Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stat Weights and Gear for Solar Moonkin

As most of you know I am not a big proponent of the Solar rotation. I think it probably has it advantages at some times but my guess is that they are over stated and I think most people ignore its flaws.

That said, I've gotten a lot of requests for Solar stat weights and a solar gear list. So I've built another model to look at the Solar rotation, and I have applied those weights to my gear list to see how things shift around.

The Stats:
These weights are based upon a pre-3.1 moonkin with near BiS gear. The stats I used for my hypothetical moonkin are a little different then the stats I used for the Lunar Model. In my solar model I increase Crit chance by 2% and decreased Haste by 2%. So, he had 2900 SP, 40% chance to crit, 14.5% haste from gear, and 100% chance to hit. I think the stats fell into fairly predictable weights.

This post will be fairly short and sweet. If you would like a brief explanation of the stats you can check my Lunar Stat weights here.

Hit Rating: Relative Value = 1.62 - I'm not sure why this is but Hit is worth a little more for a Solar Rotation then it does for a Lunar Rotation. It doesn't really matter though, because it is important to be hit capped for both rotations..

Spell Power: Relative Value = 1.00 - Spell Power is even more important for a Solar rotation then for a Lunar rotation. Unfortunately you have very little control over how much SP you have since it is fairly standard across items of the same I level.

Haste Rating: Relative Value = 0.49 - This is obviously for a moonkin that has over 400 Haste Rating and is above the Haste Cap. If you have under 400 haste rating then it would be worth a lot more. You can find my post on the Haste Cap here.

Crit Rating: Relative Value = 0.72 - Crit Rating is a much better stat for Solar then it is for Lunar. This is primarily due to Eclipse.

Spirit: Relative Value = 0.34 - Spirit is basically Spell Power with some Mana regen thrown on top. It has the same weight for both rotations.

Intellect: Relative Value = 0.39 - Since Crit is better for Solar then Int is better also. However, it is still not a good DPS stat and shouldn't be stacked.

The Solar Gear List:
I didn't analyze it, but at a quick glance it doesn't appear to be that different then my Lunar Gear list. This is my raw file with all the stats plugged into it. I recommend that you try not to play around with it to much, so that the values don't get thrown off. Anyway, column M is the stat ranking, N is the stat ranking minus hit, O is the stat ranking plus set bonus, and P is the stat ranking plus Set bonus minus hit.

The file.

The Solar Model: (link)
All the comments I made about my Lunar Model hold true here. 1. It is a very large file. Download at your own risk. 2. It does have a couple of macros on it but you don't have to enable them for the spreadsheet to work. 3. This is NOT a tool to help you model your DPS. If you want something like that go check out WrathCalcs. 4. In conjunction with #3, it is not user friendly. It even confuses me and I built the damn thing.

This is not a Lunar vs Solar comparison. I don't want to hear any comments like "your own math shows that Solar is better then Lunar." To do a fair Lunar vs Solar comparison you would have to use the same stats and you would have to include lag in the model. I plan to do that at some point, but this is not that point.

How it Works: The Solar Model worlds very similarly to my Lunar model. The only real difference is the cast priority. Here is the new cast priority:

1. If FF is not up, cast FF.
2. If MF is not up, cast MF.
3. If IS is not up, cast IS.
4. If Eclipse is not on cooldown, cast SF.
5. If 4T8 is up, cast SF.
6. If Eclipse buff is up, cast Wrath.
7. If Eclipse buff is down, but the Glyph of SF is not used up, cast SF.
8. Else cast Wrath.


Unknown said...

I find this to be the best rotation for me. Thanks for all your hard work man.

Anonymous said...

I was not a big proponent of Eclipse in general, but after the new release and once my dps started falling way behind others, I gave it a shot.

I went Lunar and saw a nice increase in my dps. Still not enough to get me back into the top 5 dps range, but it moved me up from my static 12-14 place on the dps meters.

After this last patch with our +15% additional spirit damage increase, I tried both Lunar and Solar rotations.

I am seeing a good 300-600 dps gain using Solar vs. Lunar, and once again hit top 5 dps on 3 bosses in a row.

I'm decently happy now. At least with PVE. PVP still has me upset with WoW's inability to get out class right.

So, Solar is the way to go, but you'll deff need Squawk to get your timing right. Can't do it any other way.

Unknown said...

1. Solar only really shines if you have 2t8
but thats not the reason im posting, im posting because for lunar and solar I have found a gear set that yields much higher dps than the one you posted graylo, for lunar and solar. for the most part its the same but it uses the t8 legs instead of the gloves and for the gloves it uses handwraps of the vigilant, and for boots it uses treads of the false oracle. bracers it uses bracers of unleashed magic. finally for the belt it uses sash of ancient power.

while the gearset you posted shows 5924 dps (solar) and 5883 dps (lunar) with the same buffs and JC gems i used on my set mine comes out to 6227 dps (solar) and 6137 dps (lunar).

I used rawr for these comparisons.

I didnt post this to harp on you but just inform you of possibly a better gear arrangement.