Thursday, October 16, 2008

Raiding after Patch 3.0.2

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that BC raid mobs (trash and bosses) were going to have their Health reduced by 30%, possibly loose some abilities, and have there melee damage reduced (src). Most assumed that it was a nerf but there was a little debate since the way raid buffs work has been completely reworked. I'll say this right now, for BT it was a nerf.

Prepatch, my guild normally cleared BT over two nights and it took around 4 to 5 hours total. Last night we cleared BT in 2 and a half hours. That includes a +20 minute break in the middle after the realm server crashed. This is how ridiculous it was.

Naj - Only bubbled once.
Supremus - Dead, at the very start of the second tank and spank phase.
Shade - Only one set of adds.
Gorefiend - Only two people died to the debuff and one of them was just barely.
RoS - Our interrupts for phase 2 were all screwed up because of addons not working right but still downd him in record time.
Bloodboil - Only two fel enrages
Mother - I don't know how many fatal attractions there were but it couldn't have been more then 3 or 4.
Council - Lets face it, council takes some time, but we were nowhere close to the engage. In fact I had to leave the fight briefly because it sounded like my son fell out of his crib (he was ok), but the loss of DPS wasn't a problem.
Illidan - Downed in 8 minutes.

My friends that formed a new guild on my server reported an equally easy time. They blazed through the first 3 bosses and got a guild first kill on Gorefiend.

This gives me hope for our efforts in Sunwell. Our best effort on Kalecgos prepatch got both forms to around 30%. It makes me think we have a shot at getting at least half the instance cleared, which would be awesome. This accomplishment won't be as sweet as if it had happened prepatch, but none of these bosses are freebies. You still die if you stand in the fire. You still have to know where to run and went. All this nerf does is make the fights a little more forgiving.

So, I think this last month is going to be fun, but then again, I was one of those people who liked to run kara with a bunch of T5/T6 geared mains just for the experience of beating up on them.

Toon Update:
This is kind of a personal post, will include a Toon update.

Graylo - Life has been pretty good for Graylo lately. A while back I listed my goals before the expansion and all of my main goals were met before the patch. With my first Archie kill last week I have now cleared ever instance below Sunwell. Unfortunately, Archie didn't drop a druid token, but I have picked up quite a few other upgrades. I finally picked up the [Hood of Hexing] off of Hex Lord. I really want something with a meta socket but Vashj and Archie have been uncooperative, and this is the best helm without a meta socket. I've also completed my T6 4 piece set bonus. I picked up the [Thunderheart Pants] last week and I picked up the [Thunderheart Shoulderpads] and [Thunderheart Vest] last night. I have been raiding for well over a year and this is my first 4piece set bonus. I'm excited.

Graypal - Things are not going so well for Graypal. He is still my least played toon, plus I found out that the change to Spell Power has nerfed him quite a bit. I had 5 pieces that buffed shadow damage specifically and all of those items were nerfed. I've been trying to get him into ZA to pick up some upgrades but who knows if I will have time.

Grayfel - I've been having a lot of fun playing him lately, and he has been getting lucky with up grades. I've run him through kara a couple of times, and had decent luck. I also ran Shadow Labs once and got 4 upgrades from drops and quest rewards. It was great. I don't really expect anything major from him but I would like gear him up a little so that his transition to northrend is easier.

Grayvik - I haven't played him much, due to all of the stuff going on with the patch and stuff. I may be on the shelf for a while because, I can't see him getting much time when the expansion is released.


Pucc said...


I enjoy your blog a ton thanks and keep up the good work on it.

Ya everything in TBC is a joke now. I play in a guild that had been stuck on Muru for 5 months we got Kalegos down in about 7 total portals, Brut was under 3 minutes (previous best was just over 5) Felmyst died in 2 full phases (normally took us 4 full phase), Twins basically just fell over. And Muru well previous best before adds spawned was like 75% on him and last night he was at 35% before they spawned.

Once you get Kalegos in Sunwell you should get Brut/fel with out much hassle.

Btw I have that Hood of Hexing also and worn it for about 4 months I think now. But You also have access to Illidan's helm now also!

Good luck bud and keep up the good work.

Chris Tobin said...

How was your mana regen in BT? I've played with my balance druid a bit so far but tonight we are going into BT and I am wondering if I need three points in dreamstate? Without the talent change, those three points could be really useful elsewhere.

Cdin said...


We have high hopes for SWP tonight. I think we will get Kalegos down but I don't think it is going to be as easy as some people seem to think, because we hadn't perfected the portals. Then again there is a lot more room for error now.

Regarding the Ilidan helm, I don't think I have a snowball's chance in hell of getting it. My guild uses DKP, and I am at the bottom of the barrel. There are at least 5 casters ahead of me that I am sure would want it. It is a little discouraging since all of them have T6 helms, but that is the rules. Hopefully I can convince them to make another run or two at Archie.

@Chris Tobin

I had no problems with mana last night and I didn't pop a single pot or innervate myself. I am considering dropping Dreamstate because of it.

However, I will preface this, with the fact that everything died really quickly. If your guild is just starting BT you may have more issues because the fight will be longer.

Pucc said...

If your stuck with the Hex helm your not doing bad. Tons of hit and spell dmg on that helm. The Meta is nice to swap to but I wore it over my T6 and still do.

Cdin said...


Yea, but I'm swimming in hit right now due to Misery. Plus, My crit rate crit rate is getting close to 45% with all of the new buffs and such. An extra 4.5% damage on each crit when your critting almost every other spell is huge.

Also I've had a Chaotic Skyfire diamond in the bank for months because I was one of the first on the list to get the helm off of Vashj, but she never dropped a druid token for me.

Pucc said...


Oh that sucks! Ya it would be even better now. But i feel your pain.