Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A little more Dark

Thing where looking up a little but they are looking down again. My guild Wandering Alliance had an exodus of about 5 Class Leaders and Class Assistants along with a few other regular members. The main reason they gave was lack of progression which I can understand but I also think it was a bit premature. A couple of bad weeks isn't a great reason to abandon a guild that helped build you, especially when there aren't many other alternatives. In fact the guild that most of them ended up with has had its own issues with progression in the recent past.
I also find it a little telling that they were all between ages 16 and 18. Granted they were all RL friends I think, but I think a little more loyalty should be expected.

As for WA, I am optimistic. We had a guild meeting last night and everyone seems to want to continue. We are also changing the way we raid a little bit to focus more on quality instead of quantity. We will now be entirely focused on Progression on Raid nights and the remaining stuff will be done on off nights. We will also call raids sooner if we are not picking up a fight. No more 5 hour sessions. If we can do a little recruitment to get a few more good people I think we will be fine.

Toon Update:
Graylo - Kara was awesome this week for Graylo. The [Trial-Fire Trousers] finally dropped for me and I was the only one that wanted them. I am now Blue Free except for My Idol for which there is no Epic replacement. I also got the back off of Prince and the caster belt off of Illhoof. My spell hit is finally getting up to a respectable level. Because of all this I probably won't be getting a whole lot of loot in the future. My need has dropped significantly and tier loot I want will probably be given to tanks and Healers first, and I will have more competition for the non tier stuff I want.

Graypal - He is now level 47 but he is not quite as far ahead as he was. I think he is only about half a level ahead of the guide I am using. The main reason is that the guide I am using wants you to do level 46 in Uldaman. I did run Uldaman but I don't get all of the quests done and I really don't like that instance so I wasn't trying to go in and out to do all of the quests. Anyway, I am sure that with rested experience I will get back up to a level or so ahead. I will also need to get someone to run me through ST so that I can the the wand from the Class quest.

Also, I doubt anyone is reading this but if you are, Please drop me a line in the comments section. Would just like to know that some one sees it.

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