Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OP Acheivements: The Last Straw

OMG Nerf the President of United States Achievement.

Its not fair that only one person gets to have it every 4 years and some people can get it twice. Not all of us have the time and money to work 16 hours a day for 22 months to get an achievement.

All Blizzard does is design content for end game raiders and the most hardcore of players that don't have real lives. Why does Blizzard habitually ignore more casual players? If blizzard doesn't remove this achievement and title or nerf it so that it is available for every one I am going to cancel my subscription and quit the game.

(Sorry, guys. I had to do it)


Spenser said...


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Hana said...

Hehehehe... :)

StaggerLee said...


The power of photoshop is endless.

Scott said...

I am totally putting that speech in a macro for my priest.

/me clears her throat.
/say "If there is anyone out there.."
/cast Hymn of Hope

Heffermoo said...

I heard that. And, after all this hoopla about "Private Servers" being shut down. There really isn't a place left for a casual WoW player. Stupid money grabbing assholes. Aren't they happy with the constant flow of already big moneys? le sigh