Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quick Update

My RL has been a bit hectic lately so I haven't had a whole lot of time to update my blog, but I did want to post a quick update before I too much time goes by.

Guild Update:
I have gone back to WA, but to be completely honest my thoughts on the subject have been jumping all over the place. I am not sure where I really want to be. I guess I should go over the options again.

1. Stick with WA - I think I have to give WA a shot, but I'm not sure how long I will stick around. If I don't see progress I might leave pretty quickly.
- I know the people and won't have to prove myself.
- Will give me a chance to raid Graypal when I get him up.

- Leadership. It is more stable right now but it isn't solid.
- Membership. A lot of the old WA people left were not that active. They need to increase their play or we need to recruit a lot to get back to 25 raiding.

- Raid level, even with a lot of recruitment it will take while to get back to SSC. I am not sure I want to wait that long.

2. Go to a new Guild - I left Musa in such a way that I am sure I can go back if WA doesn't work out. I wasn't really happy with their style or raid times, but they are raiding content close to what WA was.
- A high level of raiding with a hope to see new content.

- Depending on the guild I could be rejoining old friends.
- Depending on the guild I could be leaving most of the bitterness of the split behind.

- Not a whole lot of options. Not many guilds are looking for a moonkin.
- Would start at the bottom of the totem pole and won't get a lot of loot.
- May not be stepping into a better situation.

3. Transfer Servers - The server I have been looking at is the Dragonblight server. It is a pacific server so the raid times might be good for me and it has a lot of very progressed guilds. If anyone has experiance with transfering servers or has any suggestions as to which servers I should look at let me know in the comments.
- Potential for a high level of raiding with the hope to see new content.
- Its possible to have a lot more options than my current server.

- This could just be a grass is greener situation and I would be suck in a strange server with no friends for 3 months.

Toon Update:

Graylo - He ran TK with Musa a few times but didn't down any bosses other than VR. We did get Al'ar down to 15% or so in the second phase but to many people keep dying early. He also ran Kara with a pug of old WA members and some random people. We didn't do to bad. I got the 8 badges I need to get [Starfire Waistband]. I also picked up a two great healing items for my resto set. They are [Light's Justice] and [Signet of Unshakable Faith]. Other than that he did a lot of farming. I am trying to get all the primals togeather that I will need to build The Frozenshadow Weave set and Spell Strike set for Graypal when he hits 70.
Graypal - He is how up to 68. He is so close to 70 that I can taste it. The odd part of this is I spent most of the MLK holiday leveling him and I still have almost a full level of rested exp left. Anyway, as I mentioned with Graylo I am trying to put the mats togeather to make the two tailoring sets a that are good for him.
Grayfel - Just gathering rested XP.
Graytom - I started a shaman this past week also. He isn't a serious effort right now but he may become one depending on what all happens. I build him mainly as a way to do something without having to be bothered by all the guild drama.

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