Wednesday, October 10, 2007

GD Blizzard

For the second week in a row the freaken Instance servers on Eitrigg when down while we were raiding. I understand that these things happen every so often but twice in less than one calander week and during prime raiding hours is very frustrating. The crappy thing was we were just about to start our second attempt on Lurker after clearing all of that trash. When it comes back up after waiting 45 minutes we have to clear all that freaken trash again. It just sucks, and it took away any possibility of us trying a new boss.

On a positive note we did down Lurker with some old members that had left recently but desided to come back. Here is what he dropped:

[Ancestral Ring of Conquest]
[Libram of Absolute Truth]
[Glowing Breastplate of Truth]

Toon Update:
There isn't much to say here since I posted yesterday. Graylo raided but didn't get any drops and Graypal did a few Searing Gorge quests.

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