Monday, May 18, 2009

The Gear List has been Updated Again.

I have updated the Raiding Gear lists again to take into account my new stat weights and the fact that 4T8 looks to be a good set bonus if they fix the bug.

As you can imagine this is a big data entry project and it is quite possible that I have made some errors along the way. If you see an incorrect link or ar ranking doesn't make sense, please let me know and I will look into it.

You can find the list here: part 1 & part 2.


Diorinix said...

For your headpieces, you may want to re-visit what Headpiece of Reconciliation is got a major stat boost in 3.1 after all.

Nycterwinn said...

One thing it would be great to see here is a column indicating where the item can be found. Instance/Number of people/Hard mode if any. (ex: N10,N25,U10,U25,U25H,Emblems,Crafted)This would help to identify the "best in slot" given our individual raiding situations. A lot of this is in the commentary, but moving it to a column would make for fast reference. Great list all around. Thanks!

Asurmyn said...

I actually thought the same thing Nycter

:P same list but with Armor and boss

Anonymous said...

Thank you


Unknown said...

Taking advantage of the Comments to shoot a question! :D.

What would you go for?

2116 Spell Power, 24.26% Crit and 494 Haste


2226 Spell Power, 20.26% Crit and 638 Haste?

What would this Imply? Losing 4pc T7 and Earning 2pc T8.

What would you go with?

Moschar said...

Erm Icecore and Aesuga are getting buffed. I don't think you reflect that to your gear lists, because Aesuga to me seems to become best in slot. Non-spirit non-mp5 mace with 550 sp?

MLW said...

I think Scale of Fates might end up becoming better than the listing suggests. The ability to concentrate the haste boost inside of an Eclipse seems very powerful to me, whereas 500+ haste would almost be wasted during wrath spam.

MLW said...

(sorry 400+ haste)

MLW said...

Also I might choose the Cord of the White Dawn over the Belt of Arctic Life despite the small dps difference in the model, since crit has the benefit of smoothing out Eclipses, and you don't have to think about the wrath haste cap.

(sorry for hogging the comments ^_^)

Graylo said...


Ty, It should be updated now.


I agree, but it is a lot of work. One poor soul has offered to do it for me, but we will see if he survives the attempt.


Off the top of my head i would probbly go with the increased SP, but it depends on a lot of things like rotation and set bonuses.


Both have the PTR stats on the list, but I'm not sure if the Aesuga was buffed on live. If anyone has a live screenshot let me know.


As I said in the list, there is a lot of room for personal opinion when it comes to Trinkets. However, I'm not sure why so many people are so high on the Scale of Fates. Its good, but not great.

My ranking assumes that it is popped on cooldown. If you have to weight for Eclipse to pop it then what ever DPS you gain by popping it during eclipse will be reduced by its increased Down time.

Anonymous said...

Since it will be a looong time before Raid Leaders let boomkins bid on cloth from Udular, can you place a mark somewhere on your charts indicating which are cloth vs Leather? Also, Boss identification would be awesome.

Thank you, btw, for all your hard work.

Unknown said...

Its fun how you all mention how raid leaders dont let you bid on Cloth, is it that huge of a deal? im starting to feel privileged to be able to roll on cloth without any problem :P.

Anonymous said...

That's cause if you're rolling on gear, you're really not in a top notch raid guild.

It's called teamwork. You don't take cloth from the classes that are restricted to only using cloth. Priest, Locks, and Mage's.

Anonymous said...

So it seems there's a 239 offhand now that's just plain amazing. Would it bring the MH+OH combo to about equal to the Staff of Endless Winter taking into account your guild can get to Algalon and kill him that is.