Monday, May 5, 2008

General Updates

It has been a while since I have written an update as to what is going on with my toons and in my guild. So, I am dedicating a whole post to it. (It could also be that I am not ready to post Spell Hit Vs Spell Damage post yet. Expect it soon)

Guild Update:
I'll talk about the good stuff first. Wandering Alliance is now 3/5 in Hyjal. The guild took down Anetheron almost two weeks ago. Unfortunately I was not present for the first kill, but I heard that things went well. He really isn't a hard fight one you get the healers positioned correctly. About a week later we took down Kaz'rogal. This fight isn't all that hard either but it its definitely a step up from Anetheron and Rage. The Kaz'rogal trash is a significantly harder. It took us a few attempts just to figure all of it out. The actual boss is a DPS race. You have to kill him before he drains all of the raids mana which happens in around 3 minutes. The first time we got to the actual boss we wiped at 2%. We would have had him down but someone let there mana get to zero and they blew up a good portion of the raid. The next few times we tried him were a little more difficult. We had a hard time getting the NPCs involved and we didn't have a shadow priest for those attempts. The last attempt that night we got him down to 1%. The next night we got him down on the first attempt.
The down side from past couple of weeks is that we have not downed Vashj. As I said before we got Vashj down to 20% but the next night we went to try her again and couldn't get out of phase 2, and we haven't tried her since. There are probably a lot of reasons for this. First we only had two tanks for the second night. This didn't seem to have a huge impact from my point of few but it did cause our feral tank to do a lot of running around. Second we only had one Melee DPS on the nagas. Again I don't see a huge problem here but others did. Third we didn't have a resto druid in the raid. I don't know if this had an impact or not but we had issues with the Kiter dying and in the past we had a druid healing him.
The bigger problem with this night of attempts is that it exposed a rift with in the guild. It's not huge but it is something that we officers have been wrestling with a little bit. The question is, how often should we try Vashj and how many attempts is to many? I am going to have a hard time presenting the two sides fairly since I am firmly on one side.
On one side, some officers and members that believe that a high number of attempts and therefore wipes on Vashj demoralizes the guild and could cause people to stop showing up of to look for other guilds. They generally want to limit our attempts on Vashj and clear more of the farm content to improve the guilds gear. With better gear the guild will be more likely to down Vashj.
I understand their point and agree with it to some extent. However, I believe that they are trying to limit our Vashj attempts way to much. I think we currently have enough gear and there is nothing that we can farm that will improve our gear enough to make this fight significantly easier. Therefore, in my opinion, the only way we can significantly improve our chances of downing her is to practice and get more attempts in.
All that being said I know both sides have the best intentions for the guild at heart. Its just really frustrating because I know we can kill her. Guilds have done it with less, and I don't want to get to far into Hyjal and BT without having downed Vashj or Kael.

Toon Update:
Graylo - As it almost always seems to be the case, I don't have much to say here. I did a lot of farming over the weekend for the primals Graypal needed for his craftable gear. I also did a BG or two but I have lost interest in PvP for the most part.

Graypal - He had a pretty good weekend. First off he got three new craftable pieces of gear. I picked up the [Spellstrike Hood], [Spellstrike Pants], and the [Belt of Blasting]. This was a lot of farming but it improved my gear significantly. I am now almost to 900 Shadow Damage. With enchants I would be well over it. The his other big event over the weekend was that I finally got a run through Normal Magistar's Terrace. (thanks to Doom, Ardin, Dimplez, and Gaylin) I am now able to run it on heroic. Hopefully I will be able to get in there quickly and get the gear Items I need quickly.
So what do I need to do now? I need to pick up a [Primal Nether] to get the [Runic Spellthread] crafted for his new pants. I also need to get my Scryer's and Sha'tar rep up so that I can get the head and shoulder enchants. Other than that it is just running kara and stuff to improve my gear.

Grayfel - I got him to level 44 over the weekend. I didn't use all of his rested XP but I used a lot of it. I also did quite a bit to level his professions. I think that I am still behind but hopefully I will be where I need to be before I get t outland. Thanks to Aradane for sending me those Moss Agate. That helped a lot.

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