Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Graylo is Immortal!!!!!!!

*Edit at the bottom.

Most of us also got Heroic Glory of the Raider for a server second. Our Immortal run was a server third. Another guild beat us by a day. Anyway, Here is a pic of our new proto drakes. Unfortunately I forgot to turn Timerbuttons off.

Its funny how anti-climactic it is. The first kill of a tough boss is rarely clean so you have all the drama that the mistakes provide. With the Immortal its like your waiting for something that never happens. Its like having an awesome feeling because you got home from work safely.

Anyway, I'm very happy. Grats to everyone that got the achievement with me.

One other thing. I am really looking forward to running a stress free Naxx next week, assuming the patch doesn't drop.

Edit: I posted the above in haste last night just because I wanted to get it out there. Now that I've had a little more time to think there are a couple of other things i would like to say.

When I look around the forums and such there is quite a bit of debate on just how easy or hard The Immortal is and what it really measures. The way I look at it, The Immortal is deceptively hard, but should really be a fairly easy achievement.

In a way it's a lot like Archimonde in Mount Hyjal. Archimonde wasn't a hard fight. As long as you stay out fires, click your tiers, and decurse, it should go fine. However, one mistake by one person screws up everything. One death could cause three more, and those three would wipe the raid. Its relatively easy, but very unforgiving.

I would be willing to bet that a majority of "hardcore" raiders without the Immortal have killed every boss in naxx with out a death. They just haven't done it in a single week. We all know how to stay alive and keep our guildies alive, but a laps in focus here or there ruins it.

Some people claim that the Immortal is all about RNG. I agree that RNG can screw you, but it is unlikely that RNG will screw you week after week, and I think most of the times guilds miss it can be attributed in some fashion to player error. We had 3 really close weeks before we got it this week. I think our first near miss was RNG. We only had two tanks for adds on KT because we were doing the 20man achievement and both tanks were CCed. It might have been possible for a priest to get off a GS but that is pushing it a little bit. The next close call was lost due to player error, and our third miss was due to our collective ignorance of how the ice blocks worked on Sapphiron.

The trick is to learn from your misses. Unfortunately I don't think there is a big guide anywhere that says, this is your biggest issue on this boss, and that could happen on that boss. Little things that aren't a big issue normally come out and bite you. One of our early attempts at Immortal we lost because we chained a Holy Wrath during 4 Horsemen. We had killed 4 horsemen for several weeks without a death, but this week we chained it and someone died. It didn't happen again because we changed our strategy and we were more aware of the possibility.

Ultimately, I think this achievement has made me a better player, and is proof that I am a good player. The Immortal has forced me to pay more attention to my "oh shit" abilities, and shows that I am capable of avoiding damage. Now that is a skill to be proud of.

Thanks for all of the congratulations, and good luck to everyone still looking for the achievement.


Plainsrunner said...


Dark Spot in the Corner said...

Congratulations! :-)

Trazer said...

Very impressive - gratulations!

Cerista said...

Grats!! I'm glad you finally got it and your drake. Maybe you can finally relax a little until the patch, like you said. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Graylo! It's been a long time coming it seems ^^
I stuck your screenshot into photoshop and rubbed out the timer thing since you'll probably want to keep the screeny.

Love your blog; helped me a lot when I was Boomkin in tBC ^^

Anonymous said...

didn't seem to copy the whole link >.< There's the screeny...

Anonymous said... I definately copied the full one there...seems to be cutting it off >.<

Add, graylo.jpg, to the end of the link -.-

menk said...

Immortal is by far the most annoying achievement because it adds a lot of bad pressure to the raid.

We have done Immortal twice but these raids weren't fun. Now we try to do our own achievements which are much more interesting in terms of raiding. For example: try to clear Naxx in less than 2 hours (or less than 1h45 or less than 1h30)

Birk said...

Grats! aawww I want to join a raiding guild as well so I can get some of the more demanding achievements :(

Merlot said...

Gratz mate! Now what are you gonna blog about!?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations man, I came to the same conclusion you did that good guilds would get immortal its only a matter of time and effort.

*Thumbs up!*


Anonymous said...

Grats, but just because you got the achievement done doesn't make it any less RNG. Personally I never cared if I get the silly achievement, but I haven't got control over the internet, bad weather, or many other things that might prevent a raid from going off as planned.

Really the thing I hate most about this particular achievement is that I have to be in these raids where people get into big fights cause someone died, and essentially ruins the run for a lot of people. My run isn't ruined because I didn't get an achievement it's just ruined because of fights or just unhappiness.

Pucc said...

Grats Graylo! We got ours last night also. It was a great April Fools joke to the server!

Demeterius said...

GZ!!!!I've been following your blog from Greece and it has made me a better player...a bit :)
I "sensed" your distress the previous weeks and I'm glad you got it over your chest now,

Faeker said...


Faeker of Kargath

Tsunamee said...

WOOT! Grats Graylo.

We just nailed Twilight Vanquisher a few nights ago (proud boomchicken center of screenshot on our homepage - lol), and are hoping to get this one next.

Our biggest problem, week after week seems to be internet issues. Staying focused and alive is shockingly easy when you truly put your mind to it. Things will be going perfectly, and then right when people start to get excited at the prospect that it might happen, we hear "so-and-so just DC'd"... followed by a collective sigh of frustration as we watch their unmanned toon die a horrible death... Quite frustrating

Anyway, GRATS man. I know how hard you guys have been trying for this one

Tsunamee - Firetree/US

Lissanna said...

Congrats! Also...

You have officially been tagged! If for some reason you have been tagged elsewhere and I missed your post, just know that you’ve been tagged again because… well, because you’re just THAT good! =)

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