Friday, August 15, 2008

Moonkin Talent Suggestion

I have been fairly active on the Druid forums and Moonkin Repository lately talking about some of the changes that are currently implemented in the beta. As a result you have seen me change my opinion on Eclipse and I have also come to believe that many of the top level talents in the Balance tree are either useless or will have little impact on how I play.

That got me thinking. What kind of talent would I like to see?

Of course I would like the functioning I.W.I.N. button that they give every Warlock at level 1, but we know that's not going to happen. All joking aside, I think I have an idea that most moonkin would like.

My Suggestion:

Name: Celestial Shift or Celestial Earth (Name doesn't really matter but that is what I came up with.)

Effect: Temporarily combines the magic schools of Arcane and Nature so that Wrath is now affected by Arcane buffs. Put more simply, Wrath would receive all of the same buffs that Starfire does including Imp Scorch and Winter's Chill. This ability would have some sort of cooldown also.

Reason: Lets look at this hypothetical situation.

The boss is down to 10% health. You have a lot of mana and are well under the threat cap. All of a sudden, the raid starts to fall apart and people are dying all around you. The raid leader calls out to blow all cooldowns and put as much DPS on the boss as you can. What do you do?

Currently there is not a whole lot you can do. Obviously if you have a trinket up you can pop it, or if you have your potion cooldown up you can take a Destro pot, but there is not much you can do with your core abilities. Some people can switch to Wrath for a little extra DPS, but the amount is small and the mana cost is very high. If you have T5 or T6 set bonuses this isn't an option at all. So a majority of Moonkin just go on with their normal rotations and hope they can push out as much DPS as possible.

The reason why Wrath is so bad is because of the special buffs that Starfire gets that Wrath doesn't. In BC these buffs are Curse of Elements and Nature's Grace. Wrath will get the benefits of these talents WotLK, but new Arcane only talents like Improved Scorch and Winter's chill solidifies Starfire's status as primary raid nuke for moonkin. My proposed talent would give you the ability to increase DPS significantly but temporarily. The cost would be the lowered mana efficacy of your raid rotation.

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments. Unfortunately I can't present my idea in game or on the official beta forums because I do not have a beta key. If you have a beta key I would appreciate it if you posted my idea in-game or on the official WotLK beta forums. Thanks in advance.

Toon Update:
Graylo - He has been raiding a lot. On Monday we worked on Reliquary of Souls (RoS). I think our best attempt got him down to 2 5% in the second phase. Our trouble there was not getting interrupts up and the tank losing aggro. Its a little understandable because we only had two interrupts but I was hoping that we would down him that night. Tuesday we started in Hyjal. Things were a little sloppy and we did wipe on trash once, but the first four bosses were all downed on the first attempt. Unfortunately the [Hammer of Judgement] did not drop. I am now regretting passing on it twice, but I will get it eventually. After Hyjal on Tuesday we went and did Naj'entus in Black Temple. On Wednesday I didn't raid but the guild cleared up to Gorefiend but didn't down him. On Thursday, we went back to Gorefiend and I got my first kill on him. After that we headed to Bloodboil and had a long night of wipes. I think our best attempt got him down to 25% or so. We failed to down him for a couple of reasons. First we had quite a few people that didn't down him with us last week so there was still some learning that needed to be done. Second, last week we had 10 healers this week we only had 8 for most of the night. Third, we got a little unlucky with the fel enrage. Bloodboil dept aggroing on to clothies and killing them. I know that that is a healing problem but It would have made it a little easier if a paladin had gotten it, or if the rogues could have gotten it a little more often. Anyway, we will get him Monday.

Graypal and Grayfel: To much of my focus is on Graylo right now and nothing has really changed with these guys.

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