Friday, August 28, 2009

The ToC Raiding Gear List: Part 2 (Alliance)

Update: I updated the list to include my new valuation of Haste Rating.
Update2: Made some changes to my BiS selections because Vaenor on Moonrunner pointed out a better way to pickup the Spell Hit I needed.
Update3: Onyxia's Loot has been added.

Here is part 2 to the gear ranking. This post focuses on the jewelry and weapons available to moonkin. Please refer to part 1 to see how the list was built.

Edit: This is the Alliance Version of the List. You can find the Horde Version here.


Cloak of Displacement Faction Champs 25 - H278.2188.9
*Jaina's Radiance Tribute Chest 25 - H260.6260.6
Cloak of Displacement Faction Champs 25244.6153.5
Bolvar's Devotion Tribute Chest 25 - H231.6231.6
Drape of Bitter Incantation Tribute Chest 10 - H230.2230.2
Drape of Mortal Downfall Iron Council25 H229154.3
Drape of the Messenger Algalon10208.4151.9
Shawl of Fervent Crusader Tribute Chest 10 - H204.7204.7
Shawl of the Refreshing Winds Northrend Beasts 25 - H201.6201.6
Kurisu's Indecision Eadric's Cache - H193.1113
Flowing Sapphiron Drape Onyxia25178.8178.8
Shawl of the Refreshing Winds Northrend Beasts 25170.3170.3
Pennant Cloak Sartharion25 H164.1164.1
Sunglimmer Cloak Algalon25 H158158
Fluttering Sapphiron Drape Onyxia10156.5156.5
Asimov's Drape Mimiron25143.6143.6
Cape of the Unworthy Wizard Kel'Thuzad25140.5140.5
Dark Shroud of the Scourge Noth10138.687.6
Sunglimmer Drape Algalon25 H138.4138.4
Drape of the Spellweaver Ulduar10138.1138.1
Shawl of Haunted Memories Yogg-Saron25137.5137.5
Deathchill Cloak Crafted135.9135.9
Shroud of Luminosity Grobbulus, Heigan, Gothik, Maexxna25135.2135.2
Disquise of the Kumiho Emblem of Valor126.4126.4
Shawl of the Old Maid Grobbulus, Heigan, Gothik, Maexxna25125.3125.3
Shroud of the Citadel Sapphiron10122.9122.9
Cloak of the Dormant Blaze Ulduar10104104

The Tribute Run Cloaks are awesome, but lets face it. They are not going to be easy to get. Blizzard hasn't been great about getting us many good cloak options in the past couple of patches, but the ones that are there are good sources of Hit. Therefore you you want to switch some stuff around this is a great place to do it.


Darkbane Pendant Twin Valkyrs 10 - H237.9161.4
Pendant of Fiery Havoc Flame Leviathan25 H237.9154.1
*Wail of the Val'kyr Twin Valkyrs 25 - H222.1222.1
Darkbane Pendant Twin Valkyrs 10208.4142.9
Wyrmrest Necklase of Power Quest - Sapph, Malygos25 199.2139.1
Pendant of the Piercing Glare Kologarn10 194.9111.1
Wail of the Val'kyr Twin Valkyrs 25189.1189.1
Pendant of Focused Energies Ulduar Zone Drop25 187.1103.3
Chain of the Ancient Wyrm Quest - Sapph, Malygos10 178.8124.1
Pendant of the Shallow Grave Thorim10 H171.9171.9
Chain of Latent Energies Naxx Zone Drop10 163.8101.9
Sapphire Amulet of Renewal Steelbreaker25 H163.3163.3
Brilliant Hailstone Amulet Confessor's Cache 162.8117.3
Watchful Eye Steelbreaker10 H156.8156.8
Circle of Arcane Streams Sartharion10 15295.5
Thunderstorm Amulate Naxx Zone Drop25 146.495.4
Unblinking Eye Iron Council25 143.7143.7
Cosmic Lights Sapphiron25 143143
Evoker's Charm 19 EoC 139.6139.6
Encircling Burnished gold Chains 25 EoH 131.586
Necklace of the Glittering Chamber Malygos10 124.6124.6
Titanium Spellshock Necklace Crafted 120.4120.4
Bone-Linked Amulet Grobbulus10 118118
Veiled Amulet of Life Gothik10 112.9112.9

There are not a lot of good necks in ToC, and that makes Wail of the Val'kyr an easier choice.


