Monday, August 31, 2009

Update to the Gear Lists

Thank You for all the great comments and error corrections. I've think I've fixed all of the ones I've noticed and all of the ones you guys pointed out. The table is now sorted correctly and I don't think there are any Heroic versions ranked lower then the Normal versions. There are a couple of things I want to address though.

Part 1 & Part 2

  1. Two New Columns: I didn't want to do it but I felt I had to. I added two new columns. The Blue column represents the items value if your below 400 haste rating. The Green column represents the items value if your below 400 haste and minus the Hit rating.

    I did this because I didn't want people to undervalue an item because it has haste on it. Haste is still an important stat, and you need to try and get really close to 400 Haste rating.

  2. Horde Names: I originally intended to include the Horde Names in the list, but I couldn't think of a good way to do it that wouldn't grow the list dramatically. If I included them in the list as their own items it would have been confusing for some and make the list a lot longer. If I added the names to the relevant records, it grows the record quite a bit and forces the table to scroll. Ultimately I didn't like the way it looked so I scrapped it.

    I realize this is a little inconvenient for the Horde Moonkin out there and I apologize. I just think it is the best solution since most of the names are very similar between the horde and alliance items. I realize there are a few exceptions but I think we can work around it.

  3. Links: Not all of the new links work yet because the items are not in WoWhead yet. Once the rest of the ToC bosses start dying those links will start to work.

  4. Best in Slot: I did start a best in slot list. I've indicated my choices by putting an asterisk (*) next to the name. I hope to include the comments shortly.

A Look at Hard Modes

I've been thinking a lot about hard modes lately. At a macro level I love the concept. I agree that all players should be able to see the content with a reasonable amount of effort. At the same time I think there needs to be very challenging encounters that keep the more "hard core" players interested in the game. So, as a concept I love it, but there are times when the implementation has been lacking. In this post I want to talk about my two key issues with hard modes, and what I think makes a good hard mode.

(Some of this post may come off as elitist, but I don't intend it to be. I have written this post from my view point of a relatively hardcore raider. I don't think anything I am going to say is offensive, but if you take offense I apologize.)

Issue #1 - Easy Normal Mode:

To say that normal mode Trial of the Crusader has been a disappointment would be an understatement. In my opinion it is the most under tuned instance I have ever played.

Some of you may be thinking: "Wait. This is normal mode. It isn't intended to be hard." I disagree. In my opinion Normal Mode should not equal Easy Mode. Just because the Hard Mode is meant to be more challenging doesn't mean that the Normal mode shouldn't present some challenge as well.

I know some of you disagree on this point, but there has been nothing challenging about ToC. Here is what my experience has been so far: Northrend Beasts = 0ne shot, Lord Jaraxxus = one shot, Faction Champions = two shot, Twin Val'kyr = one shot. When I talk to my friends in other guilds, they say they have had a similar experience and not all of them are very progressed.

I don't think any of these fights should be guild killers on normal mode, but they should take a couple of attempts to figure out. I know one guild that hasn't had any issues with ToC but can't get Yogg Normal Mode down. If this is what the Ardent Crusade is using to test players for the assault on Icecrown Citadel then Arthis is a wimp or we are in a lot of trouble.

Issue #2 - Static Hard Modes:

In my opinion, increasing the Health and Damage on a Normal Mode does not make for good Hard Mode. Hard Modes should be different, and have more going for them than just increased stats.

Hodir is the perfect example of a bad Hard Mode in my opinion. What separates Hodir Normal from Hodir Hard? Nothing! Hard Mode brings absolutely nothing to the fight. He has all the same abilities and buffs. He has the same Health. He has the same damage out put. The only thing different is that you have to DPS a lot harder.

I'm not saying Hodir Hard Mode is a cake walk, but if you know how to do normal mode you pretty much know how to Hard Mode. Doing the Hard Mode is just doing the Normal Mode better, and that is no fun.

