Thursday, April 16, 2009

Squawk and Awe is Still Available

I've been hearing several reports that the popular moonkin addon Squawk and Awe is no longer being updated and the old versions are bugged. Fortunately, this seems to be a big missunderstanding. In fact, Adoriele has uploaded a new version to that is compatible with 3.1 and fixes some of the issues users were having with the FF timer.

The confusion seems to be a result of this comment by Adoriele:

There's an addon named SquawkHard which pretty much does exactly what I'd envisioned for SAA2.0. What this means is that I've pretty much stopped development on SAA at this point. It does most of what I'd envisioned pre-2.0, and I'm more than willing to let someone else take care of the 2.0 features I'd planned on. I may still add some trinket proc checking, but that'd be about it.
However, Adoriele clarified his comment yesterday.

I do intend to keep maintaining SAA. Heck, I still use it myself and any time it doesn't work properly I fumble pretty horribly. I just meant that SH does what I'd been planning to do with a future version, and unfortunately now that it exists I can't justify the time expenditure to reproduce it natively. I use both, though SH is really just a double-check in some of the timing-critical areas (less than 4s left on the cooldown, but is there enough time for another SF?).

So the basic translation is that if you like Squawk and Awe in its current form then it shouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. If your looking for some added functionality to suggest spells or to see if you have time for one more Starfire you may want to give SquawkHard a try. I have not used it but Adoriele seems to think that it works well with his addon.


Cailleach said...

Adoriele is the best, nicest, funniest, most uber guy you ever want to know, much less the Granddaddy of All Moonkin, at least on Eonar. Give the man some love not only for his awesome addon, but his lack of ego in admitting that SquawkHard rocks as well!

Dar said...

Thanks for clearing that up Graylo. Much props to Adoriele for creating a mod that all moonkins cannot live without.

Fimlys said...

Yeah, I fond those posts myself too.. Very excited. I started using classtimers last night, but it just isn't the same :)

Anonymous said...

A lot of mods I have been trying since the patch have been unable to distinguish who owns which IS or MF. (Even the old version of SAA)

Was that fixed?

Phil said...

Yeah, I just deleted mine a week ago due to its lack of preformance. DOTs are much shorter now with the new patch however so I will have to look in to getting the newest version.

Gargen of Vek'nilash

Rankol said...

So I tried out SquawkHard and I must say that I hate it. The information that SquawkandAwe gave was much better and more informative. I was going to give the new Quartz eclipse bar a try, but since the patch, Quartz cast bar displays all debuffs on a target, not just mine like before the patch.

Anonymous said...

I've tried S&A, haven't tried SquakHard yet. But I wanted something that took up less screen space. Just something simple, and I already used Quartz and decided to try to add something into that. The Quartz Eclipse addon does that, and it's on curse or wowinterface. Btw I'm the author of it, just letting you know about it.

And the author of Quartz fixed the debuffs on the 16th, the update is on curse. Blizzard changed how you check for if a buff belongs to you. Which now lets you keep track of your pet/vehicle debuffs now, which is really nice.

The Bitchy Boomkin said...

Quartz Eclipse is perfect for this. MUCH MUCH better than Squawk and Awe. I was having the debuff problem too, but the following was posted on Curse's listing of Quartz

-edit "Quartz_Buff/Buff.lua" with wordpad
-find "if isMine and duration > 0 then"
-change to "if isMine == "player" and duration > 0 then"
-do this on the 4 lines found



Kehlim said...

Another good alternative to SquawkAndAwe is Proculas. Proculas can show uptime and cooldown bars for any type of procs. In addition there are several ways to notify the Proc via Scrolling Combat Text, Sound, Screen Shaking etc.
I use it to monitor Eclipse, Dying Curse, Sundial of the Exliled etc.

The addon hasn't been fixed completely for 3.1 yet and Bugsack gives me an error message but the addon still works and the author promised a fix.