Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Making Gold with First Aid

I find it absolutely amazing that this strategy still works. I have seen it posted many times on the forums, have had numerious people tell me it in game, but I guess there are quite a few people that just don't pay attention.

It is a very simple strategy. All you have to be able to do is convert [Netherweave Cloth] in to [Heavy Netherweave Bandages]. This conversion almost doubles the vendor price of the cloth from 8 silver to 15 silver per piece. Just go to the AH buy every piece of cloth for less than 15s, make it into bandages, and sell them back to a vendor for profit.

On a good day I have made 20 to 30 gold by checking the AH just once or twice. It requires that you have a First Aid skill level of 360 or higher. If you don't have First Aid, go pick it up. It is a very useful profession for everyone including healers. Most serious guilds require every member to have it maxed out. On a bad day I can usually make atleast a couple of gold.

Why it works:
The main reason is people don't pay attention. They see that they can sell the cloth for 1.60 gold per stack and assume that anything higher is good. The second reason is that cloth is very abundant right now. The new SSO dailies have people killing tons blood elves and other mobs that drop cloth, and most people that use cloth don't need much of it anymore. Therefore people don't bank the cloth anymore and try to sell it. This has really dropped the price in the market place.

Toon Update:
Graylo - Raiding as usual. This past raid week felt a little strange. Since we killed Vashj on the first night of the raid week the rest of the week lacked a sense of urgency or need for progress. I think some people desided to take a small break after downing Vashj and took a night or two off. We also had several people that had RL commitments like mothers day and finals that have pulled them away from the game for a little bit. On Wednesday we downed Leo and Tidewalker. On Thursday we downed VR after a couple of attempts and called it early. Both nights we lacked tanks and or we probably would have attempted more bosses.

Though it may sound like it, I'm not complaining. A small break is well deserved by all. Its just interesting to see how such a big kill has affected us as a guild.

Things are ramping up again though. On Monday we went to Hyjal. It was a little sloppy and ended only getting Rage and Anetheron down. Tuesday was a much better day though. We one shoted both Rage and Anetheron and two shotted Kaz. We headed to BT on Wednesday. We two shotted Naj'entus for a guild first kill. He isn't hard if you have the right group make up (i.e. Lots of Healers). We then headed to Supremus and four shotted him. He isn't that hard either, but he requires the raid to pay a little closer attention. This was the most I really expected of the night but others were a little disappointed that we didn't get to do Shade of Akama also. Apparently he is really easy. Tonight we are scheduled to go to Vashj. Hopefully we will have a good raid make up and can get some more tokens.

Lootwise Graylo has only one new thing since I last posted. I picked up [Reins of the Raven Lord] last week helping a guildie get his epic flight form. Apparently it pays to be a Druid blogger since I am the second one I have heard about in the past couple of weeks. BBB picked one up a few weeks ago helping a friend. I haven't really used the mount much yet since I am mostly in outland, It does bounce around quite violently so I couldn't ride it in real life but is nice to have something rare. Now if I can get a bear mount before Wrath comes out.

Graypal - Once again he has improved quite a bit. First off, he is now exalted with SSO and I picked up the [Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen]. A very nice neck that the DPS calculators are saying is better than the Kara neck. I ran Kara over the weekend. I didn't get the full clear because it was pretty late but I picked up [Harbinger Bands]. They are a very slight upgrade over what I had, but an upgrade none the less. The big news of the week though was that I got into a Heroic Magistar's Terrace run. The tank is a friend of mine, but was a little worried how I would do on an alt that was undergeared. Luckily they were willing to give me a shot and I think I did pretty well. I didn't kill the damage meters but I was decent and didn't make to many big mistakes. The really good news was that my efforts were rewarded with [Cudgel of Consecration]. I am very excited. This is about the best weapon I can hope for with the exception of the badge dagger, and I won't get anytime soon.

All in all, Graypal is almost as good as I can expect him to get. I still have a few upgrades to get from Kara and badges but none of them are huge. But the big upgrades are kind of out of reach. Most of them drop from ZA , TK or some other higher level raid that I have no hope of getting into on an alt. I really don't know what I am going to do with him when I get to that point.

Grayfel - I quested with him a little over the weekend but there isn't much to say here. I have been focusing a lot of my alt time on Graypal lately trying to finish the last few bits of his gear. I expect that Grayfel will be receiving a majority of my time soon.

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