Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Undying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Headed into Naxx on Saturday night and look what happened..

You know. It felt good when we downed Malygos, and Sarth 2D. It even felt good when we cleared Naxx, but this is the first time I've had that awesome feeling you get when you do something special. I haven't felt this way since I downed Vashj.

Realistically it's not that hard. None of the 15 bosses put up huge road blocks and I think a lot of guilds could do all of them with out dying. The question is do you have the focus to do all 15 with out dying. One slip up and its done. You can't try it again for another week. One lag spike and it could be over. That is some major pressure especially when you get to the final boss and you have to worry about void zones, ice tombs and mana bombs.

Grats to Myraxa for organizing a great run. Grats to everyone that got the achievement with me: Tirma, Sidonie, Victus, Draxa, Sevrenwinter, Osmand, Collbey, & Chamia. Great job guys.


Ray said...

Gratz on your new title !

A perfect run must feel pretty nice indeed.

Did you do Sarth 2D on 10-man? If yes, how many tanks? Which drakes?

Anonymous said...

Hi mate,
this is my armory link:
can you tell me which items should I change?
I thought my gear was really ok, but I'm still doing only 2000 dps in 5 man and around 2500-3000 vs bosses.
My cycle is: IS-MF-Wrath until eclipse's proc - SF until ecplise's cd, SF until ecplies's cd's end.
I focus my gear on haste, should I change on crit?

Anonymous said...

Grats on title!

Cdin said...


Yes, I have done Sarth 2D on 10man. I've only done it once, but here was the group comp. Tanks: Pally on Sarth, Warrior on Drakes, DK on adds. Healers: Disc Priest, Shaman, Druid. DPS: Moonkin, Affl Lock, Hunter, Rogue.

This is not an ideal set up so don't think you need to match it. I think most group comps could do it as long as the players are competent though. Though I do think you need 3 tanks.

As far as the drakes go we leave up Tenebron and Vesperon. Tenebron is the first to land and vesperon is the last so this set up gives you the maximum time to burn down a drake before the second one adds.

We have been using a version of the Focus strategy. You can find it here:


Your gear doesn't look to bad. Your spec is a little strange. For instance Master Shapeshifter is considered a core talent and is a good DPS boost. Natures splendor is very good also. To get there I would drop Typhoon and some mana regen if possible. If not I would drop Imp IS.

Other then that look at your dot uptime. And work on maximizing your eclipse. Sorry, I can't say much more with out seeing a WWS or how you play.

darytas said...

i did exactly the same yesterday, after each wing my heart stopped for seconds i guess. man, it was so... exciting!

then... all wings down... just saph and kel... saph down... and i felt like .. man... AWSOME! the only thing that could happen now was... VOIDZONES!


It was awsome!