Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Cornucopia of things.

Life has been a little busy lately and I just noticed that I have not updated my blog in over a week. Sorry for the long wait, here are a couple of thing that have been going on.

Guild Update:
We attempted Kael for the first time in over a month last week, but unfortunately our number of attempts was very limited due to tanking availability and some stupid wipes on the other TK bosses. The few attempts we did have didn't go quite as well has hoped but I still up beat about our prospects. It took us a little while to get through Phase one and get all of the adds positioned where we wanted them to rez, but in the end we were doing it with no problem. Our current issue is phase 2. We haven't been able to dps the weapons fast enough and get most of them down before the adds respawn.

What we were trying to do was have ranged on staff, melee on mace, then AoE the rest except for non AoE ranged going on bow. This just wasn't fast enough. We also had a problem with the bow teleporting and Multishoting the raid. After some research I think we know what our problems were. First, it seems the bow tank was sending her pet in, causing it to move around. Obviously we won't do that anymore. Second, I think we are going to work harder to get the Staff into AoE and take the bow down first. We will probably try and get a rogue or DPS warrior to lock it out of spells and then drag it into AoE. Hopefully they will be able to keep it spell locked after that. AoE will start right after the bow goes down. This should give the tanks enough time to generate threat.

Hopefully this will be enough. If anyone that has done this fight has any suggestions post them in the comments.

Blog Update:
I have added a new blog to my blog roll. Chick GM is a blog about running a guild in High end content. She has recently done a series of posts on applying and getting into a new guild. I haven't read all of her posts but I like what I have seen so far. I like it because it has some good info and has a few of those horror stories of applications and guild drama that most of us like to read.

Alpha Update:
Not a whole lot to report here. It looks like a new build has been released and made its way to the leak page. You can find it here. There are a couple of what appear to be minor changes for druids but nothing to really comment on. It does look like they have included more changes for Mage's, Rogues, and Shaman if you are interested in those classes.

My Haiku:
The blog Unbearably Hot had a contest last week for Druid/Nature themed Haiku's. Normally I don't participate in these types of things but I did this time. Here is my entry.

Playing Moonkin rocks.
Moonfire Spammer I am not.
Tempt my Wrath and die.

Its not vary naturey unless you look at it from the stand point I talked about Wrath which is a nature spell. It is definitely very druidy though. The contest ended last Friday and the results are not out yet. I will keep you posted.

Toon Update:
Graylo - Same old thing. Just raiding. Since I don't PvP there isn't much to do with him. I did get him into ZA and I finally got a chance to kill Zul'jin. We took him down in one shot. Most of our ZA runs are on the weekend and not scheduled. So I have a hard time getting in on them. Hopefully I will get in some more soon.

Graypal - Did a full clear of Kara on Friday. Also did some heroics and finally got my Sha'tar rep up to revered so that I could head enchant. Still need to run Heroic MgT to get the trinket, and need to do some arena to get some bracers once season 4 comes out. Other than that there isn't much to do.

Grayfel - This is where most of my time has gone. He is now about halfway through 57 and in Eastern Plagelands. I skipped a good portion of my guide to get there, and I am actually a little bit behind the guide. As I said before I plan to finish out the WPL and EPL sections of my guide just so that I can see the zones even if that takes me a little bit into 60. I am very motivated to play him right now, but I think a lot of that is because I want to see EPL and WPL. I wonder what will happen when I hit outland. Profession wise he is doing pretty well. His mining is up to 300 and his Jewelcrafting is up to 271. I need to get him to outland to train his mining but I kind of want to wait until I can train his Jewelcrafting also. Anyway, he is doing pretty well.

Graytom - I think I mentioned this toon a back in January. I created him as a way to escape from everything during the time after the break up. I didn't play him much then and only worked on him slightly in the months since. However, I put a little work into him this past weekend. I leveled him from 10 to 13 over the weekend. I started playing him again out of boredom, having limited time, and accomplishments are so easy at the lower levels. I would have play Grayfel some more but I had used up all of his rested XP, and he is currently in IF. Just getting to EPL would have taken a little while. Since I had limited time I didn't want to get all the way up there and not be able to do anything. So, Graytom got my attention.

If you couldn't guess I put his 4 points in Elemental. I have a goal of having a level 70 in all 5 caster dps classes but don't have a real plan to achieve this goal. The chances of me completing it before the expansion comes out is very slim. In fact I would be impressed if I had 4 70s before the expansion let alone 5. Though I have put the points in Elemental I must admit that I have been very tempted to go the enhancement route. If I get bored with elemental I may switch over.

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