Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alchemy Changes and more.

With the new Beta release there are to big changes regarding Alchemy.

Alchemical Blood: This is Awesome! I haven't seen an word on how much this will increase the affect of flasks, pots and elixirs, but it is a great change.

For a long time there was no real reason to have Alchemy on your main, but blizzard has made some changes to correct that. However, most people believe that the current benefits aren't enough. The Mad Alchemist's Potion really only benefits casual players. The new Alchemist Stones have t there ups and downs depending on your class and spec. The Tanking stone is horrible and the Melee DPS trinket leaves something to be desired from what I hear. The two caster trinkets are awesome with their spell bonuses and added mana from pots. However, there benefit will be reduced with the change I have listed below. Plus you could make an argument that there are better trinkets at the highest level of raiding making the benefit obsolete.

That isn't true with Alchemical Blood. You get the benefit from level 5 to level 80, and it isn't affected by gear upgrades. Which is the calling card of the best raiding professions. Tons of people have picked up Enchanting purely for the ring enchants. Whole guilds picked up leatherworking for the Drums. This change has the potential to move Alchemy up to those ranks.

Potion Sickness: My first reaction to this is that its bad, but to be honest it has both pluses and minuses.

* There goes a good portion of my mana regen. It is a fact of life that most moonkin will chain mana pots if they don't have an Spriest to give them mana. This makes that impossible.
* One of the best sources of income for Alchemists was making mana and health pots for raids. I personally can go through 20 on a long night and I have heard some people use as many as 40. This will cut those numbers dramatically. Therefore their value on the AH will drop quite a bit also.


* It will save time and money. I hate farming. This will reduce the amount I need to do and will save a lot of players money when they go to get their consumables.

The overall impact of this change is hard to see right now. Fact of the matter is Blizzard will not create content that is undoable. So, blizzard will have to make changes to compensate for Potion Sickness. This could mean more mana regen from talents and gear. It could mean tuning the fights so that they are less mana intensive. It could mean retuning spells so they use less mana. Who knows, but rest assured they will make up for it somehow.

Other Changes:
Improved Scorch (Mage) - More damage types added, now your Scorch spells have a 33/66/100% chance to cause your target to be vulnerable to Fire, Frost and Arcane damage, increasing damage taken by 2/4/6/6/10% and lasts 30 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. - Huge boost for moonkin. I actually missed this but thanks to Phea over at Resto4Life for pointing it out. With all of the changes that had been coming out for moonkin I started to wonder if Starfire would still be the clear favorite a raiding moonkins spell rotation. Some of the changes like the new Natures Grace were shifting the debate a little bit in Wrath's favor. This buff clearly shoves it back in Starfire's favor.

Inscription - More Glyphs: MMO Champion has listed a bunch of new Glyphs and most of them are for druid abilities. Here is the link. There is some coolstuff in there, but nothing earth shattering for Moonkin in my opinion. There seems to be quite a few typos, so I would expect this list to change quite a bit.


Anonymous said...

Which will be the most importent (old)herbs? How should I prepare best als an alchimist?

Cdin said...

Assuming that you are already a 375 Alchimist their doesn't appear to be any Pre-WotLK herbs requited for Alchemy above 375. All of the recipies currently on the WotLKwiki use new herbs found in Northrend. From an Alchemy perspective there is nothing you can do right now to prepare for WotLK.

However, if your an Herbalist also, you may want to start stocking up on both BC and Pre-BC herbs to sell when WotLK drops. There are two excellent ways to make money here.

1. Inscriptions - The inks used in this profession are created from herbs. With all of the people trying to power level this profession these items will increase in value dramatically right before the expansion is released.

2. DeathKnights - DeathKights may start at level 55, but their professions start at 0. Any of them that want to power level Alchemy or Inscriptions will need quite a few herbs. Granted some of them will also pick up herbalism, but with all of the people looking for low level herbs it will be hard enough for them just to level herbalism, and that won't be enough to level their crafting profession. My guess is most of them will end up buying quite a few herbs also.