Another Hard Mode that I find disappointing is oddly enough Yogg. I'm not saying it is a easy fight because it's not, but compare Yogg +4 to Yogg +1. They are pretty much the same fight. You have to worry about your Sanity more, and you don't' have Hodir to save your butt if you do something stupid, but Yogg doesn't gain any abilities. There is nothing extra to the fight other then you have less health, do less damage and the tentacles have shorter cast times. If you've seen Yogg on normal mode you've pretty much seen it on hard mode to. Hard Mode is just doing Normal Mode better.

Good Hard Modes:

Good Hard Modes add something to the fight that wasn't there before. Most Hard Modes have something new in some degree. Flame Leviathan has new abilities based upon which towers you leave up. XT has the life sparks and the void zones. Iron Council has new abilities with each mob you kill, but the best of the best are Mimiron and Freya.

In my opinion these hard modes are so well designed that they almost don't resemble the Normal Mode of the fight. Having to deal with Ground Tremor, Unstable Energy and Iron Roots makes Freya so much more difficult that you can't fight the add pacts the way you did in the Normal Mode. You have to worry about getting interrupted and getting rooted near the Snaplasher.

Mimiron is a whole nother story. It is regularly regarded as the best fight in Ulduar for both hard mode and normal mode and I have to agree. What is so good about the hard mode is that it completely changes the fight. When my guild does normal mode we assign different groups to different areas. There is a lot of things to worry about, but as long as you spread out and pay attention then you don't have many issues. In Hard Mode the fires completely throw that out the window. First you have to worry about the fires completely engulfing your section and not giving you a good place to stand. Then you have to worry about the fire suppressant that can silence and kill you. While Mimiron Normal Mode gives you a little preparation for the Hard Mode version, it isn't much. That is what makes it a great hard mode.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The ToC Raiding Gear List: Part 1 (Alliance)

Update: This list has been updated to account for my revaluation of haste rating.
Update2: Made some changes to my BiS selections because Vaenor on Moonrunner pointed out a better way to pickup the Spell Hit I needed.
Update3: 10/15/09 The list has been updated for the Onyxia Loot.

Edit: This is the Alliance version of the list. If you would like the Horde version please click here.

My Gear lists are some of the most popular posts on my blog. I get very frequent requests to up date it, but real life concerns and the availablity of information often prevent me from getting it out quickly.

These posts aren't completely done because I haven't had a chance to make comments or come up with a BiS list, but I want to get it out there for you guys to start sifting through it.

Part 2 can be found here.

Special Thanks:
This updated list would not be posted as early as it is if it weren't for the help of Cowtarus on Stormscale-US. He did all of the data entry for the ToC instances saving me a lot of time and sanity. So if you appreciate the existance of this list please send him a fruit basket or something.

I should also thank Chris C. He came to me several months ago and offered to look up all of the locations for the gear on the gear list. He did quite a lot of work and sent me locations for about half the list. He said he was working on the other half but I didn't hear from him again. Since Cowtarus included locations in his list, I desided to include Chris C's as well eventhough it is incomplete. Edit: Chris C. actually sent me the rest of the locations recently, so they should all be there now.

Format Changes:
As you can tell, this list is starting to get excedingly long. My goal is to give you useful information but not to crit you with a wall of text. With that goal in mind I've made some changes and executive decisions.

  1. Purges: I dropped some items from the list. The basic goal was to drop items that were clearly healing focused and not very useful to a moonkin of that level. So I came up with some rule to try and eliminate some records. For example, if it had Mp5 I don't include it on the list because it sucks for moonkin. If Spell Power was the only DPS stat on the item I dropped it. That sort of thing.

  2. Set Bonuses: There used to be two columns on the end that tried to include the value of set bonuses. Well, I needed the space, and desided that the two extra stats didn't add much value. If you're really researching your gear you know which set bonuses are better then others.

A few comments:
  1. These rankings are purely based upon DPS. Yes, Stam and Mp5 have value, but there is no way to directly translate them into DPS. By the same token Intelligence and Spirit have both mana and DPS benefits, but only the DPS is considered.

  2. The use of this list require's some thought. It is a general ranking intended to to give you an ideal on how items realate to each other. It is up to you to manage your Hit and Haste caps. Do not take every number one item on the list. Also realize that these values are an estimate. Two items with a similar value, can be assumed to be equal.

