Friday, June 6, 2008

Azgalor Down

WA tried Azgalor for the first time this past Monday and did surprisingly well. They ended up getting him down to 16% on the first try, but had to call the raid after that. On Tuesday night we tried to do it again. We had hoped to down the first three bosses quickly so that we could get a couple attempts on Azgalor, but luck was not with us. We had a couple of unlucky wipes due to DCs at very bad times. So we ended up only getting one attempt in on Azgalor on Tuesday. On Wednesday we came back and three shotted him. In total it took us 5 attempts to get him down which I think is pretty good.

I had heard that Azgalor was the first hard boss in Hyjal. I do agree that he is significantly harder then the first three but I expected him to be worse. As long as your raid pays attention it isn't that hard. You just have to get out of the fire. Pay attention to Doom. Healers have to worry about silence, and warlocks have to worry about soul stones. Other then that it is a DPS race. One last thing I will say about the fight. All raid members have to have 375 First Aid. Bandages are very important for this fight and can be difference between life and death.

The funny thing about all of this is we hadn't planned on starting Azgalor this soon. The plan for Monday was to do the first three in Hyjal, but they killed them fast enough that there was time left over at the end. Since it was Monday, all of the really easy kills were done and there wasn't anywhere meaningful they could go. So they decided to try Kaz. This has put the guild is in kind of a funny spot. Here we are with 4 of 5 down in Hyjal and 3 of nine down in BT. I am fairly sure we could get Gorefiend down quickly to be 4 or 9 in BT. The problem is we still haven't downed Kael. In fact we have only attempted him a couple of times well over a month ago.

We have put him off for a several of reasons. First we wanted to down Vashj. We had more experience with that fight and felt like we were close to downing her. Second, since blizzard dropped the attunements for both Hyjal and BT a lot of people wanted to get in there and check them out. Once we got in there and were getting easy loot it was very hard to convince people to go backwards. Third, we wanted to solidify our recent progress. We had only killed Vashj once and missed her the next two weeks primarily due to attendance issues. We had also only gotten Supremus and Kaz'rogal down once and didn't feel like we had the fights mastered. We wanted to make sure we had those fights down before we moved on. Lastly, we all know that Kael is a hard boss and that he is really going to test the guild mentally. Quite a few officers blame Vashj and the way we went at her for breaking up the guild the first time, and are very leery of it happening again. So they don't want to push it to hard and possibly cause another break. All of this is about to change since we have scheduled TK and Kael for 3 days next week.

I am happy that we will be starting Kael soon, but having to wait such a long time as caused me to regret that Blizzard dropped the Attunements. I see how dropping them has helped us, but it has also made wow life a little difficult. Before 2.4 we had two instances we could run. Planning a raid wasn't all that difficult. Now we have four instances to choose from and don't have enough time to do them all. This has caused us to scatter our focus all over the place and has made guild management very difficult. I'm not sure I would be happy if they replaced the attunements, but part of me would be happy to have the focus back. This should all be made irrelevant once we get Kael down. Then we can focus on T6.

Toon Update:
Graylo - As usual he is primarily raiding, but is not having a whole lot of luck. We downed Vashj last night for the third time and not a single Defender token has dropped. We have had 7 Hero tokens drop and 2 Champion tokens but no Defender. In one Vashj kill there is a 71% chance at lease one defender token will drop. In all of our 3 kills there was a 97.6% chance for a defender token to drop, but we have gotten none. That sucks. To make matters worse is that this maybe our last Vashj kill for a little while. We don't have any scheduled in the future because we are focusing most of our attention on Kael. Hopefully we will find some time to come in and get her down. I want that helm.

Graypal - Absolutely nothing. Can't even get rested XP anymore. The only goals I have for him now require me to run Kara or Heroics and I just haven't had time for those lately.

Grayfel - Nothing since my last post but he does have the advantage of gaining rested XP. He won't be progressing much though. I have a lot of family coming in town this weekend and won't be on much if at all. And I don't level on the weekdays. He probably won't see any action until next weekend.

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