Wednesday, September 12, 2007

College Blues

The start of the school year seems to have hurt our raiding a little bit. Not as many people are coming on as did over the summer, and we are not downing bosses as easily as we have in the past. For example, last week we had a lot of trouble on High King of all people and didn't down Void Reaver at all. And the cause seems to be small personnel differences. For the High King fight we had new mage tanking the Mage and he kept dying. For VR we either didn't have enough tanks on or we had a tough time healing the melee because our resto Shammy was gone

Last night we had a lot of trouble with Mag, even though we one shotted him the last two weeks. We had a few new people on tanking and heals but the real problem was one of our mages DCed inside the instance and we could replace him. I never realize how important just one DPS is to that fight. Ultimately what happened was we weren't getting the adds down fast enough and the enfernals really stacked up. There fore we couldn't make it though phase 1 with out a few deaths. Once you get through the adds that fight is really not that hard. We just couldn't get through the adds.

Toon Update:
Graylo - Not much to say here, but I am frustrated that my T4 Legs token hasn't dropped in a little while. I think I have a good shot at getting them when the do drop because my legs are the biggest hole in my gear and most everyone else has them that needs them. On a happier note I am only a few AB marks away from getting my PVP belt. With an AB weekend coming up I should get it this weekend if not before.

Graypal - Got him to 43 but that wasn't hard given how close he was. I have been using Brian Kopps Alliance Leveling guide and I must say that it is very helpful and worth the 35 bucks. On the downside though, I tend to get ahead of it. Right now I am about a level to a level and a half a head of it. I think this happens because I get a lot of Rested XP since Graypal is not my main, and I also have gotten quite a bit of XP from having guildies run me through instances. On the plus side I have not had to do any grinding yet and I can skip optional quests when they come up.

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