Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is it Lastt Standd or Lastt Stoodd?

Editor's Note: I have posted a reaction to the new Beta build below. If your not interested in my toon/guild posts, please scroll down or click this link: WotLK Beta 8926 post.

We've all heard the story. WoW Player goes on vacation leaving a decent guild behind with every reason to believe that it will still be there when he gets back. WoW Player returns to learn about massive drama that occur ed while he was gone and is now guildless. I think every raider will agree that this is one of the worse things that can happen to a player.

My situation isn't this bad but it is still quite shocking. I logged of Tuesday night without concern. The guild was having some tough times but there was no reason to believe that the collapse was imminent.

Wednesday, I go to log into vent as I am bring up wow and it says I have the wrong password. I think, "No problem. They must have gotten a new vent server as they had talked about." So, I log into WoW to get the new vent info. Then I see the Guild tab grayed out and think "Oh Crap! I'm no longer in a guild."

At this point a lot of things ran through my head. Was I kicked on accident? Did they decide to reform the guild under a new name? What the heck happened?

As I said before the guild had been having some tough times. Attendance had dropped significantly due to people going back to school and trying to squeeze in end of summer vacations. That isn't all that surprising because that seems to happen every year. On top of that there was some drama between officers that resulted in unfortunate and hasty actions. Finally, a good old Gbank robbery was the straw that broke the camel's back. Apparently, one or two of the officers took a bunch of stuff out of the Gbank and gquit the guild. Given all of the issues we have had recently the GM decided to cut his loses and disbanded the guild.

I don't think this is a 10 on the guild drama meter but it is definitely an 8 or a 9.

Where do I go from here?

To be honest, I'm not all that upset. There were a lot of good people and good players in Lastt Standd, but I could tell pretty early that this guild was not going to survive for the long hall. The guild leaders tended to be a little hot headed and made rash choices at times. On top of that, the commitment to the guild just wasn't there for some of the officers. There were a couple that would stay on alts during raid time even though the raid was short and we needed their class desperately. Everyone needs a break every so often, but when this happens for several days in a row there is a problem.

So, I was already wondering if Lastt Standd was the best place for me. The positive side to this is I can look for a new guild without looking like a guild hopper. I got almost a full set of SR gear from the guild, and I picked up my Tier 6 gloves the night before LS disbanded. I may have been in the guild for a month, but I think it was time well spent. I got to raid and that is more then I can say for some of my friends from WA.

So what are my options?
1. Find a new guild on Hyjal - There are a bunch of good guilds on the server, that are at a similar or higher level of progression. Unfortunately, I don't see one that is interested in a moonkin and/or has a good raid schedule for me. Plus, I haven't been really happy with the server in general. Its better then Eitrigg, but I would have like a little more in the way of T5 pugs and such.

2. Find a new guild off server - It opens up a lot more possibilities, but will cost another 25 dollars. Plus, could fall into a situation that is similar to the one I just left.

3. Transfer to Garona to play with old WA friends - If I take this option I am pretty much giving up on raiding before the expansion comes out. I could get in some pugs but my friends aren't raiding 25 mans yet. However, if I have learned anything from my month with LS, it's that friends make this game a lot more fun.

4. Focus on Graysin or another Alt - I'll be honest. I don't like this option right of the bat. I'm not ready to give up on Graylo yet, and I still wouldn't be playing with friends. However, it could be fun and it would definitely be a new experience.

I've actually already made my choice. Its kind of a combination of options 2 and 3. I've apped to a guild on the Garona server. The guild looks just about perfect for me. The raid times are awesome. It seems to be a little more mature then average, and it is on a server where most of my friends play. On top of that, one of its members has been running successful pugs against Vashj and Kael lately.

I think this is the biggest reason why I am ok with LS disbanding. I REALLY hope I get into the new guild. I think I have a pretty good shot. They don't have a moonkin, and I talked to the GM last night and he seemed to like me. The problem is he says they have only one ranged DPS slot open and are also looking at a mage and a hunter.

Anyway, what ever happens will happen. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Man, it feels like everyone's getting hit with bad guild news.

Good luck with your new endeavors. Too bad about the disbanding, but it seems like a good thing you got out of it. I'm sure you'll do fine.

I think Blizz needs to be a bit more discrete with the next expansion, to keep people from freaking out.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of servers are having the same issue. I also think a lot of players that raid and are not up to Sunwell progression are hesitant to progress since their gear will be semi-useless in the expansion.

A lot of people I raid with are just ready for the expansion to come out to bring new content and I couldn't agree more.

Good luck on the new guild and hopefully all works out for you!

Unknown said...

Best of Luck man. Hope to see ya Garona side soon.

Anonymous said...

Whoa dude! I have a boomkin on Garona. Freaking Murmurs and Graylo on the same server? Doesn't leave much room for us little guys. Btw, I'm Vangoh and I will definitely be saying hello to you.