Monday, August 18, 2008

Forum Signatures

If your a Moonkin and haven't checked out The Moonkin Repository yet you are missing out. It is frequented by many of the exceptional moonkins that post on the WoW forums and all are willing to help answer Moonkin related questions.

However, that's not why I'm posting today.

Last week while looking over the forums there I noticed that quite a few of the regular posters had awesome new signatures. Turns out they were all being made by DragoNasty, and he was willing to make them for regular posters on the forums.

I asked him to make one for me and here is the result:

I think it looks awesome. Many thanks to DragoNasty. I think you have done an awesome job with all of the Sigs, and I think they have helped to pull the Moonkin Community togeather a little bit.

If your interested in getting your own sig, you can find the forum here.

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