Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ToC Horde Gear and other Updates

Ok, it appears that having only the Alliance names is a big deal. Granted after looking at the list again the names weren't as close as I first thought they were. So, I've created two versions of the list. There are links to the Horde version in the Alliance version and vice versa. Hopefully this will stop the e-mail that say "Item X is not on your list" and "Including only the Alliance names sucks."

Alliance - Part 1 & Part 2
Horde - Part 1 & Part 2

I've also updated a couple of the items. There was an issue with one of the crafted bracers where it didn't include the gem socket correctly. I also updated the Trinkets to make the BiS trinket rank properly. If you find any other issues please let me know.

Finally, I've gotten a couple of comments that say my "DPS numbers look low." The numbers next to the names are NOT DPS numbers. They are relative rankings based upon the stats on the item. I can't remember the exact number right now, but if you wanted to convert them to DPS number you have to multiply them by something similar to 1.35.


Allison Robert said...

I feel your pain, Graylo.

God, do I ever feel your pain.

Raysa said...

thx alot graylo.

would be nice if the BiS items were marked in the horde list, too.

Anonymous said...

Wow I would of just said tough. it your fault for rolling on the losing team

Fortitude said...

Well, it is appreciated. I am disappointed that other horde can't figure out which item is which. Of course, many people can't do anything without it being force fed to them.

We all appreciate what you do, and your lists are very good guidelines for any raiding Moonkin to use.

matthew Smith said...

I'd have to agree with Fortitude, I appreciate the work you did, it's great to know I can refer to the horde list now.

However, it wasn't too hard to find the items with horde names that had the identical stats and iLvL.

As for the Anonymous post: Srsly? People still get caught up in the faction thing? I come to this blog for the quality moonkin discussion, I don't care what faction derives it.

Thanks again Graylo for the work on the lists, and thanks for going above and beyond for adding the horde lists, too!

Fred Duba said...

Man... I do admire you to taking all the work necessary to do it... and there will always be ppl complaning.

You do all this work for free and there still are some ppl that email you saying they want something and if you don't do it, then you suck? I would just tell them to kiss my ass! incredible...

Anyways, thank you very much!

Graylo said...

Please DO NOT flame other posters. I do not like deleting comments but will if neccesary and some of these are boarderline.


LOL!!! I bet you do, except it's probably more like my pain plus a private meeting with patchwerk.


A horde BIS is a little different then an Alliance BIS. Since BiS lists are pretty personal, there really isn't a purpose of me doing it for the horde.

Matthew Smith said...

I've noticed that the armory links from one faction item to the other, for instance:

This and the new search features in the armory are additions blizzard made that I was not aware of. Is it where everyone gets their loot lists? Usually I just wait for wowhead to update, but it often lags by a while. Where does everyone else source gear lists?

I wonder if, with all the work blizzard have done to implement faction gear, we won't see more of it in the future?

Pucc said...

Thank you again for going above and beyond what you need to do Gray.

Pucc said...

Thank you again for going above and beyond what you need to do Gray.

Juris said...

I was one of those who called them "DPS Numbers" My bad on that! Couldnt really think of another way to put it.

You do a great job for us with these lists!!

Mooeybueno (Skywall) said...

Thank you very much for all your hard work. I hope you do this out of compulsion and not because you feel obligated to do this list, we do look up to you and value your guidance.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the lists, Gray, and I'm sorry my fellow Hordies can't make simple conversions.

Anonymous said...

Graylo, thank you for splitting the versions. We do appreciate all the work that you do!!!

To all the flamers of those of us who requested this:

When loot drops, I have about 15 seconds to decide whether to bid - not bidding by then is considered a "pass". Cross-referencing lists just took too long. I could try to figure it out based on who dropped what, but fell back on quick and dirty comparisons between current gear and dropped gear (in other words, the way I did it before the lists). Having the names of the gear with the relative ratings vastly simplified things.

Did I have any right to expect Gray to do this? Of course not! I am appreciative of his efforts in any form.

Am I grateful that he did accommodate the Horde? You betcha!

Graylo said...


I understand how it is difficult to make quick choices. My guild makes loot decisions about that quickly as well.

However, I've never intended these lists to be a quick reference guide for loot decisions with the possible exception if Balance is your off spec.

There is a lot of things you have to balance to get a nice set of gear, so I expect people to look at the list to see what is available and now where it drops from. Then to make informed choices based upon their own needs.

The reason why I thought which name I used didn't matter much is because I expected people to come up with a gear plan. With my list players can look at the list, see what they want and see where it drops.

Nightedahs said...

Hi Graylo,

again a great list but as I like to create my own set of items I prefer an excel sheet to see how much Crit, Haste an Hit I have.
Therefore I took your list and transfered most of the Items into such a sheet including the values for those stats and the summary value of all stats (quite se same as your old Solar Itemlist).
Of course I do not just have this for my own so guys here it is...

Nightedahs [Khaz'Goroth - EU]

Anonymous said...

@ Nightedahs

Fraid to click it :)

Hopefully you removed the cloth items. I hate boomkins who think cloth is better than leather.

Go stand in the fire.

Nightedahs said...

No I did not remove the cloth item, but I removed serveral trinkets and rings that had tons of hit rating, because for me I'm nearly hitcapped with 2 T8 and 2 T9 + weapons.
I forgot to mention that it is the list for Alliance gear

Nightedahs [Khaz'Goroth - EU]

Kindercan of Bladefist said...

so if you're going to do the 2 t8/2 t9 setup which are the optimal pieces to use? i keep waiting for the "comments to be posted later" i'm kinda holding off buying the t9 stuff until i know which one to wear.

Nightedahs said...

Just have a look at Graylo's new post.
I would stick to Shoulders and Leggings of T8 because the T9 of these two items do not improve yout stats as much as the other three items.

I just finished my BiS List for leather only. Here it is

Malfurion's Cover of Triumph
Conqueror's Nightsong Mantle
Malfurion's Vestments of Triumph
Malfurion's Gloves of Triumph
Conqueror's Nightsong Trousers
Bracers of the Autumn Willow
Belt of the Winter Solstice
Boots of the Unrelenting Storm
Drape of Bitter Incanration
Wail of the Val'kyr
Firestorm Ring
Band of Deplorable Violence
Reign of the Unliving
Flare of the Heavens
Misery's End
Symbol of Transgression

You get 2228 Spellpower, 809 Crit, 352 Haste and 241 Hit out of the normal mode items which is a ranking of 4334. As I'm Alliance Druide the Hitcap is reached and with 3 yellow sockets and Haste enchant on cloak you're on the haste softcap.
The heroic items provide 2422 Spellpower, 860 Crit, 404 Haste and 266 Hit which is a ranking of 4825.

Nightedahs [Khaz'Goroth - EU]

Anonymous said...

@ Nightedahs

YAY - Leather !

All u cloth wearing alliance boomkins should change factions.