Monday, January 14, 2008

Moonkin Macros

EDIT: A majority of this post looks at idol swapping macros. As of patch 2.4.3 these marcos will no longer work and there is no way to rebuild them. If your need information on which Idol is the best to use please check out my Idol post here.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert at writing macros, and will gladly take any advice that anyone out there can give me. These are a couple of macros that I have thrown together base upon information found in WoWWiki and various message boards. I do not claim to understand the purpose of every function in them, but they have worked for me so far. So I thought I would share them.

Idol Swapping Macros:
/cast moonfire
/equip [noequipped: Idol of the Unseen Moon] Idol of the Unseen Moon

/cast wrath
/equip [noequipped: Idol of the Avenger] Idol of the Avenger

/aftercast +start/equip [noequipped: Ivory Idol of the Moongoddess] Ivory Idol of the Moongoddess

/cast starfire

There is quite a bit of confusion about this type of macro, due to some very strange mechanics. There are a couple of things that make idol swapping macros difficult. 1. Equiping an Idol triggers the global cooldown (GCD). 2. Unlike a spell, an idol can be equipped during the global cooldown. 3. An spell's damage is calculated at the end of its cast.

What this all means is that if you write a macro that equips the idol after the spell cast, then you suffer only one global cooldown and still get the benefit of the idol. This even works for instant casts like moonfire.

It does come with one problem though. If you try and use an idol swapping macro while the global cooldown is in effect, then the spell won't cast but the idol will swap triggering a new global cooldown. For example, If you use your Moonfire macro and use the Wrath macro above a 10th of a second before the GCD is up, then no spell will cast and you will have a second GCD.

I have found two ways to get around this problem. The first is to better time my casts. I am a bit of a button masher so this would involve breaking a lot of habits. This is much easier said then done. The second is using an addon called Aftercast (click on the name to find the addon). The addon is basically a conditional statement saying if the spell casts do this. It does cause a slight delay in how quickly the idol equips. This is why I don't use it on my Moonfire macro or my Wrath macro. When I used it in the Moonfire macro the idol didn't proc anymore. When I used it on Wrath it cause the GCD to reset a little late giving you 1.7 or 1.8 seconds of GCD. Starfire on the other hand is a long enough cast to get the benefit of the idol and to not experience any adverse affects from an extended GCD.

Thanks go out to a people that answered my thread on the wow forums.

Regrowth Macro:

/tar graylo
/cast regrowth

This is very simple and I apologize for insulting your intelligence. It is a relatively new macro that I use and I thought I would list it because it has been helpful for me. Since I got two pieces of T5, regrowth has become one of the better healing spells I can use on myself. It has a relatively short casting time and gives me a decent amount of health back. I have assigned it a hot key, and use it when my healthstones are on cooldown and I need a heal.

Healthstone Macro:
I don't have one of these but I want one. It is not uncommon in raids to have more than one value of healthstone. They currently take up prime real estate on my action bar and I would liked to condense them into one button if possible. Specifically I would like a macro that use the highest value healthstone that I have and then, go to the next one the next time I use the button. If anyone has a macro like this please let me know.

Guild Update:
I am still in Musa. There are a lot of nice people in the guild but I am still not settling into it well. The guild as a whole just doesn't seem to have a whole lot of drive or desire for progression. They give it a whole lot of lipservice, but their actions speak loader. It could be that I am still upset over what happened to WA. To make matters worse it sounds like the new guild that formed out of WA is doing pretty well. They have gotten down Al'ar and got Vashj to 5%. I will probably give it at least another week to see what happens. It that point if things aren't better then I will probably try and apply to some other guilds. There are also some people making a strong push to reform WA, if that happens I may go back their also.

Toon Update:
I really didn't play much this weekend. I am a still a little depressed about what all happened. I want to play but every time I do I'm reminded of where I am stuck.
Graylo - I ran TK last night with Musa. We downed VR and got some attempts in on Al'ar, but not much other than that. I had hoped to get some Kara of ZA done this weekend but not many groups formed and when they did they were at bad times for me. So I am still 8 badges a way from a new belt.
Graypal - Got him into level 65. I also got his enchanting up to 350. I am going to try and hold off on leveling that stuff right now. I don't have the mats and they are a little more expensive on the AH then I would like to spend right now. I am starting to farm the mats for the his tailoring sets though. That way I should be able to raid him as soon as possible if I want to.
Grayfel - Used up most of his rested xp and got him to level 20.


Nasirah said...

Quick comment... I think you mean Regrowth, and not Rebirth. I was a bit confused on first glance how you could resurrect yourself.

Cdin said...

I'm an idiot. Thanks for the heads up. It is fixed.

Horns said...

/stopcasting --optional!
/use Master Healthstone
/use Major Healthstone

That's for 2 different ranks, should work (of the top of my head) - I don't think anything else is required.

If you're using 3 different ranks of Master Healthstone, then only one /use Master Healthstone is required.

Nasirah said...

Not an idiot, just a minor brain fart. :)

Ungulate said...

Your Regrowth macro can be made simpler like this:

/cast [target=player] Regrowth

That way it's one line of code and you don't have to use any re-targeting logic.

I typically keep one each of Healing Touch, Regrowth, Rejuvenation, and Lifebloom on my action bar. It's a lifesaver in PvP or when you need a get a heal off NOW and you don't want to bother with re-targeting or using alt-click.

Give it a try!

Cdin said...

This really shows how much I know about macros. I figured that it would be a lot harder to make. Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the tip. I will give it a try.

Bullar said...

Are you sure that equipping the Idol after the cast still gets the Idol effect for Instant cast spells? My testing shows that it does not and a post of the forums say the same thing.;jsessionid=44CFE0DBBC8989CE1B0DA800847DD2C4?topicId=3686699543&postId=36879479004&sid=1

Cdin said...


I have seen it work many times. I have only tried it with the Idol of the Unseen Moon, so it may be different for ferals or restos, but it definatly works for Moonfire. There is also quite a bit of info regarding this on the Elitist Jerks forums.

Bullar said...

Ok, I read the Elitist Jerks thread and it seems the findings are inconclusive. Some say it works..some say it does not and that you have to put the Idol swap into the previous macro. Some say it may be latency related. I guess I need to do some more in combat testing for myself. And yes I am Resto but would think it odd the spec would matter. Thanks

Bullar said...

Just a follow up. I tried for quite a bit last night using the Lifebloom idol and never once did I get the effect when I cast first then equip the idol.

Anonymous said...

Ok, went testing the Moonfire one yesterday, can definatley get the Unseen moon idol to proc even if its switched after the cast in sequence

Anonymous said...

Nice macros, Sadly patch 2.4.3 will cause item changes to cancel casting so no more idol switching macro that doesn't incur a GCD :(

Leveling a boomkin now, I was rather disappointed to read the changes after spending 3-4 hours collecting macros and items to farm for them.