Monday, February 23, 2009

Graylo is "Of the Nightfall"



I when in to Normal OS tonight with a Caster DPS stacked raid and downed Sarth3D in 10man. Stacking the groups to favor physical or casters is definitely the way to go. Tonight felt a lot smoother then our mixed group runs the DPS just went quicker. Funny how 13% extra crit from a mage and Ele shaman can do that.

Its not a guild first but it is still awesome. Grats to everyone that got the title with me.

Now the main goal before Uldar is the Immortal. I am sure we can do it. Everyone just needs to stay focused and get it done.


On a side note, I'm sure many of you have seen this already but incase you hadn't, Phae over at Resto4Life is closing down her blog. While her reasons for leaving are the best possible it is still a sad day for WoW bloggers new and old.

I just want to say that if it wasn't for Phae and her Blog, Gray Matter wouldn't be where it is today. She was the first blogger that got me thinking about theorycrafting. My "versus" posts were modeled after her comparisons of the different mana regen buffs and talents. When I asked for advice on my blog she offered it freely. She was one of the first people to link me and promote my blog, and I was honored that she would ask me to write a guest post for her blog. Since I started using google analytics almost 8 months ago almost 10% of my traffic came from her blog, by far the biggest source.

I'm know she knows this already but she will be missed.


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Well done Gray, we're still working on it (on and off, people haven't been available much). Hopefully get it soon.