Friday, August 14, 2009

Patch Notes 3.2.2

This patch is really small but there are a couple of interesting things to talk about, including a couple of Moonkin changes. (source)
  • Moonkin Form: This form now also reduces the damage the druid takes while stunned by 15%.

  • Typhoon: The knockback distance from this spell has been increased to match Thunderstorm.

  • Balance of Power: Misleading tooltip reworded. The tooltip previously reported an incorrect value for the increased chance to hit with spells. The actual benefit of the talent is unchanged.
These are the Moonkin changes. Since I am a raider there is nothing really exciting here, but I do wonder how the change to Moonkin form will work. Stuns aren't routine in PvE, but when they do happen they you come with some damage as well. So, If I am stunned and damaged at the same time is the damage reduced by 15%?

I am really interested in what the PvPers think about these changes. My experience with PvP is limited but both changes sound very nice. Since I am a bad PvPer I get stunlocked a lot. This change wouldn't necessarily save someone like me but it does give the healer a little more time to save you if it is possible.

The Typhoon change is probably very welcome. I remember that one of the early criticism of the talent was that the knockback was very short especially when compared to Thunderstorm. So, I think the PvPers are going to be happy. The benefits are obvious. A longer knock back means more time to cast and it will be easier to push people off a cliff.

The Brood Mother Returns:

After years of lurking in her lair battling the many brave adventurers who travelled from afar to challenge her, Onyxia returns to commemorate World of Warcraft's five-year anniversary.
  • Onyxia has been scaled to offer new challenges to level 80 players and is now available for testing in 10- and 25- player modes.

  • Adjustments have been made to the encounter to keep it fit for modern raiding, but the fundamental experience of fighting the Brood Mother will remain, as will the horror of the Deep Breaths!

  • Some classic items Onyxia offered level 60 players will have their stats adjusted appropriately for level 80 players.

  • Brood of Onyxia, a very rare 310%-speed mount modeled after Onyxia herself will be available for the luckiest of challengers.
There have already been a lot of comments about the return of this classic encounter. Lissanna over at hopes the encounter has some substance to it and isn't a cakewalk. I have a different of opinion. I don't want it to be a loot pinata, but if a group of new raiders with a mixture of Heroic and Naxx 10 gear can beat it in 5 attempts or so then I think it is to hard. I also hope that the gear dropped is on the level of Naxx gear. The last thing I want right now is another serious raid for my already crowded raid schedule. I understand why veteran players don't want their memories tarnished, but I really hope that this is more of a novelty fight.

One thing I am very happy about though is that the Brood of Onyxia mount is "very rare," according to the patch note. You can call me an elitist if you want, but I like that the 310% mounts are rewards for significant in-game achievements. It is a fitting reward for players who complete uncommon tasks, but doesn't give them an advantage when competing with other players. I would hate to see this mount being farmed like the ZA bear mounts were towards the end of TBC.

One last thing. This should also be a great boost for's Guild Watch column. Anyone want to take a guess at how many reports of mounts being ninja looted they will see in the first week after it is released?


Zeplar said...

Suppose I should put this on Big Bear Butt, but I'm pretty excited about the Feral change too: chance on hit to get Nature's Swiftness, basically. That's just what feral needs for PVP, and nice in 5-mans too.

As for Onyxia... I'm looking for something along the lines of Sarth+2D difficulty. But if the patch does come out in late October as some conjecture, bliz may want to make the raid harder for people who are starting to clear Coliseum.

Talsh said...

"I don't want it to be a loot pinata, but if a group of new raiders with a mixture of Heroic and Naxx 10 gear can beat it in 5 attempts or so then I think it is to had."

I think there's a typo in here (had = hard and to = too maybe?), but I don't really understand your point. Not a criticism - just thought you might want to clear it up for other readers!

Phil said...

Somewhat off topic:
I don't see the point to having heroic 5 man ToC gear being better than 10 man naxx gear. What is the progression there? It's more like a regression. Same with the heroic emblems… (it’s nice but is it fair to the ones who had to earn real emblems b4?)

I like progression. I like going from an instance that is at one point a wipe fest to one that requires skill, evaluation and adjustment combined with a cohesion from all the raid members. I like OS over the EYE any day. OS requires a dance, a flow or a movement that I enjoy.

And is this Onyxia fight going to be like OS +3, +2, +1, or a joke? If it’s like they EYE I might only do it once as annoying fights aren’t fun for me. But if it’s like OS I will try to /roll on that drake after 100 or so runs.

~Gargen of Vek'nilash

Lherin said...

I've never liked the Onyxia encounter personally. I'm not a fan of bringing it back. The fact that I've already killed her countless numbers of times kind of takes the shine off it.

Mind you, if they make her as easy as the regular mode coliseum, we will probably skip her entirely unless she drops progression loot.

Regular mode coliseum is a complete joke right now. 1 shotting new content is not what I would call challenging.

Mobus said...

I rarely PvP as well, when I do I'll do it in my feral tank spec simply to get enough honor for gems. However, these changes might make me want to start PvPing more often.

As for Onyxia, I'd love for it to be a Zul'Aman type instance where its harder than tier 7 but not quite Tier 8. And I agree, the new Coliseum has been oddly too easy - although we all have yet to try heroic mode.

sonak said...

Sorry to disappoint you my dear graylow but the loot range of onixya v2 will be on par to actual loot level.

10 man will be 232
25 man will be 245

(no heroic version).

And that's normal ! who would run this raid if the ilevel was below the 5 man heroic ToC (which is already 219).

The new arena is far to easy, and onixya will be alike.

Blizzard objective ? power level people to allow them to go to the arthas citadel !

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

*** Moonkin Form reduces the damage the druid takes while stunned by 15%

*** Typhoon: The knockback distance from this spell has been increased to match Thunderstorm.

For a Boomkin that loves PVP, these changes may be awesome - depending.

Does Barkskin work in conjunction with the 15% stun reduction? If so, we'll barely get touched by a rogue. If not, it may not be that big a gain.

Will Typhoon cooldown be increased? If not, great. If they increase CD, then again this may not be that great.

About a month ago I switched my arena spec from boomkin to resto. I would love to go back to the spec I love to play.