*Reign of the Unliving Anubarak 25 - H331331
Shard of the Crystal Heart 50 EoT300.867.7
*Reign of the Unliving Anubarak 25295295
Elemental Focus Stone Auriaya10 283.787
Living Flame Razorscale25 278.984
Dying Curse Various Naxx Bosses25 268.5139.2
Flare of the Heavens General Vezax25 H235.6235.6
Illustration of the Dragon Soul Sartharion25 200200
Eye of the Broodmother Razorscale10 193.1193.1
Mark of the War Prisoner Cyanigosa5 190.657.7
Scales of Fates Thorim25 183.7183.7
Pandora's Plea Mimiron25 178.2178.2
Sundial of the Exiled 40 EoH 173.1173.1
Abyssal Rune Eadric's Cache168.5168.5
Solace of the Defeated Jaraxxus 25 - H168168
Embrace of the Spider Maexxna10 164.9164.9
Talisman of Resurgence 50 EoT152.4152.4
Shiny Shard of the Flame # Onyxia25150150
Shiny Shard of the Scale # Onyxia25150150
Solace of the Defeated Jaraxxus 25150150
Talisman of Volatile Power Faction Champs 10 - H150150
Purified Shard of the Flame # Onyxia10134134
Purified Shard of the Scale # Onyxia10134134
Talisman of Volatile Power Faction Champs 10132.4132.4
Extract of Necromantic Power Sapphiron25 124.3124.3
Forethought Talisman Various Naxx Bosses25 111111
Sif's Rememberance Thorim10 H110110
Vanquished Clutches of Yogg Saron Yogg10 H106.4106.4
Je'tze's Bell World Drop 106106
The Egg of Mortal Essence 40 EoH 9898
Soul of the Dead Sapphiron25 74.374.3
Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury Reputation - Frenzyheart 57.957.9
Oracle Talisman of Ablution Reputation - Oracles 55.655.6

# The value of the Onyxia trinkets is the value of the set divided by 2. If you do not have the set, these trinkets are virtually worthless in terms of DPS. On top of that I don't have any hard numbers on the damage proc. I assumed the DoT has a 25% uptime.

As usual, I urge you to use this trinket ranking with a little bit of skepticism. Most of the new trinkets haven’t been tested to my knowledge and how their procs work is unknown. In most cases I assumed that they would work in a similar manner to the trinkets we had in the 3.0 version of WoW.

That said, when it comes to the best trinkets available the debate is very one sided. Both versions of the Reign of Unliving are clearly the best choices available. The best thing is, it looks like you can equip both of the at the same time.

Finally, I want to make one little comment about hit trinkets. I generally don’t recommend using hit trinkets after early raiding. The reason is they just have way to much hit on them. A single trinket can provide 45% of the total hit rating you need. Unfortunately that makes you very inflexible and forces you to skip some other awesome trinkets that provide a ton of Spell Power, Crit rating or Haste rating.


Firestorm Ring Jaraxxus 10 - H260158
Firestorm Ring Jaraxxus 10218.5127.4
Frozen Loop Hodir25 206122.2
Shimmering Seal Flame Leviathan10 203.1126.6
*Band of Deplorable Violence Anubarak 25 - H200.7200.7
Sinner's Confession Confessor's Cache - H194.4114.2
Ring of the Vacant Eye General Vezax25 183.4106.9
*Nebula Band Algalon10177.1177.1
Signet of the Malevolent Gothik10 176.186.8
Band of the Invoker 35 EoT170.3170.3
Polished Dragonslayer's Signet Onyxia Head165.5165.5
Band of Deplorable Violence Anubarak 25169.8169.8
Conductive Seal Mimiron25 H168168
Emerald Signet Ring Kologarn10 166104.1
Signet of Manifested Pain Kel'Thuzad25159.4159.4
Etched Signet of the Kirin Tor Vendor158.8158.8
Pyrelight Circle Ignis25 156.6156.6
Signet of Soft Lament Yogg10 H145.3145.3
Inscribed Signet of the Kirin Tor 9750 gold 141.5141.5
Glowing Ring of Reclamation Flame Leviathan25 139.4139.4
Lady Maye's Sapphire Ring Iron Council10 129.5129.5
Band of Channeled Magic 25 EoV 127.6127.6
Lost Jewel Various Naxx Bosses25 125.8125.8
Signet of the Kirin Tor 8500 gold 123.9123.9
Titanium spellshock Ring Crafted 123.4123.4
Ring of the Fated Noth10 119.1119.1
Ring of Holy cleansing Heigan10 113.7113.7
Band of Guile Mal'Ganis5 113.7113.7
Annhylde's Ring Ingvar5 112.5112.5
Timeworn Silken Band Maexxna10 112.1112.1
Signet of Hopeful Light Reputation - Argent Crusade 107.8107.8

Originally I would have equipped both versions of the Band of Deplorable Violence, but my revaluation of haste really helped the Nebula Band. You will also notice that the Emblem ring is very highly rated, but I would hold off picking it up until you have all of the tier piece you need.

