Monday, September 10, 2007

Stupid Ninjas

Over the weekend I heard the worst case of Ninja Looting ever. It happened to a couple of guildies in Heroic Ramparts. I was not in the group so I am not 100% on the details, but most of this stuff was uncontested by Mr Ninja when I talked to him. Here is what happened:

For those of you that don't know, in Ramparts the second boss is guaranteed to drop a Nether instead of the last boss. When the Nether dropped Mr Ninja and a guildie wanted it so they rolled, and Mr Ninja won the roll. My guildie then when to loot his badge and accidentally looted the Nether instead, before Mr Ninja could get it. Now, I can fully understand Mr Ninja being mad, he is completely justified in that. I can even understand if he believed that it wasn't an accident, but how he responded is just over the top. From what I heard, after my guildie Ninjed the Nether, he apologized repeatedly and the group offered to run him through Heroic Sethekk Halls to get him the Nether. However, instead of listening and being reasonable he desides to loot the rest of the items off the second boss which was 2 blue items. While this response is some what immature, it was in my opinion some what fair since he was wronged. What happened next is what put it over the top.

Even after he looted the 2nd boss he continued to rant and rave and be generally unreasonable, so my guildies booted him from the group and replaced him with a guildie. Now I am not a 100% on the technical details of the next part, and I am very surprised that it is even possible. Some how he managed to stay in the instance bringing the total number of people in the instance to 6. I was told it is possible if you form another group right after you are kicked but are still in the instance. He then waited for my guildies to kill the third boss and when in and looted the chest before my guildies could taking all of the items in it. Lets remember that it included at least 2 blue items, one epic item, and very likely one epic gem. So in all he took 4 blue items, and one or two epics for one nether.

Well a couple of guildies decided to talk to his guild GM about it. As it turns our Mr Ninja is a guild officer so the GM defended him saying it was an "Eye for an Eye". Looting the second boss might have been an Eye for an Eye, but looting the third boss also was just over the top, especially considering how easy Nethers are to get now.

I may be a little bit bias in this situation but I don't think so. Let me know what you guys think.

Since my last post:

Graylo had a pretty uneventful weekend. Mainly did some Arena, WSG Premades, and Daily quests.

Graypal on the other hand was quite busy. I leveled him from 39 to just 1500 xp from level 43. I was able to get a couple of guildies to run me through SM Cath so I was finally able to get [Whitemane's Chapeau] as well as a lot of cloth and enchanting mats. It was also great to finally hit 40 so I don't have to walk every where anymore. The blue mounts are definitely not as fast as I am used to but they are much better than nothing


Sonil said...

That is pretty stupid imo.

and the GM is a complete idiot for defending

Cdin said...

Yea, I can understand him being upset but there are better ways to take than being a complete asshole.

Thanks for reading.