Friday, April 18, 2008

Worst WoW Night Ever!!

Last night I experienced the worst night of raiding in my life. It was one of those nights where nothing went right. What made it even more disappointing was that we had been having a pretty good week but I will get to that later.

Last nights target was TK. We hadn't done any bosses in there this week and our plan was to get Al'ar, VR, Solarion, and maybe Mag if we had time. I should have known that it wasn't going to go well because there were several people willing to sit out but we had just 25 or 26 people. Ok, the night started with Al'ar. We ended up wiping on him 6 or 7 times for various reasons. Some of it was bugs. Tanks were were killed by the quill when they were clearly walking on the ground. Some of it was lack of attention. Several people were killed by the flame patch several times. The main issue though was healing in my opinion. WA tends to run raids a little light on healers because we don't have a ton. Last night I think we went with 6 maybe 7. The fight is very doable that way but it requires all of the healers to be on the top of their game. Last night we had a new healer in and from what I have heard he did not perform well.
When it became clear that we were not making progress on Al'ar we decided to head to Solarion. Since it is an easy fight we figured it would give us our confidence back. Well we wiped a couple of times on the way there due to bad pulls and it was clear that people were getting frustrated. It was clear that it was just not our night so we decided as officers that it was clearly not our night. Lets just go do Mag and call it early. Well, we wiped twice on Mag. The first time we got him to 20% or so and the tank was killed due to lack of healing. The second time someone didn't click their cube.
So the score from Thursday was Bosses 10 Raid 0. Didn't even get any trash loot. Oh well, hopefully everyone will be able to put it behind them over the weekend and we can start fresh on Monday.

As I said before, the rest of the week went pretty well. Monday we headed to Hyjal. The guild had gone once before, but didn't down any bosses. We ended up one-shotting Rage and getting the second boss down to 50%. I must say I am not a fan of how they do trash in that instance. Having to kill 8 waves before each attempt sucks.
Tuesday night was a great night in SSC. I did not attend because of family matters but the guild was able to kill all of the bosses except Vashj in one night. Old WA never did that and we raided longer back then. The nice part about this was it set up a nice long night of attempts on Vashj on Wednesday.
I have been itching to get back at Vashj for a long time. I want to see her dead and I would like to get my Hyjal and BT Attunements before we get to far in either instance. We also made decent progress last week so I figured that we had a small chance that we may kill her on Wednesday. Well, things didn't start out as well has I had hoped. First of all we had a new kiter for the stryders, and it took him a little time learn how to do it. We also had an issue with the Elementals getting through causing Melee to come off of Naga to help. Getting the shield down was also a little messy. People had a hard time killing the tainted elementals, looting the cores and throwing them to the right people. All of this really amounts to is that phase 2 is hard and we are still learning it. We did end up getting all 4 barriers down on our last attempt, but a good portion of the raid was dead, several elementals had gotten to vashj and we had a lot of adds still up. While we did not mean my high hopes for the night we did make progress. Hopefully next week we can get to phase 3 cleanly.

Toon Update:
Graylo - I was able to pick up the [Cuffs of Devastation]. This was kind of a surprise pick up for me. I haven't looked at Hyjal loot all that much and never really saw these bracers, so I had to make a quick decision and put my name out there for them. After looking at them a little more closely I realized that they were not a huge upgrade for me and I said that I would old off and pick them up later. Well, not many people raised their hand or them and I ended up getting them. DPS wise they are a slight upgrade to my old BoJ bracers, but they do provide about 4 Mp5 from spirit and have a little more stam. So they don't increase my damage but they do increase my longevity.

Graypal - Not much here. Did some dailies but that is about it.

Grayfel - I have been trying to clear out his rested XP. I am not sure how successful I have been but I don't think I am letting to much of it go to waste. I dinged 38 last night. I also sent him to Exodar to level his Jewelcrafting a little bit. I am a little behind on his professions because I am not mining enough to get the mats. I will probably end up buying some of the mats soon.

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