Off Hand:

Symbol of Transgression Jaraxxus 25 - H275171.2
Chalice of Benedictus Twin Valkyrs 10 - H247.3168.9
Symbol of Transgression Jaraxxus 25242.9151.9
Cosmos Algalon25231.5138.6
Chalice of Benedictus Twin Valkyrs 10217.6150.2
*Chalice of Searing Light Twin Valkyrs 25 - H190.4190.4
Leviathan Fueling Manual Flame Leviathan25 182.6107.9
Surplus Limb Patchwerk25 172.3114
Chalice of Searing Light Twin Valkyrs 25168.7168.7
Ward of the Violet Citadel 25 EoH 161.792.5
Ironmender Kologarn25 137.7137.7
Watchful Eye Steelbreaker10 H137.686.6
Igniter Rod Ignis10 131.3131.3
Accursed Spine Noth25 126.2126.2
Matriarch's Spawn Maexxna25 123.3123.3
Antediluvian Cornerstone Grimoire Onyxia25117.5117.5
Handbook of Obscure Remedies 25 EoH 106.9106.9
Antique Cornerstone Grimoire Onyxia10100.8100.8

I'm back to favoring a Main Hand/Off Hand combo and the Symbol of Transgression is the best Off Hand if you can use the hit. The two Onyxia offhand are a little better then what I've listed here due to the skeleton. Unfortunately I have no way to evaluate the DPS of the Skeleton. That said, I doubt it will be good enough to make these offhands that good in terms of DPS.

Main Hand:

Blade of Terasque Northrend Beasts 25 - H878.4785.5
*Misery's End Anubarak 25 - H816.3816.3
Blade of Terasque Northrend Beasts 25774692.1
Heartcrusher Tribute Chest 10 - H745745
Blade of the Silver Disciple Faction Champs 10 - H743.5743.5
Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings Quest - Ulduar25 723.4723.4
Misery's End Anubarak 25722.6722.6
Starshard Edge Algalon or Mimiron H25 710.3639.3
Blade of the Silver Disciple Faction Champs 10661.2661.2
Aesuga, Hand of the Ardent Champion General Vezax10 643.9643.9
Soulscribe Yogg25 631.1631.1
Spectral Kris Black Knight - H568.1568.1
Haunting Call Naxx Zone Drop25 567.5485.5
Stormtip Iron Council10 556556
Plasma Foil XT-002 Deconstructor10 548.3548.3
The Soulblade Kel'Thuzad10 547.8493.1
Wraith Strike Maexxna25 537.5537.5
Hammer of the Astral Plane Kel'Thuzad10 537.2537.2
The Impossible Dream Loatheb25 522.3522.3
Ice Spire Scepter Malygos10 516516
Titansteel Spellblade Crafted 504.1449.5
Titansteel Guardian Crafted 479.7479.7
Blade of Dormant Memories Patchwerk10 476.9476.9
Dagger of Lunar purity 25 Champion's Seals 460.8460.8

Again, I am back to favoring MH/OH combos and this is the best Main hand without Hit rating

Two Handed Weapon:

Clemency Tribute Chest 25 - H956.1956.1
Enlightenment Twin Valkyrs 10 - H933.6933.6
Cold Convergence Anubarak 10 - H914.4914.4
Intensity Ignis25 865646.4
Enlightenment Twin Valkyrs 10822.3822.3
Staff of Endless Winter Hodir25 H806.7806.7
Cold Convergence Anubarak 10800.3800.3
Unraveling Reach Freya10 775567.4
Greatstaff of the Nexus Malygos10 768.4595.4
Icecore Staff Hodir10 H763.3763.3
The Lifebinder Freya25 742.3742.3
Rapture Iron Council25 720.7720.7
Devotion Yogg10 644.8644.8
Pillar of Fortitude Ulduar Zone Drop10 617.1617.1
Damnation Four Horsemen25 614614
Staff of Restraint Sartharion25 604.6604.6
Sulfur Stave Loatheb10 600.2492.7
Staff of Draconic Combat Eregos5 557.8557.8

I am back to favoring MH/OH combos but Staves are still a viable option since Blizzard now seems to be itemizing them better.