  1. To rank these items I used the following weights Hit Rating - 1.8213, Spell Power - 1, Haste Rating - 0.8159, Crit Rating - 0.7824. These weights assume a high level of Ulduar Gear. It also assumes your are at or above the Haste Cap. If your below the haste cap, haste will be more valueable to you.

  2. I assume that all socket bonus will be met using Eqic quality gems. This is how I socket each gem: Meta = [Chaotic Skyflare Diamond], Red = [Runed Cardinal Ruby], Yellow = [Potent Ametrine], Blue = [Purified Dreadstone]. Yes, ignoring socket bonus will improve some of the items. However, the shifts would be small and it's easier manage this way.

Ranking Legend:
Black - DPS stat ranking
Red - DPS stat ranking minus Hit rating


Leggings of the Deepening Void Anubarak 25 - H504.1332.9
Malfurion's Trousers of Triumph - H 1 RotGV467.5281.7
Leggings of the Deepening Void Anubarak 25441291.7
Leggings of the Enslaved Idol Freya25 H417289.5
Malfurion's Trousers of Triumph 75 EoT + 1 ToC416.3252.4
*Legwraps of the Awakening Anubarak 25 - H409.6409.6
Leggings of the Wanton Spellcaster Malygos25372.8223.5
Malfurion's Trousers of Conquest 50 EoT372.2226.5
Overload Legwraps Iron Council25 H368.6221
Leggings of the Soothing Touch Jaraxxus 25 - H362.9362.9
Conqueror's Nightsong Trousers Freya25359.3251.8
Legwraps of the Awakening Anubarak 25358.8358.8
Valorous Nightsong Trousers Hodir10334.2235.9
Leggings of the Demonic Messenger Jaraxxus 10 - H316.7316.7
Leggings of the Soothing Touch Jaraxxus 25310.5310.5
Leggings of Atrophy Anub'Rekhan25300.5209.4
Legwraps of the Defeated Dragon Sapphiron25289.7187.7
Leggings of Profound Darkness Vezax10 H284.5284.5
Zodiac Leggings Algalon10281.1281.1
Leggings of the Snowy Bramble Champion's Cache - H270.4270.4
Wildstrider Legguards Emblem of Conquest267.7267.7
Leggings of the Demonic Messenger Jaraxxus 10265.8265.8
Legwraps of the Master Conjurer Emblem of Conquest265.6265.6
Leggings of the Lifetender Freya25262.2262.2
Leggings of Mortal Arrogance Kel'Thuzad25261.3261.3
Valorous Dreamwalker trousers Thaddius25245234.1
Legguards of the Boneyard Sapphiron25242.6242.6
Leggings of the Unstable Discharge Thorim10229.7229.7
Distorted Limbs Maexxna25221221
Heroes' Dreamwalker Trousers Thaddius10219208.1
Leggings of the Instructor Razuvious10214.4214.4
Leggings of the Haggard Apprentice Confessor's Cache 213.8213.8
Legguards of Composure Sartharion10 H211.9211.9
Leggings of the Winged Serpent Tharon'ja5 H205.3205.3
Woven Bracae Leggings Loken5 H202.5202.5
Windripper Leggings Crafted200.8200.8

You could make a very good arguement for Leggins of the Deepening Void or the Tier piece. They are both very good items, but the Leggings of the Awakening provide you with more flexiblity.


