Monday, September 24, 2012

5.0.5 Gear Guide is Up, Sort Of

I've gotten most of the gear guide done, but I'm not sure I will be able to finish it before leveling starts tonight. So, instead of delaying it I've posted a fairly rough version. I think the valuations are 95% right, though there are probably a couple of issues. As always if you see a problem or something doesn't look right please let me know.

I will try and get the list done before raiding starts next week but it probably won't be until Thursday or Friday since I will be leveling myself.

Also, this list is based off of WoWhead, and it isn't always accurate for new expansions like this. Some of these items may not exist or might have the wrong data. To be completely honest there are a couple of items that look fishy.

I hope this help and thanks for understanding about its incomplete nature.


Unknown said...

Link on the top of your page isn't working.

Anonymous said...

Hey Graylo! Just wondering if you have plans to create a faction guide so we know which factions to prioritize when griding for gear, enchants etc. You made one in Cata and it was extremely helpful.


p.s. love the guides you've done so far, great work!

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell us how we should gem. Is it always worth it to gem Crit or how much should the bonus be to gem something else?

Treespring said...

You should gem straight int and almost always int/secondary for a stat bonus at the moment. You could even do spirit/secondary for blue sockets if the bonus is decent due to the 1:2 ration of primary/secondary stat allocation and how close all are secondaries are scaling. Crit is around 46% the value of int, haste and mastery are around 40% the value of int. Use those values to compare how much int you need to make up to cover gemming for a secondary stat.

CJ said...

Yeah, I'm not entirely sure why some reforging sites (such as askmrrobot) are suggesting straight crit in a yellow slot and int/crit in a red slot. They seem to have the right stat values, so I've got no idea.

hibilala said...

Thanks to share. it is useful for druids in wow.

ArrowII said...

Moin Graylo,

thx 4 your Work!

I found a little mistake in the math about the crafted off hands. The numbers you gave them are lower then they are actually. When I use your calculations, then I got 878,91 natural (vs 618,9 + 760,5)

greets Arrow

Talifabian said...

Just FYI: The valuations on the Inscribed Crane Fan and inscribed Serpent fan look incorrect. One of them is valued at more than a 100 points more than the other, when the only difference is hit vs. spirit.

Ramoc said...

had Fear-Blackened Leggings (LFR Version)
drop today. where would you rate it on the list?