Monday, September 29, 2008

Toon Update: 9/29/2008

I am not getting to these types of post nearly as much as I would like. So, much stuff is happening with the expansion and the math around moonkin that I have had little time to write one of my more lighter blog topics. To those of you that like this type of post I apologize and promise that they will be more frequent when things calm down.

Burning Crusade Goals:
On 9/15/08 I posted 4 goals that I wanted to complete before the patch/expansion. Lets take a look at my progress.

1. Kill Kael - Status: Completed - WOOT!!!! I actually had a few things going in my favor that I didn't realize. LoE had downed Kael before patch 2.4 but only once, and the patched dropped less then a week later. So they didn't need to go back and get more people attuned. As a result there were several long time members that hadn't killed him or gotten their titles either. On top of that the guild has been having a little bit of drama that I was unaware of. Apparently the guild has been taking a little more hardcore view of raiding then some longtime raiders liked. As a result a line was drawn in the sand by the GM basically saying, "this is going to be our focus going forward. If you don't like it, we are sorry to loose you, but we will move on." As a result our raiding was a little up in the air for a day or two and the leadership decided to hit Kael and Vashj.

So, I've got the title and I can now put T5 instance completely behind me unless I want to go back for some fun. There is no longer a need to sign up for weekend pugs. The only bad news is that nether Kael or Vashj dropped a Druid token.

2. Clear BT and Hyjal - Status: Need Archie - Chance of Success: 50% - Clearing BT was no problem. I have actually done it a couple of times now. The question is will I get Archie. LoE has affectively dropped Hyjal from the regular raiding schedule. There just is not enough time to Clear Hyjal, BT, and get some decent attempts in on Sunwell. There is some talk of purchasing raid id's from guild who only get the first 3 or four bosses down, but who knows if that will happen. The good news is that I still have more then a month to get him down.

3. Get Bear Mount - Status: Completed - This was actually easier then I expected. I became a part of a regular bear run and many of the people on the run already had bears. Plus, the patch hasn't dropped yet so I've had a little more time.

4. Kill Something in SWP - Status: Open - Chance of Success: 50% - I haven't stepped foot into SWP yet, but we are headed there tonight and it looks like it will be come a part of our regular raiding schedule. Will we kill some bosses though?
There are a lot of vary good players in LoE so I am confident that the players are good enough. My only question is the encounter. I've read strats and stuff, but it's hard to know what a fight is like until you do it. I just don't know if we are geared enough to get him down. I think the chances are good, because most of our long time members now have 4/5 T6 or 5/5 T6, but there are several people like me who have a lot of T5 gear. I just know know, but I'm more confident then I was before.

Guild Update:
As you can see from my goals above I have cleared BT and such. The guild hasn't done anything new, but we are preping for taking on new content and such. From a personal level, it sounds like I am going to be promoted to an R1 (core raider). From what I've been told this means I am pretty much guaranteed a raid spot assuming that I show up on time and consistently and my performance doesn't drop significantly. So, yay for me.

Toon Update:
Graylo - With all of the BT and ZA runs I have gotten a couple of decent upgrades. I finally got [Hex Shrunken Head] out of ZA and I also picked up [Ring of Ancient Knowledge]. I haven't gotten any additional Tier pieces yet, but I should get some soon. Most of the regular raiders have everything they need, and I will finally have some DKP that I can spend.

Graypal - I finally bit the bullet and got his enchanting to 375. I ended up purchasing most of the mats to get the last couple of points, but I want to have him at max skill before the expansion drops. Other then that, he hasn't done much.

Grayfel - The big news here is that Grayfel got his epic flying mount. Some may question me spending so much gold on an alt, but I can't stand flying slow.
Other then that, he hasn't done much either. I've been trying to do the BRD Brewfest boss as much as I can so that I can get the trinkets, but the RNG has it in for me. I've seen the Tanking trinket and the Melee trinket drop 95% of the time. I've seen the Healing trinket drop 3 times, but the DPS trinket hasn't dropped a single time. At least I did get the healing trinket on both Grayfel and Graypal, so one the patch drops they will both be able to use it for DPS.

Grayvik - Is a new mage I started when I first transferred to Garona. I create him before Graypal and Grayfel transferred over, and I couldn't bring myself to start another Shaman when I have one at level 14 over on Eitrigg. Anyway, I've gotten him up to level 13. He will probably go a little higher before the expansion drops, but my guess is that he is going to be stuck at 20 something fairly soon. Once the expansion drops Graylo is going to get almost 100% of my time, and the rest is probably going to be spent on the priest and the warlock.


Ngita said...

Kalecgos is more of a coordination fight, rather then gear, outside the main tanks.

But grats sometimes things just come together.

Cdin said...

After last night's attempts I'm confident we will get him down. We had a little trouble rotating healers and tanks in and out of the shadow realm, but that was with only an hour of attempts.