*Malfurion's Cover of Triumph - H 1 RotGV597.4426.2
Malfurion's Cover of Triumph 75 EoT + 1 ToC540.8391.5
Hood of Fiery Aftermath 75 EoT530.8396
Malfurion's Cover of Conquest 50 EoT492.3361.1
Stormrage Crown Onyxia25474.9474.9
Gaze of the Unknown Black Knight - H470.7352.3
Collar of the Wyrmhunter Razorscale25453.9361
Conqueror's Nightsong Cover Thorim25437.1327.9
Cowl of Icy Breaths Hodir10436.7312.8
Stormrage Antlers Onyxia10435.2435.2
Valorous Dreamwalker Cover Kel'Thuzad25427350.5
Helm of Abundant Growth 75 EoT421.5421.5
Stormrage Cover Onyxia25419.4419.4
Helm of the Snowy Grotto Twin Valkyrs 10 - H415.4415.4
Helm of Clouded Sight 75 EoT415.4415.4
Valorous Nightsong Cover Mimiron10414.3314.1
Crown of Luminescence Mimiron25 H400.7400.7
Stormrage Hood Onyxia10385.9385.9
Helm of the Snowy Grotto Twin Valkyrs 10382.1382.1
Headpiece of Reconciliation Sartharion25 H377.7377.7
Heroes' Dreamwalker Cover Kel'Thuzad10376.5310.9
Unwavering Stare Auriaya25373.7373.7
Cover of the Keepers Auriaya10367.1367.1
Gothik's Cowl Gothik25363.2363.2
Cowl of Vanity Grobbulus25362.7362.7
Lifespark Visage Flame Leviathan10351351
Cowl of the Absolute Auriaya25346189.4
Gaze of the Somber Keeper Confessor's Cache 330.4330.4
Cowl of Winged Fear Sapphiron10312.5312.5
Noth's Curse Noth10312.5312.5
Faerlina's madness Faerlina25279.3173.7
Cowl of the Perished Maexxna25219.1219.1

This is an easy choice since Tier pieces hold 3 of the 4 top spots in my ranking. It's a great source of hit. Plus, since the T8 helm has hit on it this is an easy way to transition to Tier 9 with out messing up your caps to much.


Mantle of Catastrophic Emanation 45 EoT333.5211.5
Shoulderpads of the Glacial Wilds Northrend Beasts 10 - H268268
*Malfurion's Mantle of Triumph - H 1 RotGV262.8262.8
Soot-Covered Mantle Ignis25248.1153.4
Shoulderpads of the Glacial Wilds Northrend Beasts 10238238
Valorous Dreamwalker Mantle Loatheb25234.6170.8
Shoulders of the Fateful Accord 45 EoT234234
Malfurion's Mantle of Triumph 45 EoT + 1 ToC234234
Pauldrons of Revered Mortality 45 EoT231.5231.5
Shoulderpads of Dormant Energies Flame Leviathan25 H228.4228.4
Amice of Inconceivable Horror Yogg-Saron10 H227.6227.6
Mantle of the Corrupted Gluth25222.4155
Mantle of Gnarled Overgrowth Eadric's Cache211.8131.7
Malfurion's Mantle of Conquest 30 EoT209.5209.5
Heroes Dreamwalker Mantle Loatheb10204.7151.9
Mantle of the Fatigued Sage Grobbulus25203.8140
Malleable Steelweave Mantle Mimiron25198.9198.9
Conqueror's Nightsong Mantle Yogg-Saron25196.8196.8
Mantle of the Eternal Sentinel Sartharion25187.8187.8
Mantle of the Unknowing Vezax25187.3187.3
Mantle of Dissemination Malygos25186.6186.6
Underworld Mantle Vezax10185.8185.8
Valorous Nightsong Mantle Thorim10183.7183.7
Spaulders of Catatonia Malygos25182.9182.9
Shoulderguards of Assimilation Mimiron10174.7174.7
Mantle of the Preserver Auriaya10174174
Iceshear Mantle Ulduar10172.6172.6
Mantle of Shattered Kinship Maexxna25167.6167.6
Mantle of Inconsolable Fear Black Knight166.2166.2
Miasma Mantle Grobbulus10146.3146.3
Spaulders of the Monstrosity Maexxna10143.9143.9

Once again it is a Tier slot and that makes the choice easy.