Currently the best Moonkin idol in game is the [Idol of Lunar Fury]. The others don't even come close, so buy it as soon as you can. If you can't get your hands on that one right a way the [Idol of the Shooting Star] is your best bet. It is of a higher ilevel then the [Idol of Steadfast Renewal] and you get a little more damage from using it. The last idol you will see is [Idol of Crying Wind]. It is not a good option in my opinion. The problem is that you will not be using IS enough to really make use of the idol. There may be some situations where it is better then the SF or Wrath idol but it will never beat the Idol of Lunar Fury.

I also don't recommend using any of the idols from TBC. All of the WotLK idols currently available will be purchaseable with Emblems in 3.2 and are much better then anything we found in Outland.


Pucc said...

Much love to ya Graylo! The gear listings helped me go thru gear and make good choices or help others with those choices. So thank you for all the time you put into them.

I did notice on several of them they are not sorted by DPS Stat Rank on some of them. They kinda just go up and down. Other than that it looks good to me.

Thank you again for all the hard work you put into this.

Anonymous said...

I don’t even know what half of theses bosses are. You’re too elite. I am still in the Conqueror’s Nightsong garb.

Twin Valkyrs, Jaraxxus, Anubararak, Tribute Chest, Northrend Beasts, Faction Champs, are these all in the ToC Raids?

I got to get my self in there!

bião said...

Great job!
You might want to update the kirin ring for the upgraded version (etched)

Tradyk said...

Nice list, as always, Graylo.

One question though, on the leg's, you've got the heroic version of the Anub-25 leather legs as a 306.2 equiv value, while the normal version as 315.9. I'm kind of wandering what you're reasoning here was, or if this was maybe a typo?

Cory said...

Ok so I was looking over your gearlist and I'm sitting here going "Why can't I find any of this gear on my atlas loot?" and then it dawns on me that you have only posted the Alliance gear. If it wouldn't be took much of a hastle, could you post the Horde equivelant of all the gear posted here as I would imagine I'm not the only Horde moonkin who follows your site and uses you as a model for where I should be at. Thank you in advance.

Bengali - Magtheridon US

Anonymous said...

I use your gear rankings whenever we drop a boss. In the past I've had to weed-out cloth from leather, and this does get cumbersome. Is there a way you can signify cloth vs leather in your gear list?

Although some cloth is better than leather for raiding, it's going to be a long time before moonkins will get access to bid on cloth (at least in my guild).

Anonymous said...

Great list. I think you may want to reevaluate the value of on-use haste bonuses.

With trinkets such as the Scale of Fates i can use the trinket at the start of a lunar eclipse, where haste is extremely useful.

randomchicken said...

thanks for putting these lists up! i'm a raiding moonkin and i find these lists indispensable in deciding how i gear up.

i do appreciate how hard it is to appraise the value of trinkets, but some of them are not very well estimated imo - reign of the unliving (normal) adds 150sp, so the red column should at least be 150..

if one estimates the time for the flames to proc at an avg of 15 secs, 1.9k / 15s = 127dps ~= 84sp, assuming 1 sp produces about 1.5dps.

150 + 84 = 234, that makes the trinket as juicy as foth!

(disclaimer: no idea how solid my calculations are, until the item's tested out in live..)

Cowtarus said...

Most of the trinkets either had little information, or un-confirmed information, so it was hard for me to input direct values into them. Some i was able to estimate within a reasonable value, but for others, like Reign of the Unliving, where I was unsure, I merely put down the obvious and basic value.

As more information comes out, I'm sure Graylo will update values for most things that are questionable, especially in the trinkets dept.

Whisperdoom(Lightbringer) said...

I like the lists but being a rather well endowed moonkin myself I think you place a little too much emphasis on crit over haste. As it is with the new idol and elclipse up 99% of the time crits just happen. Now I'm not saying get rid of all crit or anything, but Haste seriously scales up in value the higher crit you have, and in my opinion passes it.

15 seconds of starfires, ~16k per hit, I want to get as many in as I can. Right now with lag I can manage about 6-7 starfires. This does make wrath a little overclocked, but numbers in the past has even shown that starfire just scales better.

Maybe when the day comes when i max out haste for starfire I'll fill crit more, but as it is... give me haste over crit anyday.

Graylo said...

@Pucc - Fixed
@biao - added
@Tradyk - Fixed


I completely agree that when used correctly the Scale of Fates is more valueable then I've indicated. However, most arguements I've seen that support it as a better trinket seem to only look at the positive.

For SoF to be better then I've indicated you have to use it while your casting SF, which means you ahve to use it at the begining of a Lunar Eclipse. Unfortunately your not going to get one of those every 2 minutes, and due to fight mechanics and such it could take as long as 3 minutes between procs. This delay significantly decreases the trinkets value.

