Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hydross Down Again

I was on vacation most of the time since my last post, so I have had to play a bit of catch up. It didn't sound like the guild did much while I as gone. It sounds like they worked on a few bosses but didn't down any of them. I think this is due to how we have been going at raiding lately. We have been trying a lot of different bosses without downing them. As I said, I was gone so I don't know the reason for the jumping around, but in my mind we should focus on one boss at least for a couple of days. If you don't have the right raid make up for a fight that is understandable, but changing just for change doesn't make sense.

Things have gone well since I got back. Last night we went to SSC, and three or four shotted Lurker. All of the attempts went pretty well but we had an issue with healing range. We have started to use new positioning and the MT was getting out of range of the healers. After we repositioned the healers a little bit we downed him. Oddly enough [Cord of Screaming Terrors] dropped again. The Cord is better than what I am currently using ([Starfire Waistband]) if I needed the hit. However, since I have been running with an Elemental Shaman a lot lately I am actually trying to get rid of hit. Plus, so many of our new casters need the gear, I would have a hard time rolling even if it was a pure upgrade.

I know that I shouldn't really care, but I now know what it feels like to want an item really badly and then have it drop a lot when you don't really need it. Its not that big of deal but it is a little frustrating. Why couldn't it drop more 3 months ago.

The highlight of last night was Hydross. We downed him on the first attempt of the night, and this was the first time WA has downed him since the split. This wasn't our first attempt on him, they did try him while I was on vacation, but I was still impressed. It did help that the two tanks were old WA people that had downed him before, but all the new DPS and healers did a good job not pulling aggro during the transition and the new pally tank did very well with the adds. All in all a great night for WA.

On a side note, it sounds like the pace at which Avarice is raid is starting to take its toll. Last night after the raid we had two old WA members come back from Avarice. Not everyone is willing to welcome them back with open arms , but they are both good friends of mine and play a class that we desperately need. So, I am excited to have them back.

Patch update:

- [Sorcerer's Alchemist Stone] - They changed the stats and the Mats for this stone and I am very pleased. Finally there is a good reason to have Alchemy on my main. Changing the stats from 54 Spell hit to 63 Spell Damage makes this one of the top 3 caster trinkets in game in my opinion. [Hex Shrunken Head] is still the best trinket in the game in my opinion and [The Skull of Gul'dan] is awesome if you need hit. However, no other trinket tops it from a damage standpoint and it also provides a ton of extra mana. Reducing the mats on it is nice but not really huge in my opinion. I always thought that a great trinket should be expensive but if they want to reduce the number of primals needed I'm not going to argue.

They also changed the melee DPS trinket to provide Attack Power instead fo Crit, but they did nothing to the tanking trinket. The healing trinket was already awesome so no change was needed.

It is becoming a little clear to me that these stones are going to favor Casters, and I'm not sure what Blizzard can do about it. The thing that makes the Alchemist stones unique is the increased benefit from mana and health pots and melee just isn't going to get a huge benefit from that. Health pot usage is as needed and most melee I know use heroic or haste pots to improve their performance. Most casters on the other hand chug mana pots on cooldown. Some have suggested that the pot buff should affect all pots, but that has to be difficult to program. This just goes to show how hard it is to make these professions good for everyone.

- Regrowth: The mana cost of this spell has been reduced by approximately 20%. - It looks like they are trying to make up for the nerf to Lifebloom. I don't know if this change will make it a go to spell for resto druids, but it is a good change for me. Regrowth has become my main self healing spell since I got the t5 set bonus and this only makes it better.

- Swipe: This ability will no longer strike any secondary targets which are under the effect of crowd-control spells that break on taking damage. i.e. Polymorph, Sap, etc. - Nice change, makes feral tanking a lot easier in 5 man instances and during trash in raids.

- The daily quest Escape from Skettis has had its reward tuned down. - It sucks but not all that shocking. The hardest part about this quest is getting it to spawn. It is easy when I do it by my self, but most of the time there are at least 2 or 3 people waiting for it. Doing it in a group makes it ridiculously easy. It sucks that they are limiting its profitability with all the new dailies coming out its not that big of a deal.

- [Brilliant Glass] - This is a great idea. It makes all those green gems valuable again. I now have a reason to stop passing on all of those green gems that drop. Now if I can just get Grayfel high enough so that I can start making my own gems that would be great.

- Epic gems purchasable with Badges of Justice - Another good addition. All of the hardcore raiders are rolling their eyes at this, but its nice for most of the WoW community. It gives PvPers a good way to get the best gems without spending tones of money. It gives people that don't need badge gear a place to use their badges. I know a couple of people with over 200 and nothing to use them on. It also reduces the competition for gems that will drop of Mag and other bosses. It is helpful all the way around but now I need to farm even more badges.

Toon Update:
There is nothing to say here since I was on vacation most of the time since my last update.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your guild is back on track. I read previously that you were lacking a GM, did anyone stand up to take the job? Great blog btw, really fun read!

Cdin said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. The guild isn't back up to where it was, but things do seem to be coming together. We still have a few holes in our roster, and a lot of people could still use a gear. However, we are downing bosses and raiding. If that continues we will be fine.

GM wise we are ok. I think I have said this before, but I will say it again. Without ever being a GM I realize that it is very hard and thankless job. I personally think it is a job that only 1 in a hundred players can do well.

Fero (our current GM) is an old guildie that became active again after the split. He has given his performance as GM an F, but I think a B is more accurate.

The areas where he is lacking can and have been covered by other officers.

The areas he has excelled though are probably the more important aspects of the job for us right now. Here are a couple of things that I think a GM needs that Fero has done well.

1. He has provided a sense of perspective to the split. Softening the hot heads and giving a little back bone to people to ready to forgive. This has allowed us to move on and accept a couple of good players back.

2. He has the personality and charisma that makes people listen to him without being a hot head. This is a very rare quality I have found and it is required of a successful GM. Without it, keeping new members is difficult and raids are less focused.

3. Finally, he has the desire to do the job. By it self this isn't enough, but if you don't have it your guild won't survive long term. GM/Officer burnout killed FoC, and was a huge factor in the fall of WA.

So, if you can't tell I am happy with his performance so far. There have been a few ruff patches and I wish he was around more, but I don't think there is a better canidate for the job.

Anonymous said...

thats great that someone stood up to take GM. my guild recently split so i was curious to how yours was doing. Wish you updated more it's very informative as well as entertaining and engaging!