Skyweaver Robes Twin Valkyrs 25 - H499342.4
Vestments of the Sleepless Anubarak 10 - H454.6279.8
Skyweaver Robes Twin Valkyrs 25440.6291.2
*Malfurion's Vestments of Triumph - H 1 RotGV403.3403.3
Vestments of the Sleepless Anubarak 10395.9239.2
Flowing Vestments of Ascent Northrend Beasts 25 - H367.4367.4
Merlin's Robe Pattern from 25man365.4365.4
Vestments of the Shattered Fellowship Faction Champs 25 - H363.6363.6
Malfurion's Vestments of Triumph 75 EoT + 1 ToC358.8358.8
Raiments of the Corrupted Auriaya10351.2205.5
Gown of the Spell-Weaver Malygos10331.1199.9
Lunar Eclipse Chestguard Pattern from 25man325.8325.8
Flowing Vestments of Ascent Northrend Beasts 25322.6322.6
Royal Moonshroud Robe Pattern from 25man322.2322.2
Malfurion's Vestments of Conquest 50 EoT320.4320.4
Vestments of the Shattered Fellowship Faction Champs 25318.1318.1
Vestments of the Blind Denizen Vezax25 H309.3309.3
Heigan's Putrid Vestments Heigan25303.6214.3
Robes of the Umbral Brute Kologarn25290.8290.8
Conqueror's Nightsong Vestments Hodir25279.3279.3
Valorous Dreamwalkers Vestments Gluth25268.4268.4
Raiments of the Iron Council Iron Council25267.7267.7
Ebonweave Robe Crafted265.3141.4
Gown of Blaumeux 262.9181
Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed Iron Council25262.4262.4
Valorous Nightsong Vestments Yogg-Saron10260.6260.6
Embrace of Madness Black Knight - H258.6258.6
Vest of the Glowing Crecent XT-002 Deconstructor10255.9255.9
The Sanctum's Flowing Vestments Sartharion25 H244.8244.8
Heroes' Dreamwalker Vestments Four Horsemen10238.7238.7
Robes of Mutation Noth25232.1232.1
Vesments of the Piercing Light Vezax10231.2231.2
Digested Silken Robes Maexxna25227.7227.7
Spellweave Robe Crafted222.3222.3
Tunic of Pregudice Faerlina25221221
Fungi Stained Coverings Loatheb10205.9205.9

This is another good spot to transition to T9 from T8. There is a big stat improvement from t8 to T9 and it won't mess up your cap balancing. Plus, if you exclude Hit Rating from the valuation then the Tier 9 chest is the most highly rated.


Gloves of Looming Shadow Twin Valkyrs 10 - H332.5239.6
Pulsar Gloves Algalon10304.8202.8
Gloves of the Lifeless Touch Anubarak 25 - H303.5303.5
Gloves of Looming Shadow Twin Valkyrs 10297.4217.2
Pharos Gloves Algalon25274.1274.1
*Malfurion's Gloves of Triumph - H 1 RotGV272.1272.1
Gloves of the Lifeless Touch Anubarak 25261.7261.7
Conqueror's Nightsong Gloves Mimiron25256.5152.7
Handwraps of the Vigilent Vezax25 H247.5247.5
Malfurion's Gloves of Triumph 45 EoT + 1 ToC243243
Static Sharge Handwraps Mimiron10237.3128
Valorous Nightsong Gloves Freya10236.9142.2
Gloves of the Frozen Glade Hodir25 H224.3224.3
Malfurion's Gloves of Conquest 30 EoT218.3218.3
Gloves of Grandeur Sapphiron25214.2145
Handguards of Potent Cures Flame Leviathan10 H203203
Gloves of Dismal Fortune Eadric's Cache - H201201
Ebonweave Gloves Crafted196.9104
Handwraps of Plentiful Recovery Kologarn25188.9188.9
Constructor's Handwraps Flame Leviathan25187.6187.6
Touch of the Occult Emblem of Conquest184.7184.7
Grips of the Secret Grove Emblem of Conquest183.1183.1
Handwraps of Resonance Thorim10182182
Gloves of the Fallen Wizard Noth25178.9133.3
Valorous Dreamwalker Gloves Sartharion25177.6177.6
Gloves of the Dark Gestures Anub'Rekhan10176130.4
Gloves of the Dancing Bear Heigan25174.1174.1
Gloves of Token Respect Faerlina25164.2164.2
Spellweave Gloves Crafted162.8162.8
Heroes' Dreamwalker Gloves Sartharion10159.5159.5
Gloves of Glistening Runes Keristrasza5 H158158
Handwraps of Surrendered Hope Black Knight 157.9157.9
Contagion gloves Patchwerk10148.2148.2

I think this is the best place to break tier set. Your basically trading Spirit for Crit Rating which is a very good trade.