This also goes back to my comment that trinkets are very hard to value, and they require some judgement from the player.


You are correct. For some reason I ignored the SP bonus when I updated the value from Cowtarus. I will update it soon. The heroic version is likely BiS.


My numbers are derived from math and models I've created. I am quite confident in them.

First of all Eclipse is not up 99% of the time. The best I've seen is around 80% and it is lower for most people. On top of that The value of crit has very little to do with eclipse. In fact, Eclipse devalues Crit to some extent due to the high crit chance during Lunar eclipse.

Second, if you have over 400 haste rating and a decently high crit chance Haste has very little impact on your Wrath and instant casts. Since, these spells make up over half your rotation that is a lot of DPS that ignores a specific stat. Crit rating us used by a much higher percentage of your rotation, and will be used even more with 2T9.

Adrian said...

Just a quick confirmation -

Did you miss out the Torch of Holy Fire or has it completely fallen off the list?

Graylo said...


To save space, I've drop items that have MP5 since it sucks as a stat. Therefore, the ToHF was dropped. It may have been BiS during T7 but it sucks now. There are a lot of easy to get items from Ulduar.

@Other Commentors

Please remember to be polite when commenting. Especially when addressing other commentors. I don't have a problem with you guys answering the questions for me. I just want it done nicely.

randomchicken said...

thanks for updating the values - but never expected how high reign of the unliving zoomed up the list of trinkets :P

really appreciate all the hard work cowtarus and you have done! /salute.

Bluemars said...

Thanks a lot for putting up this impressive list. However, i noticed you skipped MP5 main hands and would've been a bit helpul to see the current position of Pulse Baton in your list. Im still using it after loosing 2 times the rolls for Blade of Tarasque..:/

Morten said...

I'm currently using mace of the earthborn chieftain which isn't even on the list (it have mp/5 so would be considered a healing mace) but beats soulscribe due 2 it's awesomme sp and red socket. Drops from hc anub 10man

zerach said...

Hey awesome post by the way. I sent you a mail and im gonna type it here as well. I think you havnt updated just to the part of Ony loots. Some of the gear there is very good and its very easy to get =D. If you can do it, it would be awesome and helpfull to many others. Thx for this guide

Eothlorien said...

BiS List:

I am going to make a 2nd BiS list since the set bonus for 4 pcs H-T9 is only a couple % DPS more, while other classes/specs will gain much more from them. Also getting 4 piece T9.5 for a Balance druid is highly unlikely. If the trophies become more readily available in the future, I may revisit this stance.

This set assumes you do not yet have H-Anub down/ on farm so his loot table is not yet available.

This list is for Alliance only. (<3 Heroic Presence)

Head: Malfurion's Cover of Triumph
Neck: Wail of the Val'kyr (H)
Shoulders: Conqueror's Nightsong Mantle (25M Ulduar)
Cloak: Drape of the Sunreavers (10M Tribute to Insanity)
Chest: Malfurion's Vestments of Triumph
Bracers: Bindings of Dark Essence (H)
Hands: Conqueror's Nightsong Gloves (25M Ulduar)
Belt: Cord of Biting Cold (H)
Legs: Legwraps of the Awakening
Boots: Boots of the Mourning Widow (H)
Ring #1: Band of Deplorable Violence
Ring #2: Nebula Band (10M Algalon)
Trinket #1: Reign of the Unliving
Trinket #2: Flare of the Heavens

Weapon: Blade of Tarasque (H)
OH:Chalice of Searing Light (H)
2H: Enlightnement (H)

A few comments on the weapon choices:

(1) Don't take a chalice of searing light over a healer.

(2) If you take the 2H option you are @ hit cap (240, so 4 over)

(3) If you take the MH/OH combo you can swap out either your belt or bracers for a higher DPS item on the list.

Lenwë said...

Great Job on this list, but i have a noob question @.@

What column i have to consider, the red or black. (i have all the caps)

Pls, help me. rofl

Anonymous said...

@lenwë: If you are hit capped the red numbers are the ones you have to follow.

Lenwë said...

ty, and continue to give us this awesome posts^^

Oriona said...

Thanks for all the hard work! Makes my pew pewing ALOT easier!

I could use some help on Trinket and Ring slot selections. My haste is current;y @ 435 and I'm over hit (335). One of my trinkets is the Talisman of Volatile Power and I don't feel like I'm getting much out of the Use. I do have Living Flame and Dying Curse but I feel that I'd be adding more to my useless over hit-cappedness. Suggestions???
Oriona of Suramar