Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is Spell Hit being Devalued?

EDIT #2: Goes to show how much I have been looking at Elitest Jerks lately. Apparently there is a thread there that details all of the Combat Ratings. You can find it here. Special Thanks to Phae and Erdluf for pointing it out.

EDIT: It appears that the picture I saw is wrong. Here is a link to the picture I was using (link). I posted a question on the WoW forums asking is someone could check it out and I got this response from Wisprunner. Apparently the ratings buster addon had it at 26.231. Of course I don't have any idea if this correct but it does bring it in line with the increases to crit and haste. Wisprunner also said that the ratings buster addon had melee hit at 32.7, so it is likely that addons are having trouble distinguishing between Melee items and Caster Items. Its not all that surprising given that that they have collapsed the melee and caster versions of each stat into one stat. Anyway, crisis averted.

P.S. Wisprunner is a very knowledgeable moonkin if your looking for answers on the WoW forums or Moonkin Repository. However, make sure you read the stickies be for you ask your question.

Disclaimer: I want to say that I have no concrete evidence that Hit is being devalued for casters. I don't have access to the beta and I haven't talked to anyone who does about this. This post is being created using second hand information and addons that may or may not be correct. So, don't get to worked up about this if it disturbs you. I could be completely wrong.

Is Hit Rating being devalued for spell casters?

I was reviewing the new dungeon drops on MMO-Champion when I noticed that one of the items had a crit rating and then a percent chance to crit next to the crit rating.

My first reaction was "cool, I can calculate the new stat values."

If you didn't know the ratings stats decrease in value as you increase in level. This gives blizzard a way to improve gear without increasing crit, hit and haste to unreasonable levels. At level 70, 22.06 Crit rating will give a caster a 1% chance to crit. However at level 80 the same amount of crit rating will give you a far less chance to crit.

So, I looked at all of the items that appeared to be caster items and tried to calculate how much of each stat you would need to give you 1% of that stat.

Currently you need 22.06 Crit rating, 12.6 Hit rating, and 15.7 Haste rating to get 1% of each stat.

According to these pictures from MMO Champion you will need 46 Crit rating, 32.7 Hit rating, and 32.7 Haste rating. If you compare these numbers to the stats at level 70, then there is a 103% increase in Crit rating, 108% increase in Haste rating, and a 160% increase in Hit rating.

160% That's HUGE.

Granted the stat numbers for Haste and Hit are the same, so this could very well be an error.

I'm not spouting any doom and gloom if it is correct. Obviously Blizzard is going to have to itemize for it and it will make Improved FF much more valuable. However, It will change my stat valuations quite a bit. Spell Hit might not be the king of all stats any longer.


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