*Bindings of Dark Essence Twin Valkyrs 25 - H265.3187
Felspark Bindings Jaraxxus 10 - H232.5172.4
Bindings of Dark Essence Twin Valkyrs 25227.3158.1
Felspark Bindings Jaraxxus 10205.2139.7
Bracers of the Autumn Willow Jaraxxus 25 - H200.9200.9
Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers Pattern from 25man197.8197.8
Armbands of the Ashen Saint Anubarak 25 - H197.1197.1
Bracers of Unleashed Magic Kologarn25192.7127.1
Moonshadow Armguards Pattern from 25man178.2178.2
Grips of Chaos Ulduar25175.1109.5
Royal Moonshroud Bracers Pattern from 25man173.8173.8
Armbands of the Ashen Saint Anubarak 25170.3170.3
Bracers of the Autumn Willow Jaraxxus 25170.3170.3
Grasps of Reason Flame Leviathan25 H168.6168.6
Bindings of the Expansive Mind Razuvious25165.2114.2
Combustion Bracers Flame Leviathan10159.8101.6
Bindings of the Wicked Champion's Cache159.199
Unsullied Cuffs Sartharion25149149
Wraps of the Astral Traveler Emblem of Valor147.296.2
Preceptor's Bindings Heigan10146.186
Shackles of the Odalisque Razorscale25140.5140.5
Esteemed Bindings Razuvious25137.8137.8
Bracers of the Broodmother Razorscale25137.7137.7
Bands of Impurity Noth25135.3135.3
Bindings of the Depths Vezax10135135
Runetouch Handwraps Iron Council10131.9131.9
Punctilious Bindings Faerlina25126.9126.9
Swarm Bindings Anub'Rekhan25126.4126.4
Azure Cloth Bindings Cyanigosa5 H112.9112.9
Cuffs of Winged Levitation Eregos5 H112.2112.2
Plauge-Infected Bracers Mal'Ganis5 H112.1112.1

I go with the Bindings of the Dark Essence here to meet the hit cap. They area great source of hit rating in a reasonable amount. That said, you may also want to take a look at the Bejewled Wiszard's Bracers. They are an awesome set of crafted bracers that are almost perfectly itemized. On top of that your guild should have no problem with you using them since they are crafted cloth rather then dropped cloth.


*Cord of Biting Cold Faction Champs 25 - H357.3251.7
Icehowl Cinch Northrend Beasts 10 - H339.9228.8
Cord of Biting Cold Faction Champs 25317.9225
Icehowl Cinch Northrend Beasts 10297.6193.8
Cord of Pale Thorns Twin Valkyrs 25 - H273.5273.5
Sash of Ancient Power Crafted H270.8192.5
Cord of the Tenebrous Mist Northrend Beasts 25 - H269269
Belt of the Darkspeaker Vezax25254.6152.6
Cord of Pale Thorns Twin Valkyrs 25236236
Cincture of Polarity Thaddius25232.9154.6
Belt of the Winter Solstice Jaraxxus 10 - H232.3232.3
Cord of the Tenebrous Mist Northrend Beasts 25231.5231.5
Star-beaded Clutch Algalon25231.1231.1
Cinch of the Undying Anubarak 10 - H230.3230.3
Starwatcher's Binding Algalon25225.2225.2
Belt of the Churning Blaze Eadric's Cache218.1127.1
Plush Sash of Guzbah Emblem of Heroism210.8143.4
Cord of the White Dawn Crafted H209.9209.9
Belt of the Winter Solstice Jaraxxus 10205.9205.9
Cinch of the Undying Anubarak 10205.5205.5
Belt of Arctic Life Crafted H205.2205.2
Girdle of Bane Ymiron5 H198.1110.6
Leash of Heedless Magic Malygos25194.3194.3
Belt of the Crystal Tree Iron Council10 H190.1190.1
Belt of the Living Thicket Emblem of Conquest189.1189.1
Embrace of the Leviathan Flame Leviathan25186.3186.3
Flamewrought Cinch Ignis25186.2186.2
Belt of the Sleeper Ulduar25185.7185.7
Belt of the Dragon Matriarck Razorscale10173.9173.9
Shackled Cinch Gothik25169169
Conductive Cord XT-002 Deconstructor10167.3167.3
Belt of False Dignity Faerlina25163.5163.5
Belt of Potent Chanting Noth25163.5163.5
Vine Belt of the Woodland Dryad Emblem of Heroism154.1154.1
The Confessor's Binding Confessor's Cache 153.6153.6
Sash of Blood Removal Gal'darah5 H151.7151.7
Binding of the Tranquil Glade Champion's Cache151.5151.5
Sash of the Servant Anub'arak5 H147.4147.4
Sash of Mortal Desire Faerlina10147.2147.2
Agonal Sash Anub'Rekhan10144.4144.4
Girdle of Lenience Razuvious10144.2144.2
Belt of Dark Mending Ebon Blade rep H142.3142.3
Ghostflicker Waistband Kirin-Tor Rep H134.3134.3

