy on my server. Assuming that I was invited and got into raids this would be a near perfict solution for me. They have been making a lot of progress lately and have cleared both SSC and TK. They have a later raid time to make my home life a little easier, and they are moonkin friendly. The down side is I know they are moonkin friendly because they already have a moonkin. Two of them infact but one appears to be an alt. I doubt I will get, but you never know. Maybe the other moonkin aren't all that active, or they might be interested in running two moonkin.

There are a few other guilds that might be interested in me that have acceptable raid times or progression but none of them look like great options. If nothing else works out I will probably go back to Musa. They are making a little progress, and maybe they can get into BT after some of their people get more experiance.

Toon Update:
Graylo - If he isn't raiding there isn't a whole lot he can do to upgrade his gear. I haven't even gotten him into Kara this week because of family obligations. He has been very active though. Over the past weekend he was a farming machine. I want to build Frozenshadoweave set for Graypal which requires a lot of primals. So I farmed up the necessary 13 primal fires and 13 primal shadows. Due to my Alchemy I have all of the requred primal water, so all I need now is a few more pieces if Imbued Netherweave and some people willing to make the Shadoweave cloth while mine is on cooldown. I also plan on having the Spellstrike set made for Graypal which means Graylo will need to farm another 20 primal Fire and 9 primal mana. Fun Fun Fun.
Graypal - He is now level 69, and he has rested XP the rest of the way up. I hope to get him into a lot of instances over the weekend since I would like to save the quests for earning money to get the epic flying mount. I also need to run SL, and SV for the key fragments. I will have to run arc also but that will obviously have to wait until I get a flying mount. Luckily I have some friends that say they will help me with those things. Hopefully he will be level 70 and keyed for Kara by the end of the weekend.
Grayfel - Now he is just waiting. All of my focus has been on Graypal lately. I am sure I will go back to him eventually.
Graytom - Got him a couple of levels this week when I didn't want to be bothered by guild stuff, but he still very low.

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