Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kil'Jaeden = DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know it's funny. We attempted KJ on 3 different nights before Monday. The first night we consistently got him down to 40% but realized there was a problem with our positioning and where the Shields were being cast. The second night we spent another 3 hours and almost killed him. Several attempts were below 10%, the best of which was 4%. We just needed to iron out a few kinks. Our third night was just an hour this past Sunday. We didn't expect to kill him that night because we didn't have a full raid and just wanted to practice collapsing. All of this lead up to Monday night that is clearly one of my highlights now.

One Shot. One Kill. One Bow.

It just goes to show what preparation can do. A big congratulations go out to Salty who picked up [Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury].

Now, I know this kill doesn't mean as much as the kills before patch 3.0.2. I also know that we probably wouldn't be able to kill the prepatch version right now. However, it still feels good. With this kill I got the Achievement of Outland Raider, which is one of the few Achievements that means anything to me right now.

The fact that we one shotted him would be really funny if you had heard our vent comments or read our forum posts over the past week. Most everyone had committed to staying in raid until he was down. So, to be standing there at 8:30 with everyone asking what we should do now cracks me up a little.

We did end up going on on to BT and killing IC and Illidan left over from our Tuesday raid. This was particularly nice for me since I was able to pick up the [Cowl of the Illidari High Lord]. It is ugly as sin, but it is an awesome helm and I finally get to use the [Chaotic Skyfire Diamond] that has been in my bank for six months because I expected to get a helm off of Vashj.

We also, bought a Hyjal ID that had just the last to bosses on it and killed them both. All in all it was a very good night. We have just one more regular raid night before the expansion is release and we are hoping that we can go 6/6 in SWP to get one more kill on KJ. Wish us luck.

(P.S. I noobed it up and didn't get any good screenshots from the kill or the bow. These pictures were taken from our Guild Website and I assume Sevrenwinter took them. Thanks for the help.)


Skully said...


Anonymous said...

As a main hunter myself, getting ready for WotLK, that bow fills me with envy!

Did you get any sweet Moonkin gear?

StaggerLee said...

Nice one, big grats.

Uhm, am I the only one seeing the possible fun in Salty taking fishing seriously for a while and get the Achivement?

Macbook said...

Gratz on the kill :)

I'm trying to squeeze myself into another guild's SWP run before, well, midnight tonight, as I'd like to say I cleared Sunwell before WoTLK.

I want to see Sunflare drop :P

Macbook / Stormscale

Cdin said...


There hasn't been any particularly juicy moonkin gear dropping. The Cloth head did drop off of KJ, but I had no chance given my DKP level. Also, given that all Leather caster gear can be traded in for resto gear or starts out that way, I haven't gotten much of it because of my DKP level. Its not that big of a deal because most of it will hopefully be replaced soon.


I thnk he is working on getting the fishing title and It will be fun seeing a Salty Salty running around.

Dilecto said...

Yay!!! Congrats!!