Friday, September 7, 2007

Graylo in Depth.

Since my last post:

Last night was a bit of an odd night. We had more than enough people on to raid but not enough of the right people. Usually when this happens you need just one or two more healers or an extra tank. Last night was different though. Only 1 tank showed up, and he was a little late. We are not a hardcore guild that expects everyone to show up every night, but it is just a strange coincidence that all the tanks decided not to come.

Since we didn't raid I decided to try and level Graypal a little. He is really close to 40 and I want to get his mount so that I don't have to walk around anymore.

I also ran Graylo through Heroic Sethekk Halls with some guildies. I already have my Epic Flight form so this run was just for badges and rep. I did pick up the [Belt of the Raven Lord] for my feral set. This run also gave me enough badges to get the [Icon of the Silver Crescent]. I am not a 100% sure I want to give up [Xi'ri's Gift] for the [Icon of the Silver Crescent]. I have read many times and believe that +damage is better than +crit especially for moonkin. It is just hard to see you crit chance drop 1.5%.

The History of Graylo:

Graylo was the first toon I created when I started playing WOW in Dec of 06 right as the 2.0 patch was coming out. At the time I did not know anyone who played the game but decided to pick it up because I liked the other Warcrafts and Starcraft.

I picked a druid because they seemed easy to solo. Since I didn't know anyone who played the game I expected to have to do most of the things by myself. I also liked the fact that druids can heal but didn't have to heal. However, to be completely honest I really didn't know anything about druids or any of the other classes. It was kind of a random choice.

I guess the true question is if I could go a back and change my decision would I. The answer is some where between Maybe and Probably. There are also quite a few things I would do differently talent and gear wise while leveling. Its not that I don't like Graylo or druids in general. Its just that the way I play him does not suit as many roles as other classes or specs do.

Talent build: I fell into a balance build by accident. When I looked at the 6 tier one talents available to me when I hit level 10, Starlight Wrath was the clear choice. I think anyone that doesn't have much experience with the game would make the same choice. Three of the talents are feral talents when you can't go into Bear form yet because you haven't done the quest. Improved Mark of the Wild is great but it doesn't help you in an obvious way. I also am not a big fan of Natures Grasp, so the only choice was Starlight Wrath and the rest of the balance tree.

In Graylo's early 20's I decided that I wanted him to be able to heal an instance so I started to put some points in Restoration. At the same time I started to see some of the value of the Feral tree and Cat form in general, but I didn't put any points into it. What resulted is what I consider my dark period.

It lasted from the mid 20's to Graylo's early 50's and I don't think I was all that affective with anything I did. Here is why. First I didn't understand the importance of gear and how different stats affected my DPS. Second, instead of buying water and drinking when I ran out of Mana I would switch to cat form and continue that way for a little while. Third, I still wanted to heal instances so that I could get into more of them. Fourth, I used the same set of gear for all 3 rolls. What resulted was that I my talents and my gear never really fit the roll I was trying to play, and I was crippled by indecision. Do I or don't I commit to feral? Should I put more in to resto so that I can heal better? I like balance but am I going to be viable at the higher levels?

I started to realize how important gear is in the high 40's and decided to make a change in the low 50's. I saw another druid that was lower level than me in Moonkin form and realized I had the points to do it if I wanted to respec. So that is when I made the decision to commit to balance and not worry about Feral or instance healing. Since then I haven't realy looked back. I did consider going resto when I first started raiding because of a need for healers but I don't have any high level experiance with it and I never really enjoyed it.

I am happy to be moonkin and have been lucky enough to find two guilds that were willing to give me a show despite the negative reputation of the spec.

I will do another post with my thoughts on the balance talents later. Talk to you later.


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