Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pre-Kara Moonkin Gear Guide Part 3

Here is part three. It will focus on Waist, Legs, Boots, and rings. As always please feel free post comments and questions if you have other suggestions or ideas.

1. [Windhawk Belt] - BoP Crafted - Leatherworking - I really hate to list another BoP crafted item as the number one choice but the Windhawk set is very nice and leatherworking is a fairly common profession among druids. This is a very well rounded belt with a lot of damage. It has almost everything a moonkin could ask for. It has lightly less DPS stats than other available items but it makes up for it with a lot of mana regen.
2. [Girdle of Ruination] - BoE Crafted - Tailoring - This belt is very expensive and requires at least 26 primals and a Primal Nether to craft. However it is an awesome belt that is comparable to the DPS belts found in Kara.
3. [Moonrage Girdle] - Steamvaults - Hydromancer Thespia - There are better cloth options below but this is the best leather belt available if you are not a leatherworker. It has a good amount of damage and crit. It also has quite a bit of spirit but lacks stamina.

Honorable Mentions - [Sash of Serpentra] & [A'dal's Gift]

1. [Spellstrike Pants] - BoE Crafted - Tailoring - Like the hood it doesn't have a lot of base stats but it makes up for it with an orgy of damage stats. 46 Spell damage, 26 Spell Crit, 22 Spell Hit, and 3 sockets. If you are a tailor you also get a very nice set bonus with the hood. This is by far the best option pre-kara, and could last you quite a while.
2. [Kurenai Kilt] (H) - Rep Reward Revered - Kurenai - These legs lack base stats but they have a ton of damage and crit. By far the best leather option available even from heroics, and they are so easy to get. Just questing through Nagrand should give you 90% of the rep you will need. In my opinion there are only two reasons you shouldn't use these pants. 1. You have the Spellstrike Pants. 2. You need more base stats. If you feel you need more base stats look at the two honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions: [Trousers of Oblivion] & [Incanter's Trousers]

1. [Shattrath Jumpers] - Dungeon Quest - Into the Heart of the Labyrinth - There are n0t that many options for boots, and the two listed are almost equal. These are very easy to get and have slightly more damage if you ignore the socket bonus. That is why they are listed first.
2. [Moonstrider Boots] - Sethekk Halls - Darkweaver Syth - I nice set of boots with all around good stats. It has a little less damage that the boots above and that is why it is ranked second. However it does have more mana regen that can be very important in early raiding.

Rings: There are not a ton of good rings but you will replace your second one with the Violet Signet very quickly.
1. [Ashyen's Gift] - Exalted Rep Reward - Cenarion Expedition - This ring can be a little tough to get but is very nice if you can. It has a lot of damage, hit and stam. However, it does lack Int.
2. [Seer's Signet] - Exalted Rep Reward - Scryers - If you have access to this ring it is a bit of a no brainer. It has quite a bit of Damage, Crit, and Stam.
3. [Ryngo's Band of Ingenuity] - Arcatraz - Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates - A very nice ring with well rounded stats.
4. [Scintillating Coral Band] - Steamvault - Hydromancer Thespia - Also a nice ring with well rounded stats. It focus a little more on crit and less on damage. That is why it is listed 4th.

Patch Update:
The patch is here. I fired up the computer before going to work to see if there was extended maintenance today knowing that would be a good indication. In stead of going to the log in screen it just started downloading the patch. So, I have a busy WoW day ahead of me. I do want to go check out all of the new stuff but I also have to update addons and such. Good Luck to everyone with getting everything updated. I may make a post later about the things that are in the patch and not in the patch, but it may end up just a recap of all the things I said before.

Guild Update:
Had a good night last night. I wasn't in for the entire raid but the guild 2 shotted Kazzak which is a first for the rebuilt WA. We also one shotted both VR and Solarion. Unfortunately we didn't get to Mag this week so Graylo still doesn't have his title. However, I do think we are getting past the point where we need his gear.

Toon Update:
- Nothing new.

Graypal - Nothing new.
Grayfel - I did some quests while waiting to get into the raid and got him his fel hunter.


Niennia said...

I am eating up every piece of these gear guides you put together.

I originally had no intention of even collecting pve gear, but when it's laid out so nicely with all the new patch 2.4 additions it's hard to resist not looking into them.

Basically I want to say a big "Thank You!"

Cdin said...

NP, Thanks for reading. The fourth part should be out soon. I have been a little busy lately and haven't been able to finish it.