Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pre-Kara Moonkin Gear Guide Part 4

Here is the final part of the gear guide. Sorry that it has taken so long. I have been quite busy lately an not able to get to it. This section will deal with Trinkets and Weapons. As always if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them at the bottom.

1. [Darkmoon Card: Crusade] - Quest Reward - Darkmoon Blessings Deck - One of the best damage trinkets in the game for raiding, but it is not as good for farming or other activities with a lot of brakes. Calling this a quest reward is a little misleading. You obtain this trinket by combining the 8 cards of the Blessings Deck and turning them in at the Darkmoon Fair. It is unrealistic to try and farm all of the card yourself, so you will probably end up buying most of the cards off the AH. I was able to buy all of my cards for around 700g but that is better than anyone else I have heard. You should expect to spend something closer 1000g or more. If you are interested in buying this trinket then I suggest you watch the AH early and often. Waiting for the Fair to open is not a good idea since that is when cards will be most expensive.
2. [Sorcerer's Alchemist Stone] - BoP Crafted - Alchemy - This is the second best trinket in the game in my opinion and is listed second here because it is only available to Alchemists. It has the highest amount of static spell damage of any trinket in the game, and is the best mana regen trinket in the game. It returns the equivalent of 40 Mp5 if you pot on cooldown. The only trinket I rate higher is [Hex Shrunken Head].

3. [Scryer's Bloodgem] - Rep Reward Revered - Scryer - A great trinket if you are looking for more spell hit. It is a lot better than most of the other trinkets available.
4. [Xi'ri's Gift] - Rep Reward Revered - Sha'tar - As I have stated before spell crit is not the best stat to stack for a moonkin, but compared to most of the alternatives this is a decent trinket. However, I wouldn't expect it to last long.

Honorable Mentions: [Starkiller's Bauble] & [Glowing Crystal Insignia]

Weapons: I want to give you a quick note on weapons. You have a choice between going for a Staff or a Main Hand and an Off hand. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Staffs tend to have better base stats like Stamina and Intelligence but lower damage stats relative to a main hand and off hand. The opposite is true for a main hand and an off hand, plus there are quite a few more options for these slots. I prefer a main hand and an off hand because of the higher over all damage stats, and there are a lot more options available for this choice. However, the choice really comes down to what available option is best. If you do choose a staff, I suggest that you still look for a good off hand to put in the bank. You never know when a great main hand will drop.

1. [Sun-infused Focus Staff] - Magisters' Terrace - Kael'thas Sunstrider - This is a new item that became available in patch 2.4. This is a great staff with a lot of damage stats, base stats, and includes three sockets. This is clearly the best pre-Kara staff in the game.
2. [Warpstaff of Arcanum] - Botanica -Warp Splinter - Another great staff. It has every stat I could ever want in a weapon and a good amount of each of them.
3. [Auchenai Staff] - Rep Reward Revered - Aldor - If you are aldor this is almost a no brainer since it is so easy to get. It has every damage stat I would want and even has a little more damage than the staff in the number 2 slot. However, the lack of stamina and the fact that it is an Aldor rep reward knocked it down a slot.

Honorable Mentions: [The Bringer of Death] & [Bloodfire Greatstaff]

Main Hand:
1. [Talon of the Tempest] - BoE Raid Drop - A very nice dagger that will now be available on the AH. However, be perpared to spend thousands of gold for it.
2. [Hammer of Righteous Might] - BoE Crafted - Blacksmithing - This will be very expensive and is really more of a pally mace. However, if you can get a hold of one without to much trouble it is best weapon available without raiding. It has a little less dps than the crafted dagger below but makes up for it with Stam and Mp5. A word of caution, It will be replaced by the prince dagger or ZA mace. Consider this before spending a lot of gold.
3. [Eternium Runed Blade] - BoE Crafted - Blacksmithing - This will also be very expensive, but a very nice dagger that you can get without raiding. Just as above, this is fairly easy to replace when raiding. Consider this before spending a ton of gold.
4. [Gavel of Unearthed Secrets] - Rep Reward Exalted - Lower City - Lower City rep is a pain to grind. None of my toons are exalted and I don't plan on working at it since I am no where close to it. However, If you can get to exalted this is a very nice mace and is cheap relative to the other options above.

Honorable Mentions: [Seeker's Gavel] & [Runesong Dagger]

Off Hands:
1. [Lamp of Peaceful Radiance] - Arcatraz - Harbinger Skyriss - A great all around off hand that has every stat you will want. It is by far the best choice available. Other items have more of individual stats but none of them are as well rounded.
2. [Star-Heart Lamp] - Black Morass - Temporus - A nice off had with a good amount of damage and hit on it. The base stats are fairly good also.
3. [Crystal Orb of Enlightenment] - Rep Reward Exalted - Ogri'la - The best thing about this off hand is that you can farm it solo. It will take a long time but it is possible. Stat wise it is very nice but don't expect to hold on to it long if you raid.