Cord of Pale Thorns is an awesome leather belt. As such this is one of the rare times where I will tell you not to roll on cloth. The Cord of the Tenebrous Mist has almost identical stats, but it is cloth. Since both are relatively easy to get and very similar, it would be better for you to pass the cloth belt to the clothies and foster some goodwill for the future.


Footpads of the Icy Floe Anubarak 25 - H365.8256.6
Footpads of the Icy Floe Anubarak 25323215.5
Sandals of the Silver Magus Faction Champs 10 - H322.1236.5
Boots of the Mourning Widow Faction Champs 25 - H285.6285.6
*Boots of the Unrelenting Storm Northrend Beasts 25 - H275.5275.5
Sandals of the Silver Magus Faction Champs 10274.1201.3
Sandals of Rash Temperament XT-002 Deconstructor25271.2167.4
Boots of the Crackling Flame Black Knight - H247.7176.7
Boots of Fiery Resolution Flame Leviathan25 H245.6245.6
Treads of the False Oracle Yogg-Saron25 H244.7244.7
Boots of the Unrelenting Storm Northrend Beasts 25237.6237.6
Boots of the Grieving Soul Twin Valkyrs 10 - H235.4235.4
Boots of the Mourning Widow Faction Champs 25231.5231.5
Barkhide Treads Eadric's Cache - H228.2166.3
Boots of Impetuous Ideals Loatheb25223.6156.2
Starlight Treads Algalon10217.5217.5
Spellslinger's Slippers Crafted H212212
Xintor's Expeditionary Boots Emblem of Valor208.1129.8
Boots of Wintery Endurance Crafted H206.6206.6
Savior's Slippers Crafted H201.4201.4
Boots of the Grieving Soul Twin Valkyrs 10200.4200.4
Boots of the Servant Freya25200200
Footsteps of Malygos Malygos10189.1189.1
Boots of Hasty Revival XT-002 Deconstructor25188188
Sandals of the Ancient Keeper Auriaya25184.4184.4
Treads of the Dragon Council Yogg-Saron10176.6176.6
Boots of the Excaped Captive Naxx25173.1173.1
Boots of Persuasion Patchwerk25167.3167.3
Boots of Septic Wounds Patchwerk25164.4164.4
Sandals of Crimson Fury Wyrmrest Accord rep H156.1156.1
Windripper Boots Crafted148.3148.3
Sullen Cloth Boots Patchwerk10146.8146.8
Saltarello Shoes Heigan10141.9141.9

Again I pick a leather boot over a cloth boot and this time the cloth boot is actually a little better mathimatically. I do so for a couple of reasons. First the values of the two boots are so close that it is hard to say which one is actually better. They are roughly equal. Second, the leather boots are a little easier to obtain since they drop off an easier boss. Finally, this is another good opportunity to foster a little good will with the clothies at little expense to yourself.

Ok, that is all of the primary armor evaluated. My next post will be out early next week and list all of the Jewelry and weapons.

Once again, as you can see there are a lot of links and values in this post. It is quite possible that I messed some of them up. If you find an incorrect link or a valuation just doesn't look right, please let me know so that I can correct it.