Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tier 12 Set Bonuses

The information keeps flowing so here is my third post in three days. Today we are going to look at the Tier 12 Set Bonuses. Just want to remind everyone that this is data mined info and not directly from Blizzard.
Balance 2 Pieces - You have a chance to summon a Burning Treant to assist you in battle for 15 sec when you cast Wrath or Starfire.
At this time it's impossible to calculate how strong this set bonus is, but with the help of Wrathcalcs and some assumptions I think we can make a decent guess. In my analysis I made two assumptions.

First, I am assuming that a Burning Treant is similar to a Force of Nature treant in strength. Since the 2T12 set bonus comes with only one treant and lasts half as long as the FoC treants, I am assuming that the damage output from the 2T12 set bonus is a sixth of the damage out put from FoC.

Second, I am assuming that the proc chance of the set bonus is 20% (as indicated in the spell notes), and that none of the damage is wasted. The second part of that assumption isn't realistic of course, but I want to avoid making to many guesses at this point.

When I plugged these assumptions into Wrathcalcs (with the T11 set bonuses turned off) it increased the total DPS by 6.91%. That's not bad as far as set bonuses go generally, but it's a lot weaker then our current 4T11 set bonus that we would have to give up to use it.

Another concern with this set bonus is what level of control will we have over the Burning Treant. In the Tier 11 raids there are several fights were you don't want a pet beating on the wrong target. Let’s say we have this set bonus on Omnitron. What if a treant procs right before we have to switch targets? Will the treant run to our old target and start beating on the shield? This shouldn't be a concern for a majority of the fights, but it could cause headaches for a few of them.
Balance 4 Pieces - While not in an Eclipse state, your Wrath generates 3 additional Lunar Energy and your Starfire generates 5 additional Solar Energy.
My first reaction was negative. The Wrath side of the bonus seemed ok, but I thought I saw a problem with Starfire side. Here was my issue.

If you assume that you have to refresh a Moonfire and cast Starsurge on your way to Solar Eclipse then the 4T12 set bonus wouldn't save you a Starfire cast. Since you would gain only 23 energy from that DoT and Starsurge I thought we would have to cast a fourth Starfire anyway, but I made a mistake.

That mistake was assuming that we would start at zero energy, which realistically shouldn't ever happen. The more likely scenario is that you will end your Eclipse with 3 or more Solar energy depending on how many Moonfire's and Starsurges you cast during Eclipse. The only time I found the 4T12 set bonus to not be helpful was when three Starsurges were cast in the transition from Lunar to Solar Eclipse. In ever other scenario I looked at the extra energy you leave Eclipse with was enough to prevent you from having to cast an additional Starfire.

I did look at the Wrath side to see if it had any problems. All of the scenario's I ran on that side resulted in us having to cast one less Wrath. There may be a situation where that isn't the case but I doubt it is that common or realistic.

To look at strength I hacked Wrathcalcs once again to try and get an idea of what kind of DPS gain it would be. It estimated that the DPS increase of this set bonus would be about 2.1%. That is a little lower then I would like it to be, but it is significantly better then the DPS gain we are currently getting from the 2T11 set bonus. Therefore it's a good trade.

The only question I have regarding 4T12 bonus is if it's affected by Euphoria. I'm assuming that it is since the Euphoria tool tip says it doubles the energy provided by Wrath and Starfire. Since it doesn't give a specific energy amount I would assume that the set bonus energy is doubled as well.


ArrowII said...

"assist you"

For me assist means "attacking my target"

"when you cast Wrath or Starfire."

Sounds for me like dmg buff or range attack on my target like Warlock Pet.


Mushu said...

Only problem is that it would probably appear on top of your toon and have to waste several seconds running to where the boss is, with subsequent loss of dps. That has not been accounted for in Wrathcalcs..