Well there it is. I plan on going back through it all and reorganizing it, but this is a good indication of the things you should look for. I will warn against trying to get the number one item on every list. Look to see what is best for you with the current gear you have.

Patch Update:
Well, the patch hit last Tuesday and it has been fast and furious ever since. I plan on doing a post about the final patch as a whole if I get around to it before the patch gets to old. There are also several little things that didn't make that the patch notes that I wouldn't mind talking about.

Guild Update:
The guild is doing pretty well. It has been very busy since the patch came out so I have a hard time remembering when everything happened. My raid time has also been a little limited lately so I am not a 100% on what has happened. Tuesday night we did Lurker and Leo with out much trouble. We had a little time left after that so we decided to go check out the new Mag. They really nerfed the heck out of it. On Wednesday, we did Tidewalker and then took down Fathomlord on the first real attempt with the new WA. Thursday, the guild worked on a much harder VR. I wasn't in the raid but apparently it is much harder due changes in the combat log and how the raid warning addons work. They didn't have a good pally to tank the Solarion adds so they decided to go take a look at Black Temple. They mainly played with the trash, but did get two attempts on the first boss. I didn't raid last night either so I don't know what was accomplished then but I do know that they were going to Solarion. Hopefully they got some attempts on Al'ar also.

With the FLK kill the new WA officially matched and passed all of the old WA's progression. This is not bad considering it has only been a couple of months. Over all I think we are still a little behind the old WA. A couple of our members still need quite a bit of gear upgrades, but I think the people are just as good if not better. Hopefully we will be working on Vashj soon.

Toon Update:
Graylo - I finally have something to say. First, Graylo finally got his Champions of the Naaru title when we killed Mag this week. Its not that big of a deal but it is important to me. Second, I got the T5 gloves of of Leo. His give me 3/5 T5. One more piece and I get an amazing 4 piece set bonus that will increase my dps by 8% to 10%. This also changes how I will spend my badges. I am up to 181 and need about 210 when the SSO badge vendor finally become available. Finally, I have been working on his SSO rep. I am trying to do all of the daily quests every day and running MgT as much as I can. However, I have been pretty busy and haven't been able to play that much so my progress is a little slow. I am currently about 2000 into Honored.

Graypal - Not a whole lot has happened here. I have done a few dailies with him to get rep but Graylo has been my focus.

Grayfel - Nothing since the last update. He is building a lot of rested XP and I will have to try and burn some of it soon.


Ursine said...

Graypal, thank you for these lists. I have been scanning your blog since the first of the pre-kara gear lists came out and it has been invaluable in helping me plan out taking my moonkin from 60-70.

Monory said...

Hi, as I mentioned in part 3, I am 63 and need to choose from Aldor and scryer, in your blog you talked about staff from Aldor, and the trinket from Scryer also I heard that Aldor has the better shoulder enchant. can you help me choose?

Kyanr said...

I was just wondering why you did not include the new honor gear from s2 in your weapons list. The staff has very good stats for pvp and pve, with spell hit, crit and dmg, not to mention high stam/int values. Also because pvp gear does not really require anything besides a little time in BGs they are extremely easy to get.

Cdin said...


Sorry I missed your comment before.

Choosing between Aldor and Scryers depends on a lot of things.

Gear wise it doesn't really matter, You will probably use the scryers trinket longer then the Aldor staff or chest, but you will replace both.

Enchant wise Aldor is better, but the difference isn't huge. At the Exalted level Aldor has 18 Dam 10 crit, and Scryers has 12 Dam 15 crit. 6 damage is definately better then 5 crit. However putting it in the context with the rest of your gear its like saying 800 > 797. 800 is greater but not by alot.

The final consideration with regards to Aldor vs Scryers is professions. Does one faction have a pattern you want?

From a pure DPS standpoint Aldor is better in the long run, but picking scryers won't limit you greatly.

@ Kyanr

In the begining of part one I have a little section on PvP gear.

I excluded all PvP gear because for the most part it does not have the necessary stats for raiding, and it wastes item points on stats that are useless in raid like Resil and Spell Pen.

If I was to make an exception to this rule it would be for the staves, because they include spell hit for some strange reason. At the time that I wrote the guild S2 was not available for honor, but even the S1 staff is fairly nice.

I don't really want to include PvP items in my guide, but you are correct that they are easy to obtain and have very nice stats. I will think about adding a note saying so in the guide.